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Best Exercises to Help You Become Taller

Exercise offers one of the proven ways by which a person desiring to grow taller can achieve the goal. Among the other means are proper nutrition and quality sleep.

If you are interested in giving exercise a try to see what it can do your height, the following are some of those that are thought to be beneficial.

Cobra Pose

With this exercise, a major aim is to reduce the amount of pressure on your spine. It helps to enhance the flexibility of your back and to realign it.

You start in a lying position on the floor when doing a cobra pose, with your chest downward. Place your palms face down on either side, near the center of your ribs.

Next, lift your chest off the floor pushing down on your hands. Keep your legs together and tilt your head a little backward while doing this. It helps more to use the strength of your back than your hands when doing this.

Maintain the position for about 10 seconds. You may repeat again.

Hip Flexor Stretch

This exercise is useful for relieving the pressure on your abdominal muscles and lower back.

You can start hip flexor stretch in a standing position or in a kneeling position. In the former case, you align your knees and then place one foot forward flat on the floor. Kneel with the other leg keeping your toes down.

Bend the knee of the leg you keep in front and keep both hands on the thigh. Press your body forward, transferring your weight to the front leg.

Tilt your pelvis back a little and tighten your abdominal muscles. Do this until you sense an adequate stretch of your hip flexors.

Maintain the position for about 25 seconds. Return to the starting position and repeat with the other leg.

Hanging Exercise

Here is a popular exercise when talking about how to grow taller. It is not exactly very complicated to do. You only need a horizontal bar a little distance above your head. A monkey bar or pull-up bar will be perfect.

Hang on the bar for about 20 seconds. You can repeat this for as many times as your body can handle.

Hanging exercise helps to decompress your spine. It reduces the pressure that shortens it.


There are claims that you can add to your height within a month of doing Pilates. However, some experts say that the exercises won’t help you grow taller than you really are. It instead helps you to attain your full height.

Pilates corrects the pressure on the spine. It improves your posture to make you look taller. It enhances your strength and flexibility.

There several types of Pilates and there are claims that only some are beneficial for growing taller. Among the useful Pilates exercises is forward bend, which helps to stretch the spine.

Forward bend is quite simple. You start by keeping your legs slightly apart. Place your hands over your head. Bend from the hips and reach for the floor with your hands. Return to starting position and repeat for as many times you can.

The Bridge

The benefits of this exercise are similar to those of the hip flexor stretch. Bridge helps to stretch the hip flexor muscles and improves your posture. It is also a good way of working the glutes.

To do the bridge, you start lying on the floor face upwards. You then lift your knees to bring up your feet close to your buttocks. Ensure that the soles of your feet are flat on the floor.

Hold your ankles and lift your body off the floor, leaving only your shoulders, arms, and feet. Keep your arms by your side if you find it hard holding your ankles.

This exercise helps to stretch your back, with this possibly increasing your height a little.

Downward-Facing Dog

Also known simply as downward dog or down dog, this is a yoga pose that is rather popular among those interested in shedding weight. It helps to stretch your spine and correct your posture, thereby making you look taller.

Downward-facing dog starts with you being on your hands and knees, forming a table-like shape. Keep your hands slightly ahead of your shoulders.

Lift your knees from the floor, raising your hips upward. Form a “V” shape with the floor by straightening your knees and elbows.

You may gently move your body backwards for your heels to touch the floor. Try to look towards your navel.

Maintain the position for a few breaths, say, 5 to 10. Repeat the exercise about five times.


For those who love swimming and wish to grow taller, they might want to engage more in their favorite activity. It helps to stretch your spine for increase in height.

In swimming, you have a great means of reversing the effect of gravity. It lowers the pressure on your spine and joints.


These exercises and some others for height may be beneficial for those wishing to grow taller. Some claim that they can help you add up to 3 inches. However, most people don’t get that much gain from exercises alone.

Good nutrition and proper rest are vital for anyone who desires to grow taller.

Growth Factor Plus, a product made specifically for increase in height, may also be worth considering. The growth hormone supplement helps to lengthen cartilage discs between vertebrae in your spine, according to the maker.

Author: Dr. James Jackson


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