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Foods for Enhancing Natural Testosterone Production

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Testosterone is a hormone that offers amazing benefits to both men and women, although focus is usually more on the former group. Low T levels result in issues including muscle loss, reduction in bone density, hair loss, low libido, and even cancers. In order to avoid these problems, people engage in high intensity workouts or use a booster product. But how about raising your testosterone levels simply by eating? Interesting, right? No doubt. We have compiled a list of some of the best foods to raise T levels. So, read on to find out.


You may have heard at some point something being said about the health hazards of beef eating. While those concerns are often valid, they do not mean you should avoid beef entirely. It is still very useful for testosterone production. Beef, especially the grass-fed type, offers a nice mix of amino acids, saturated fat, vitamin D and zinc. All of these contribute to production of the hormone. Beef gelatin provides a good source of connective tissue proteins, especially glycine and proline. You should go for lean beef cuts to reduce the risks of health issues.


These are particularly useful for improving testosterone levels due to the presence of zinc. Deficiency of this mineral is a major concern among people with low T.  Oysters, long used for boosting libido, offer a rich source of zinc. In addition, they offer amino acids (including very rare variants), selenium, vitamin D, copper, and magnesium. These make oysters all the more beneficial for increased testosterone production.


Eggs are among those foods that people are cautious about eating for health reasons. An explanation of why this is so has to do with the cholesterol content. But it will interest you to know that this same cholesterol is considered a precursor to testosterone. Eggs offer almost all popular vitamins, including vitamin D, which is very crucial to the production of the hormone. The yolk offers the most nutrients. It offers a nice amino acid and fat balance for raising testosterone levels. There should be no health issues from eating an egg daily if you do not have existing cholesterol problems.


This seafood is very beneficial more for the same reasons as oysters: high zinc content. Shellfish could therefore make a useful inclusion in your diet. Experts say the Alaskan king crab is especially worthy of consideration with the amount of zinc you get per serving.


A rich source of vitamin D, tuna is another food you need to eat more of to raise T levels. A serving of this fish is said to provide total recommended daily value of the vitamin. It is low in calories and friendly on your heart. You benefit from consumption regardless of whether you eat the fish fresh or in canned form. Wild-caught salmon, anchovies and sardines are good alternatives for natural testosterone production, if tuna is not your favorite.


Studies have shown that you can fight low T with this amazing fruit. Aside from their awesome taste, pomegranates have been eaten for medicinal purposes for many centuries. They are a rich source of antioxidants and iron. The juice not only raises your testosterone levels, but may also help manage blood pressure and heart health. Researchers found that taking a glass of pomegranate juice daily can boost levels of the hormone up to 30 percent! Findings from other studies include that it caused blood pressure to fall, improved mood and enhanced libido.


Known for its many medicinal benefits, garlic may also help to you enjoy increased testosterone benefits. It does not exactly boost your T levels. But a compound it contains, allicin, helps to reduce the amount of cortisol in the body. Your body is not able to use the androgen hormone well enough when your cortisol level is high. So garlic helps by enhancing the efficacy of whatever amount of testosterone that is present in your body.

It is also thought that the testosterone-boosting effect of garlic may be down to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This may also be attributable to its vasodilating effects or the presence of quercetin. The spice boosts nitric oxide levels drastically, especially when used with vitamin C, making it an amazing cheap workout supplement.


More people are now aware that the benefits of ginger go beyond just adding flavor to dishes. The spice offers numerous health benefits as garlic. It contains androgenic and anti-inflammatory properties that make it useful for improving growth hormone and testosterone levels. T levels rose by 17 percent after supplementing with ginger in a study by researchers in Iraq. Just like most suggestions in this piece, the spice is dirt-cheap, compared to average testosterone booster supplements.

Olive oil

Experts usually recommend people use olive oil as food being a more health-friendly choice. The fat content is ideal for great health. Its unsaturated fat proportions are just perfect for promotion of testosterone production. Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and boasts anti-inflammatory properties. It also contains oleuropein which is thought beneficial for increasing T levels. But note that you are more likely to get these benefits from extra virgin olive oil. Research showed daily consumption led to improvement of 17 to 19 percent in the androgen hormone levels after three weeks.

Argan oil

This is increasingly being promoted as a skincare, anti-aging wonder. However, argan oil may also be beneficial for boosting your T levels when consumed. This oil, which is produced from the kennel of the argan tree, is a popular feature in Mediterranean diet. It is especially popular among Moroccans. It boasts powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties as olive oil. It also offers decent fatty acid ratios. These make argan oil helpful for testosterone production. The use of this as the main dietary fat source for a period of two weeks led to about 20 percent rise in the testosterone levels of participants in a Moroccan study.


Offering vitamin D and zinc, beans should also feature among foods that raise testosterone levels. They are generally viewed as beneficial to male hormone health. They also protect your heart as well. You can get good dose of zinc and vitamin D from black, kidney or white beans. Baked beans are also useful, but not on the same level as the other types.

Fermented foods

Fermented foods, such as yogurt and cheese (especially blue cheese), make awesome food choices for boosting T levels. They are known to contain friendly bacteria, prebiotics, probiotics, and active enzymes. These make them quite useful for raising the amount of testosterone in the body. And there are studies that suggest having these in your gut can improve levels. Take yogurt as an example. Its friendly bacteria and probiotics include Lactobacillus reuterii. A 2014 rodent study showed that diets with added L. Reuterii led to increased testosterone production and testicular size. In addition, it prevented testicular shrinkage, raised luteinizing hormone levels, and enhanced semen quality, among other benefits.


This helps by providing healthy saturated fats needed for production of hormones, including testosterone. Coconut enhances the ability of your body to produce cholesterol for good health and also lowers body fat. So, you essentially stand to enjoy higher T levels via two ways: improved cholesterol production and weight loss. Yet, in spite of its high saturated fat content, research suggests coconut does not constitute grave cardiovascular health risk. Coconut oil offers other benefits aside being a good testosterone booster. These include increased thyroid hormone production, higher metabolic rate and improved cognitive function.


Boasting rich anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, onions may also help to raise T levels naturally. It offers quercetin and apigening, which are potentially useful for boosting levels. Evidence from animal studies has been promising. In one particular study on rodents, addition of onion juice to diet led to an average increase of roughly 300 percent in testosterone levels! Yet, onions are food items you can get cheaply.


These are great sources of antioxidants. Berries, especially the dark or more colorful ones such as blackberry and blueberry, are known to be great for health. Their high antioxidant content reduces risk of oxidative damage and inflammation. The darker berries are, the higher the amount of antioxidants that will be present in them. You can expect better testosterone production as these properties help to deal with inflammation and oxidative damage. They also assist in preserving testosterone molecules. Berries offer other nutrients as well, including Calcium-D-Glutarate, which helps get rid of redundant estrogen.


Cacao is packed full of testosterone boosters and antioxidants while also offering superb fat ratios. Its fat content is made up mostly of saturated fats and monounsaturated fats. Minerals you will find in cacao include zinc, magnesium, copper and manganese. These make chocolate a great food to include in your diet. However, by this, we mean the raw variant. The chocolate many people are familiar with are the heated, processed types. The amounts of beneficial nutrients in these latter offerings are usually hugely reduced as a result of the production process. Raw cacao or chocolate can not only raise testosterone levels, but also enhance erection quality and cardiovascular health. It lowers blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

There you have some of the best foods you can consider including in your diet to naturally raise testosterone levels. You stand to get more benefits when you engage in workouts as well while eating these foods. Supplements such as TestRx vitamin D and zinc can also help.


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    pretty useful info. i know low testosterone is something a lot of men struggle with

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