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Aging Raises the Concerns of Infertility in Men

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Now it is getting tough to guess whether fathers or grandfathers are dropping a child off at school. Older fathers are more evident these days and experts predict this trend to go long way.What does this mean to men and overall society?

Usually females decided when to have a baby and obviously,their partners have to wait. Now fathers are usually 35 plus of age but there is a countable chunk of fathers appearing that are aged 50 or even more than that.

This pattern is not looked down in society but it has its impact on men as well as on their children.

The Difference is of Realization

Usually most women know the consequence of having a baby after thirty but the case is entirely different for men. It is too hard for them to accept the reality that aging can cause infertility. In fact, there is a popular belief that men can be father at 78 as much as they can be at 18.

One study even suggests that a man loses chances of becoming father with every passing year. To be more specific, with every year men lose 11 percent chance of becoming a father.The reason is simple as men age, his sperms age too.

The Consequences are Severe

As for women, everyone knows that after thirty, possibilities of abnormalities in offspring’s increases. However, father’s age also contribute in this regard. One research concluded that when both parents are thirty-five plus then father’s age play more crucial role.

Kids of older men are at higher risk to develop schizophrenia, a mental disorder. Men aged from 45 to 49 are two times more likely to produce kids with schizophrenia than they were at 25 or younger. In addition, the same risk increases to three times for men over 50.

Ignorance at its Peak

The problem with men is that they do not know of andropause and they do not even try to accept this reality. In addition, this attitude adds up to the overall problem. They do not agree on such facts and findings. Accepting such information would decline their social standings or affect the dignity of male culture. For more info on andropause go to https://www.hgh10.com/human-growth-hormone-therapy-for-men/.

Yes There Exist a Solution

Primarily, men need to take care of their life style. Men need to bring balance in your life, stop smoking, drugs etc. Just remember, it is never too late to stop and come back on track.

One study supports the fact that maintaining cholesterol level can help men a lot. Also, take complete checkups; make sure you are not suffering from any physical or health problem.

Aging is inescapable and everybody has to bear the consequences of it. Of course, it is frustrating to lose your strengths over time. However, there are many supplements available in market that can help, like Provacyl.

Provacyl is a natural product made out of herbs, nutrients and amino acids to influence the aging process in men. It is not like other HGH injections or products at all that promises millions of things but delivers nothing. Provacyl is targeted to increase the levels of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and testosterone in men in order to bring them back to their ideal self.

Provacyl is a supplement for men to handle their aging problems. This product is supposed to increase the levels of both testosterone for andropause (men menopause) and Human Growth Hormones to deal with all other aging symptoms. The result of Provacyl will be great for men and they can fight off infertility as well. Go to https://www.hgh10.com/hgh-supplements/ if you want more info on HGH supplements.



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