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Can HGH Benefit the Heart?

For several years, HGH or human growth hormone has been studied by the cardiovascular community, and these researchers continue to find positive benefits between taking HGH and a healthy heart. In fact, HGH can cure CHF .

Even with the research and the studies that confirm the benefits of HGH in treating heart disease, most cardiologists do not recognize how important HGH could be in treating their patients. Research has shown that:

  1. Data has shown HGH to be a very important endogenous substance in the development of embryonic heart tissue.
  2. Much of the recent cardiovascular research has cantered on its benefit with congestive heart failure (CHF).

This research has also received a great deal of media attention relating to cardiovascular performance, and its anti-aging properties. The big question is whether the HGH reduction that occurs naturally was as we age leads to cardiovascular disease or whether the cardiovascular disease would have occurred anyway.

Clearly, the reduction in human growth hormone pulsatile secretion is measured by IGF-1 and we see it throughout our life cycle. It starts in the 30’s and/or 40’s. The IGF-1 reduction is very important because HGH along with other somatomedins affect your hypothalamus, which stimulates the heart’s muscle cells and the myocytes, which stimulated an increase in cardiac contractility. This means your heart gets stronger.

The past belief was that cardiac tissue was differentiated. This means it wasn’t able to regenerate new tissue. Now we are seeing stem cells being used to generate cardiac tissued in a clinical setting. This is exciting news for those who have cardiac issues.

What else research has learned is that the increase in endothelial factors seems to be at least partially regulated by IGF-1 axis after the human growth hormone pulsatile endogenous secretion. There is an increase in left ventricular mass as well as contractility, and it is able to reduce peripheral arterial resistance. There is clearly an improvement in heart function.

The absence of HGH leads to a decrease in cardiac function and actually an increased mortality. Currently researchers are studying the impact of HGH supplements as a cure for CHF. Natural hormones including IGF-1, DHEA, and testosterone are known to play a role in reducing CHF. Now it seems HGH is another such hormone.

Cardiac cachexia is a state where muscle wasting of the full body occurs. It is believed to be the result of a weakened cardiac muscle. HGH has been examined in a number of cachexia forms. CHF also leads to neurohormonal imbalances that actually worsen the CHF patient’s prognosis.  Renin-angiotensin can cause a cascading effect that causes heart failure to worsen.

The first treatments included pharmaceuticals like ACE inhibitors and Beta Blockers. However, of the 5.5 million people that are taking these drugs and suffering from heart failure, there are actually few that shows any type of improvement.

When HGH was studied and given to CHF patients, it appears that most cardiac parameters improved an impressive 34 to 47% including myocyte hypertrophy. These studies are new and still small scale, but they have caught the attention of many prominent investigators.

HGH supplements also showed that CHF patients exercise capacity was increased, and when the HGH supplements are withdrawn within 3 months the CHF patient returns to their earlier state. Studies with rats and HGH supplements versus a placebo group of rats saw an increase in capillary density, which suggested HGH led to an improvement in circulation.

One last study showed that patients with cardiomyopathy that were treated with human growth hormone saw the symptoms cease and the condition completely resolves itself. The underlying cause of cardiomyopathy is usually hypertension or coronary artery disease, which can then be addressed and effectively treated in part with HGH.

The scientific data exists that shows that bio-identical human growth hormone replacement therapy is key in maintaining sufficient heart health and the improvement of the lives of those that are suffering from CFS or other heart disease.

But there’s something else to consider here – what if you were to take a human growth hormone supplement and you could reduce the likelihood that you would even develop heart disease, and that’s exciting!

HGH supplements are sufficient for most. However, if you have seriously low HGH levels you should see your doctor. Finally keep in mind that CHF is a very serious disease and before starting anything regardless of what it is you must go see your cardiologist and get their ok first.

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6 Responses to Can HGH Benefit the Heart?

  1. Lance says:

    Great article about the effects of HGH on cardiovascular health. I think that it is great that HGH can help but the info in this article should not be taken as gospel and if you are suffering from cardiovascular disease you should go see your doctor and not self treat.

  2. Lynne says:

    Ahh that’s all very well but if your doctor has given up on you what then!! I honestly believe I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t self treated with hgh in consistent but minimal quantities!

  3. anthony mussehl says:

    i have had chf for 25 yrs …the best treatment in the united states according to the doctors them self did nothen to help me live a normal life .except. charge outragious amounts of money for worthless meds like carvedilol ,mutac,digioxin..n so on.Went to mexico n was treated with HGH n in three months.all ,,heart failure was gone ..completly

  4. anthony mussehl says:

    believe that the us can,t make money,on well people. they know how well hgh works. in the treatment of heart failure. yet ..they don t use it it is very affordable…shame on them!1

    • Mike says:

      Anthony can you please email me or give me a call. I have CHF and out of options I have some questions about HGH. Thank-you

  5. Walter says:

    High Lynne, my name is Walter i hope this message gets to you. I been treated for 5 years for chf now my infraction ration is down to 6% but im still active and my docs have given up on me and want to install a pump to hold me over until a heart can be found for a transplant. I was told im type 0 and it could take me 24 years to find one. The pump last 5 years. I want to give hgh a try can we discuss this here or over the phone.

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