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Bodybuilders Use HGH As An Enhancement Drug

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For years HGH or human growth hormone have been used by body builders as an enhancement drug to promote physical enhancement.

HGH is produced and released from the pituitary gland. In turn, it causes your liver to release IGF-1. The production of IGF-1 is highest during childhood. Like HGH, IGF-1 decreases as we age. Generally, after puberty, the body stops producing new muscle cells.

The number of muscle cells you have is dictated by genetics. Did you know you can develop new muscle cells by using an HGH supplement? HGH injections can reverse your genetic disposition and allow you to create ideal muscle density, which is why body builders use HGH enhancement drugs.

HGH will raise your metabolism and your energy level, so you will burn fat and be more active. The only thing that will change your weight on the scale is the additional lean muscle mass. You will not put on another ounce of fat.

The difference between HGH weight gain is that it is slow, where as steroids cause rapid weight gain. Normal weight gain results in 1-2 pounds of lean muscle every couple of weeks. HGH cause you to gain lean muscle mass, where as steroids cause you gain water weight. With HGH, your body burns fat and that gives you energy.

HGH, as a body building drug, shortens the recovery time between your workouts, increase your lean body mass, and enhance your performance with less risk of detection than most performance enhancing drugs. Human growth hormone heals damaged tissue, and strengthens ligaments and joints.

The increased protein synthesis that HGH causes leads to an increase in the amount of insulin your body can effectively use, and an increase in the amount of anabolic steroid your body can efficiently use. The side effects of taking human growth hormone as a body building enhancement drug are rare and minimal.

You may have heard that the use of HGH as an enhancement drug in body building leads to an extended belly. Actually, what causes this to occur is not the HGH itself. It is the result of taking too high of HGH dosages, too frequently. If you take your human growth hormone as directed by the pharmaceutical supplier this won’t occur.

Types of HGH

How HGH is manufactured and purified is critical. For HGH to have the desired effect, it needs to have the identical structure to naturally produced GH in the human body.

  • Somatotropin (Cadaver GH) – From the 1960’s to 1980’s Cadaver GH was approved for GHD treatment. Cadaver GH is created from cadavers where GH from the pituitary glands is purified. However, researchers discovered Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease or CJD during the 1980s. It was found that CJD could actually be transferred from the cadavers to the users of the Cadaver GH so the product was discontinued.
  • Somatrem (Met HGH – Inclusion Body Technology) – Inclusion Body technology was the first biosynthetic HGH developed. When it was developed, researchers compared it to Cadaver GH. However, because Met GH was not pure like the GH, some users experienced side effects. Met GH has additional methionyl amino acid, which leads to a person building up antibodies against it. Some experience an allergic reaction to Met GH, while others build up resistance so the effects of the drug are neutralized.
  • Somatropin (rhGH – Protein Secretion Technology and Mouse Cell Manufacturing)Today this is the most common HGH manufacturing method used through either Mouse cell manufacturing or protein secretion technology. Either one of these methods creates HGH identical to the GH your body produces naturally. For more technical details on HGH click here!

HGH Pills and Sprays

There were a number of companies that wanted to cash in the entire buzz around HGH, especially when it began to reach beyond body builders to the home market where individuals were looking to reap the benefits. As a result, a number of products came to market claiming to be as effective as the FDA HGH injections but for a fraction of the cost. The truth is few of them do what they say they will do.

HGH is a large protein molecule that’s very fragile. Its molecular weight is 20,000. It contains 191 amino acids with an exact sequence and fragile cross linkages. It requires human genes that use meticulous recombinant DNA that’s very expensive. Any other source doesn’t work –not even that from animals. So understand what you are buying and make sure that the HGH you are buying is the real deal so that you can enjoy the benefits.

Non Prescription HGH Supplements

3 Responses to Bodybuilders Use HGH As An Enhancement Drug

  1. jagjit singh says:

    Dear experts.
    m doing Professonal bodybuilding.at national level in india. wan perfom at international level..
    i wan to know.hw to increase body groth by hgh, n whats type of diet i hv to take whn use hgh.
    my age.38
    hight.. 5.8″
    can u help me?
    Jagjit singh

  2. randy says:

    I don’t think it’s right if it is being used for competition purposes where prizes and money are involved. For the average man to take HGH to look and feel better, that’s a different story and in my opinion, a good thing.

  3. Bodybuilding says:

    HGH when used correctly can help bodybuilders get the lean look that every bodybuilder wants. The only problem they must take up to 10 times the normal dosage and in some cases this can lead to severe side effects. Also in some cases HGH can lead to the over growth of the stomach, and liver which gives the bodybuilder a strange gut look. also known as HGH gut. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgYaWxHsERM

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