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Benefits and side effects of GABA

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When new HGH releasers like Genf20 Plus, Hypergh 14x and HGF Max came out, I was of course interested in them because of their anti-aging properties, and my interest was only heighten by the fact that clinical research around the world supported the effects of such HGH supplements and especially Genf20 Plus. But, while I was interested in benefiting from anti-aging properties of Genf20 Plus, I was, understandably, concerned about the side effects. What exactly, I asked myself, are the constituents of Genf20 Plus, and would they harm me in the long term? So, I did exactly what anyone would do in similar circumstances. I went onto the internet and first of all researched what the constituents of Genf20 Plus and other HGH releasers  were, and then I did research about what their benefits are, and what their potential side effects might be.

What this article will tell you about GABA

Now, I have written a number of articles on the different constituents of HGH supplements like Genf20 Plus and HGF Max as well as about their benefits and potential or possible side effects. I did this to share the results of my research and my findings with everyone. Now, this particular article is about GABA, which is one of the main constituents of most reputable HGH releasers. This article will be discussing what the effects of GABA upon the human mind and body, and what its potential side effects might be. This article will also discuss whether GABA actually has any real value in combating the aging process.

So what exactly is GABA?

My research shows that GABA is what is known as a neurotransmitter. That is to say, it is essential in helping your nerves to  transmit messages, and as such not only important for any physical  activity, but also for the activity of the brain itself. If levels of GABA are low, you have problems thinking and can easily fall prey to stress, depression and anxiety. You see here just how useful GABA can be. When there are sufficient levels of GABA present within the body, one just naturally tends to feel less anxious, to be less stressed, and is also very much less likely to be depressed. So that’s one of the beneficial effects of GABA.

Another effect of GABA is in enhancing muscle tone.

That is to say, many clinical journals that I read in the course of my research informed me that sufficient levels of GABA within the body ensures that cellular regeneration rates remain high and also that muscle tone is very much enhanced as well. But this was not the only region in which I found GABA to be beneficial. I’ve also found that GABA is beneficial in preventing a host of ailments that are related to the aging process.

For example, it has a beneficial effect on people suffering from hypertension, especially those who are in danger of or who have already suffered a heart attack. It is also useful in both preventing, as well as encountering diabetes, and has been seen to cause a considerable reduction in sugar within the blood stream.

GABA is also seen to aid in cellular regeneration

Since GABA does this, you can understand that your skin and hair begin to look very much more youthful in a few months of using GABA. So, what effect does GABA have upon the aging process? GABA can be extremely useful in limiting the effects of the aging process, but it is important to remember that it is necessary to take GABA as part of an overall regimen that includes other anti-aging supplements as well. I found, in the course of my research on Genf20 Plus that it contains a comprehensive range of supplements that together are extremely effective in countering the anti-aging process, very much so than simply supplementing on GABA alone.

GABA itself is beneficial in countering the aging process

GABA allows you to exercise better and prevents excess weight and obesity that might be connected with mental issues like stress, anxiety and depression. Let’s face it, when one is anxious, one tends to either shop compulsively or eat compulsively, and if you fall into the latter category, you will find that you have a serious problem keeping off those excess pounds. GABA not only prevents this by directly countering stress, anxiety and depression, but also is very beneficial in enhancing the effects of exercise upon the muscles, ensuring that you look much better for any exercise that you do and also that you’re much less fatigues from it.

It also benefits cellular regeneration ensuring that wrinkles tend to disappear and that hair can even regain its color. Also, your body will recover much faster from any exercise that you do as the cells are replicating themselves more rapidly.

But does GABA have any side effects?

Well, that’s the million dollar question, and I assure you that I did a lot of careful research before I was finally satisfied with my answer. After all, I was not interested in taking a supplement that would be detrimental for my health in the long term. I wanted a supplement that was completely safe, and which would nevertheless retard the aging process.

Well, various clinical journals that I went through all tended to the point of view that GABA is perfectly safe since it’s a substance which is generated within the human body itself. GABA also has almost no history of any recorded complications when used with other medications, for the same reason.  Since this substance is a natural substance produced by the body, every day in the course of one’s life can be considered without side effects at all unless, of course, you overdose on it. Up to a 1000 milligrams could still be considered to be an acceptable dose, but anyone who goes beyond that is perhaps asking for trouble. However, I found that there are much lower levels than this in Genf20 Plus, and as such, GABA may indeed be considered to be safe.

I would like to relate my own experience of using GABA as part of the Genf20 Plus regimen. My research had warned me that it’s possible to feel a sort of excessive relaxation in the first days of using GABA, and one might be affected by a sort of lassitude. However, this was not my experience. Indeed, I would that though I did feel considerably more calm than usual, it   was a sort of focused calm that left me very distressed.


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