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What is Zorbtive?

Zorbtive is a form of biosynthetic growth hormone produced through recombinant DNA technology. A product of Merck Biopharma, the product is approved in the United States for the treatment of patients suffering from short bowel syndrome (SBS). It promotes the … Continue reading

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What is Saizen?

Saizen is a commercial, biosynthetic variation of human growth hormone (HGH). It is produced using a technology that involves the use of recombinant DNA and HGH. It is identical to the growth hormone that is naturally produced in the body, … Continue reading

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10 Signs of an HGH Deficiency

What Are The Symptoms Of HGH Deficiency? HGH or human growth hormone is produced in the pituitary gland, and as we age that production in the body decreases the production of HGH. Weight gain Muscle weakness Decrease in sexual desire … Continue reading

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Testing for HGH Deficiencies – How HGH Deficiencies are Tested For

HGH is not completely understood. We hear a lot about HGH injections, HGH supplements, and HGH use in general. We hear about using HGH as an anti aging treatment, and HGH deficiencies. Let’s look at how HGH deficiencies are tested … Continue reading

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Arginine Test Used to Determine if the Pituitary Gland Can Secrete HGH

The Arginine test determines whether the pituitary gland is producing normal levels of human growth hormone. The arginine test will determine the levels of human growth hormone present in your blood, and the pituitary glands ability to release HGH. Arginine … Continue reading

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Symptoms of HGH Deficiency in Adults

HGH Deficiency In Adults Hormone growth hormone is naturally produced by the pituitary gland. HGH deficiency in adults is actually more common than you might think. When there is a decrease in growth hormone in adults it can lead to … Continue reading

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Treating Fibromyalgia with Human Growth Hormone

Recent studies have shown a direct link between low levels of human growth hormone in the blood and fibromyalgia symptoms. In fact, many fibromyalgia sufferers are turning to human growth hormone supplements and a significant number are finding a reduction … Continue reading

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