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Is HGH Linked to Cancer?

Does HGH Cause Cancer?

One of the most commonly heard questions about HGH is whether the use of it is linked to cancer. There has been some research that indicates it does, while other research negates that and says it does not. What seems clear is if you are using large doses of HGH injections, you may increase your risk of developing certain cancers. However, using save over the counter HGH supplements does not appear to increase your risk of cancer when used as directed.

HGH Cancer Link Research

A report by British researchers showed that those people who use HGH for medical reasons are not likely to see an increased risk of developing cancer. However, for those that are using HGH injections as an anti aging remedy could increase your risk of cancer.

The study was published in The Lancet in July 2002. This study looked at almost 2,000 British patients who were treated as children with human pituitary growth hormones. In 1985, the use of the human pituitary growth hormone was stopped, because it was linked to a fatal brain disease, which is a strain of mad cow disease.

The newer synthetic HGH does not share this problem. However, But Anthony J. Swerdlow, MD, PhD, along with his colleagues at the England Institute of Cancer Research are concerned that there may be cancer risks.

The England Institute of Cancer Research looked at the medical records of children who began taking the hormone between 1959 and 1985 and who are now adults. Their findings showed that those who had taken the old form of HGH were at an increased risk of developing cancer, especially Hodgkin’s disease and colon cancer. However, Swerdlow also stated there is no reason for people who are taking HGH for hormone deficiencies to stop.


Swerlow says, “It’s impossible to draw conclusions from so few cases of cancer among so few people. The need for more study is urgent — especially as more and more people are taking HGH for more and more reasons.”

“Our data applies to childhood treatment and not to adults,” Swerdlow tells WebMD. “It is up to people and their doctors to make a decision on what to do. There are no data on healthy people taking growth hormone for long periods. But you would have to say that it is growth hormone and there might be similarities.”


Anti Aging and HGH

Today, the fastest growing use of the human growth hormone is for anti aging. As a person gets older the body production of HGH declines and we begin to feel the symptoms of aging such as wrinkles, less muscle mass, more fat, disruptive sleep, reduced sex drive, and the list goes on.

What HGH supplements do is turn the biological clock around providing HGH levels that one would have had at a much younger age. The benefits are very real.

“Almost half of growth hormone sold today is not for hormone deficiency — it is for people who want to feel young again,” Michael Pollak, MD, tells WebMD. “They say, ‘This may help me and it has no risks.’ This study says, ‘Nope, growth hormone at age-inappropriate levels may be dangerous.'”

Michael Pollak is the director of the cancer prevention unit at Canada’s McGill University in Montreal. He is also the co-author of an editorial published alongside the Swerdlow study. Pollak supports Swerdlow’s concern that human growth hormone may be linked to colon cancer.

Why is HGH Linked to Colon Cancer?

HGH raises the blood levels of an insulin like type I growth factor called IGF-I. In animal studies, it is these higher levels of the IGF-I that are linked to cancer. Colon cancer cells grow much faster when they are exposed to IGF-I. Acromegaly is a disease where a person has too high a level of IGF-1 in their blood and these are the people that are at risk of colon cancer.

“The fact that these hormone levels decline with age may be an appropriate balance,” Pollak says. “You may be subjecting yourself to risks if you keep these levels high.”

Should You Use HGH or Not?

So, the age old question remains – to use or not to use HGH. The answer is pretty simple. If you are significantly low in HGH, you should see your doctor who will decide if HGH injections are necessary and then prescribe a proper dosage.

If you want to use HGH to fight aging, then an HGH supplement from a reputable provider should be safe and effective. There have been no studies linking HGH over the counter supplements to cancer. For more info on HGH therapy using the safer more affordable non prescription HGH supplements Read more Here!

2 Responses to Is HGH Linked to Cancer?

  1. Tonny says:

    HGH in itself has not been proven to cause cancer but to say that it is totally safe is dishonest because HGH can cause tumors that are already in the body to grow and spread much faster than if the levels of hgh were not increased. So it is very important to make sure that your body is free from cancer before you jump into HGH therapy. So the bottom line is, be careful! and consult your doctor before starting human growth hormone therapy.

  2. lionel says:

    There are risks with HGH just like every other medicine but it seems that HGH causes adverse side effects only when it is used improperly.

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