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Colostrum Acts Like HGH and Reverses Aging

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Colostrum Facts

Colostrum has long been referred to as the promise of life. It is the first food a baby receives from its mother, containing all the immune growth factors to assure health and vitality are transferred between baby and mother.

middle aged couple swimmingResearch has shown that colostrum is the one supplement that can help everyone that uses it, because it has the ability to perform many of the functions of human growth hormone in the body.

In fact, many scientists believe colostrum is the most important preventative that a mammal can consume. The value of colostrum has been documented in clinical observations and is supported by a large database.

A team of London scientists have found that colostrum can potentially prevent the death of human neurons and therefore effectively treat Alzheimer’s patients. Scientists at St. George’s University had already demonstrated that colostrinin, which is a proline-rich polypeptide that is isolated from colostrum, can effectively treat Alzheimer’s patients. A new study, investigated whether colostrinin effects the aggregation and toxicity of beta-amyloid, which is the main constituent of plaque in the brain thought to cause Alzheimer’s disease.

Bovine colostrum – Ancient Practices

For thousands of years bovine colostrum has been at the center of Ayurvedic healing. Ayurvedic physicians have documented its physical benefits. For hundreds of years, the Scandinavian people have been making a colostrum pudding in celebration of life. Even in the United States, before the pharmaceutical companies ruled, colostrum was regularly used for its antibiotic properties.

IGF-1 from Colostrum performs Some HGH Functions

The mother makes the initial growth factor to baby. After that the child’s growing body produces its own HGH and production remains high until the growth period has ended. It then begins to steeply decline and by the age of 30 most people are producing only 20% of what they had produced during their peak times.  Signs of aging begin to show – wrinkles appear, energy decreases, immune systems decline, high blood pressure develops, lean muscle is replaced with fat especially in the mid section, and the list goes on.

HGH is the closest thing we have to the ‘fountain of youth.’ Currently, there is no other therapy that can impact the aging process like HGH does. It is great for weight control, muscle development, losing belly fat, and many more benefits.

Colostrum supplements can provide many of the benefits of HGH without the high cost of daily injections. Of course, HGH supplements, which require no prescription and are very affordable, will also increase the body’s production of HGH. Unless you have a significant HGH depletion you do not need HGH injections and will benefit from HGH supplements. But still, it’s interesting that colostrum supplements may also be able to help the body increase HGH production.

The Science Behind Colostrum

  • In seminal research that dates to 1988, both IGF-1 and IGF-2 as well as a truncated, more potent form of IFG-1 were found in bovine colostrum. IGF controls replication and repair of DNA and RNA in order to stimulate tissue growth and repair. (Journal of Biochemistry, 1988)
  • In research, colostrum has shown it can kill viral and bacteria invaders, stimulate fat utilization for fuel, stimulate tissue repair, and optimize cellular reproduction to slow the aging process . Colostrum increases performance and it speeds up recovery after an injury. It increases fat burning, and normalizes blood sugar levels
  • IGF-1 was purified from bovine colostrum and found to be identical to human serum IGF-1. (Growth Regulation, 1991)
  • Growth factors from colostrum: IGF-1 is a truncated form of IGF that is 10 times more potent than IGF-2 in stimulating hypertrophy and cell regeneration. It is present in bovine colostrum. (International Journal of Cellular Biology, 1996)
  • In a study of 749 patients, IFG-1 blood levels were not associated with prostate specific antigen (PSA) or prostate cancer. (Medical College of Wisconsin)
  • Mice with an experimentally-induced inflammatory bowel disease fed a diet rich in transforming growth factor beta gained more weight, did not develop diarrhea or prolapse, and had lower pathological scores and lower serum amyloid. This study supports the use of transforming growth factor in treatment of Crohn’s disease. (Journal of the American College of Nutrition, 2004)
    Because of its ability to increase stamina and endurance, the effects of bovine colostrum on athletic performance has been the subject of many studies. Supplementing with 20 grams per day in combination with exercise training was shown to increase bone and lean muscle mass in active men and women after a period of eight weeks. (Nutrition, 2001)

There is a great deal more research on the benefits of colostrum, which brings up an interesting question. Should one be taking both colostrum and HGH supplements. Many believe the answer to that is ‘yes,’ but if you are going to choose between the two you’ll likely do best with HGH supplements.

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