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Benefits You May Get from SeroVital HGH

One substance that has been hailed to the high heavens in recent years as possibly being the fountain of youth is human growth hormone. As a result, many people use different products in the hope of getting more of the peptide. SeroVital HGH is one such offerings that many people are enticed to try, perhaps, based on perceived safety and affordability. You may also be considering buying this one as well. But what benefits can you realistically expect it to deliver?

About the Serovital

SeroVital is a supplement that is supposed to help ramp up the natural production of growth hormone in the body. It appears to be geared towards individuals looking to arrest aging, being billed “an anti-aging breakthrough everyone is talking about.” It is a product of SanMedica International and features a proprietary blend of amino acids and herb. SeroVital comes as a liquid solution that you have to take orally.

The company making it claims the HGH supplement can boost growth hormone levels by as much as 682%! Wow. One can only hope this is not another empty claims that manufacturers are well known to make. The maker infers the formula is so potent that the US Patents Office had to issue 13 patents to protect it.


SeroVital Benefits

The supplement’s producer could indeed be more specific on the benefits one can anticipate from using it. The company’s focus appears to be more on increased production of growth hormone. This, it is hoped, will help you deal with signs of aging. However, the benefits we have seen linked to SeroVital HGH include:

Reduced body fat – Growth hormone, which the supplement stimulates, is known to boost metabolism. This way, you are able to burn excess fat that you may have in your body. HGH shrinks body fat cells to facilitate weight loss and a more attractive appearance.

Increased lean muscle mass – This benefit results in a way from the previous one. As hGH burns body fat, greater lean muscle mass comes to the surface. The substance gives you better muscle tone for a fit, well-toned body you will be proud of. This is a reason why bodybuilders often supplement with growth hormone.

Greater energy levels – Reduced energy levels are one of those things that are associated with older individuals. Lower amount of growth hormone in the body is said to contribute to this. So if SeroVital does work as claimed, it can improve the levels of the peptide to boost your energy levels.

Healthier, younger-looking skin – They say SeroVital can enhance the flow of blood to your skin, supplying it with essential nutrients. Again, growth hormone is thought to improve collagen synthesis. This effectively means then that this supplement may give you a firmer, more elastic skin and reduce wrinkle appearance.

Stronger bones – Growth hormone may improve the density of minerals in your bone, going by some studies. This helps to guard against brittle, weak bones and improves robustness. Accordingly, any product claimed to improve HGH levels, such as SeroVital, could give you stronger bones.

Improved mood, better sleep quality and enhanced sex drive are some of the other benefits you may experience from using the supplement. But it is worth stating that the maker did not expressly state these benefits – well, we didn’t notice that in our research. These are mainly benefits of HGH in general. The company’s focus is more on the claim that SeroVital can boost the amount of the hormone in your body.

Does it work?

While this one looks like a good HGH supplement, it is not entirely clear whether you will get promised benefits. The feedbacks from users are rather mixed, making it hard to know on what side to be. There are those who claimed it worked and there are others who said they were not satisfied. Perhaps, this is normal for most products.

SanMedica International however recommends taking SeroVital on an empty stomach to enhance absorption and efficacy. It also says you should not expect the supplement to deliver results overnight. Ideally, it should be combined with a healthy diet and workouts.

Is there any better alternative?

It is a common thing to find supplement manufacturers making tall claims about their products. So it is not exactly surprising finding there are many HGH supplements that deliver little to no benefits. While SeroVital is not a bad product, we cannot really say it is the best. It has only about three ingredients that show potential of contributing to give you an HGH boost. It is based on that fact that we think you could get a few better alternatives.

If you need a recommendation, GenF20 Plus is another HGH supplement that you may find to be awesome. The popular releaser has a clinical study that seems to back its efficacy as a superb growth hormone booster. In addition to ingredients in SeroVital that are known to contribute to hGH production, this product offers several others. These include L-Glycine, L-Ornithine, GABA, anterior pituitary powder and deer antler velvet powder.

Another great thing about GenF20 Plus HGH is that it is a product of a popular supplement company, Leading Edge Health. Yet another plus of the growth hormone releaser is that it comes in dietary supplement and oral spray forms. This increases the likelihood of getting significant boost in your hGH levels. The supplement features enteric coating that improves nutrient absorption.

In summary, SeroVital is a decent product for ramping up natural growth hormone production. But it is definitely not the best, especially when one also considers the cost. Perhaps, significantly cheaper individual supplements can be used in place of its few ingredients that can potentially boost hGH levels. There is insufficient evidence that the supplement can deliver all the promised benefits. Besides, SanMedica International didn’t emphasize the benefits, preferring to focus on the ability of the releaser to raise hGH levels.

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