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FTC Disclosure

This disclosure is prepared to be in full compliance with the FTC policy that requires transparency about all affiliate relations we may have.

You may assume that all links are affiliate links. A website you are re-directed to after clicking on an affiliate link will set a cookie in your web browser. This will enable us to receive commission on any purchase you make on such sites.

There is nothing illegitimate about this. It is a legal means of generating income for running websites. We are, therefore, not hesitant to let you know about this.

Be aware also that we often use link-shortening or cloaking services for many of the hyperlinks. These do not represent an attempt to hide something. We have no reason to because we partner with only reputable vendors offering quality products and services.

Link shortening and cloaking are helpful for tracking and improving functionality. Most websites make use of them.

All content on this website is only for informational purposes. We are independently owned and posts or reviews you find here are not in direct exchange for cash or physical products. No one paid us to write any content, unless otherwise stated.

It is possible that our affiliate relationships might influence our posts and reviews. This may create a conflict of interest, although we do not think such exists. It is left to you, the visitor or customer, to decide this.

There is no disputing the fact that we wish for you to buy the product or service that we write about. It is possible that this might influence what we write. But we try to guard against conflict of interest by only writing about or reviewing only products and services we are confident about.

Every time, we strive to do all we can to give our honest opinions, views, experiences and findings on whatever we write about or promote.

We should also bring to your awareness that vendors may approach us to put up advertising on the website. This may come in form of hyperlinks, banners and/or widgets. Such advertisements are paid for.

We shall not be responsible for testimonials or claims made in paid advertisements, although we strive to allow only valuable products and services.

You will find below a version that states the above in a slightly more legally-worded form.

Compensation & Affiliate Disclaimer Policy (valid from January 13, 2010)

In accordance with the FTC’s directive (16 CFR Part 255, “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”), this policy aims to reveal any compensatory relationship between the website owner and affiliate networks.

By affiliate networks, reference is to companies such as Google, ClickBank, Amazon, Commission Junction, Share-A-Sale and any vendors they represent or with whom the site owner has an affiliate relationship.

HGH10 Trust owns and operates this website. If you have any questions contact us!

From time to time, hgh10.com may accept compensations for advertising, insertions or sponsorships from affiliate relationship. These may or may not have effect on content made available to visitors.

All content you come across on the site is not prepared for sole purpose of getting income from affiliations. But do note that it may not always be possible to identify paid or sponsored content.

HGH10 Trust may receive compensation from diverse affiliate programs. Some content provides opinions on different topics, products, services or websites. We strive to be honest as much as possible, regardless of compensations we may get for content or advertising.

Opinions and views expressed on the website are strictly those of HGH10 Trust. No information, including claims, quotes or statistics, should be accepted without verification with the provider, manufacturer or any other relevant third parties.

Content on this website may or may not portray a conflict or interest. The posting methods might not make this immediately visible. Effort will be made, when feasible, to help you differentiate general content from paid advertising.

How Affiliates Make Money

It is left to individual merchant to decide how much to pay affiliates and what approach to adopt for payment. The commission structure that is most popular is cost per sale (CPS), which pays a commission on every sale made.

Understandably, markets that pay the most tend to be highly competitive.

Affiliate marketing is not a piece of cake. It is not something a person dabbles into for quick money. It takes hard work and perseverance to make something out of it. Many affiliates will need to do serious work for more than a year before they can rely on it as a major source of income.

How to Tell When Visiting an Affiliate Website

Merchants provide their affiliates with links that are unique to them for referring potential buyers. It is left for each affiliate to determine where to put them.

You may be able to detect where links or banners lead to by hovering your mouse over them. By doing so, it is possible to tell whether they link directly to another site, including a merchant’s, or are redirected via affiliate links.

The following are examples of affiliate network links:

AffiliateWindow – www.awin1.com/awclick.php?&id=XXjjX1X

AffiliateFuture – scripts.affiliatefuture.com/AFClick.asp?affiliateID=X656XX

More Niche – track.moreniche.com/hit.php?w=XXhjXXXX&s=X6XX

When you see something that looks like the above, know that you are visiting an affiliate website.

What Difference Does Visiting an Affiliate Site Make to Visitors or Consumers?

Clicking on affiliate links doesn’t do any harm to visitors. It will not make you worse off.

These links merely redirect to a merchant’s website. You will see the exact same page you would have seen if you had entered the vendor’s URL directly into your web browser. Nothing is different.

You will pay the same price you would have paid if you had visited directly without the affiliate links.

Be assured that HGH10 Trust operate in line with set best practices. We make sure that there is a high measure of transparency to customers.