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HGH And Weight Loss

Using Human Growth Hormone To Help You Lose Weight

With the problems that obesity poses in our society it’s no wonder that people are interested in different forms of weight loss. Some people go to fitness classes, whereas others use special diets. However, did you know that human growth hormone could actually help you to lose weight? This is quite true.

How it works:

Obviously, when you go to your doctor and ask him for a prescription to help you to lose weight he is hardly like to prescribe human growth hormone for you. He’ll most probably advise you to go on a diet or to take up some exercise. However, you must not underestimate just how effective human growth hormone is in helping people to lose weight.

You must consider human growth hormone treatments depending upon the seriousness of your obesity. If you’re just a pound or two overweight, you obviously don’t need to think about human growth hormone. A simple diet or little exercise will do perfectly well to help you lose those extra pounds. But if you are more than ten or twenty pounds overweight, you certainly should think about human growth hormone as a possible alternative to help you to lose weight.

Is HGH affordable?

But is human growth hormone actually a viable alternative when you want to lose weight? Won’t it be too expensive, and not at all within your budget? Now, this isn’t true at all. The simple fact is that the average person can certainly afford human growth hormone supplements such as Genf20 Plus, Genfx and Sytropin to help them to lose weight.

Another thing that you must be interested in is whether  human growth hormone is only for men or only for women. Well, whether you’re a man or a woman, you’ll be glad to know that human growth hormone works equally well for both men and women since it is produced both in the bodies of men as well as the bodies of women naturally. As a matter of fact, it is often a deficiency in human growth hormone either in men or in women that causes obesity in the first place.

Now, if you are searching for information upon how human hormone growth can help you lose weight, then you’ve come to the right place, because this article is just full of accurate and detailed information upon this issue.

Why it’s crucial to lose excess weight:

Remember that it is not wise to live with a great deal of extra weight, because this is a life threatening issue and can cause all sorts of complications that can shorten your life span by years or even by decades.

  • This is why this problem must be dealt with at the very earliest. Even a short time spent overweight, like a few months or a few years, can have serious repercussions where your life span in concerned. Many diseases and conditions like heart disease or diabetes have been directly linked by clinical studies to having an excess of weight. It is especially dangerous if the excess weight that you have is collected around the belly or the thighs, or even around your hips. This is unhealthy fat, and it directly causes or is connected with many serious and life threatening ailments.
  • This is not to mention the purely cosmetic issues connected with excess weight. When you are overweight, you look much older than your years, and you feel older as well. Not only are your energy levels low, but carrying all that excess weight around can make you more tired and make you less likely to move. And the less likely you are to move about much, the more likely you are to put on even more weight. So, having an excess weight is a vicious cycle. It is because of this vicious cycle that losing excess weight can be so difficult. Not only is your metabolism slower, but it is difficult for you to exercise, because all that extra weight you are carrying around.
  • And there are other factors as well. Did you know, for example, that the fat that collects around the belly actually produces hormones that prevents you from losing it from exercise? This is perfectly true, and this may help you to realize just how serious a problem obesity is and how any measure that you take to remove this excess weight is justified.

This is perhaps why so many people are turning to human growth hormone as a cure for excess weight. There is one reason for the popularity of human growth hormone in dealing with excess weight, and that reason is that it actually works. When a certain system or prescription actually gets results, of course there are people who eagerly want to follow that system, and that’s the way it is with human growth hormone.

Getting optimal results from your treatments:

Of course, human growth hormone works much better when you combine it with a reasonable amount of diet and exercise. If you choose a good diet plan, not one that starves you of calories, but rather one that reduces your calories to a normal level, and when you combine this with exercise, a reasonable amount of exercise that will ensure weight loss over a certain period, and when you add to this a reasonable dosage of human growth hormone, you have a mix that guarantees weight loss.

The human growth hormone provides just that extra edge that you need to ensure that you can lose weight quickly and easily. Human growth hormone ups your metabolism, ensuring that you burn fuel and calories at a much higher rate, leading to inevitable weight loss. Besides this, human growth hormone also directly leads to the reduction of fat and the increase of pure muscle. And when you have more muscle and less fat, you always burn more energy, because muscle always burns more energy than fat.

Best of all, it increases your vitality and the amount of energy that your body has available to it, as well as the amount of endurance that you have. This is a win-win situation: you have more energy and you have more endurance, and you can exercise more. And because you can exercise more, you can burn more fat. Besides this, your metabolism is also faster, and because your metabolism is faster, you burn more fat even when you’re merely sitting down.

Is it any wonder that people are so interested in adding human growth hormone to their exercise and diet routines?

Doing your exercises becomes much easier when you’re taking human growth hormone, because you can always put out that little extra effort that ensured that weight loss is guaranteed.

The ideal exercise routine!

For example, an ideal exercise routine would begin with you doing some heavy strength training to get your heart rate up sufficiently and then adding to this with an aerobic workout, perhaps running or simple aerobic exercises. The problem is that most people who are overweight cannot keep up this effort long enough to ensure that weight loss actually happens. Your heart rate needs to be sped up for at least fifteen to twenty minutes for weight loss to be guaranteed. With human growth hormone in your system you have the endurance to keep exercising long enough to ensure that some good is really done and that excess weight is really burnt off.

But now we come to an important question.

Is HGH actually legal to use?

Well, to a great extent that depends upon where you reside and where you acquire human growth hormone from. If you are living in the United States, then acquiring human growth hormone injections, for example, might be difficult for you. Many people go to Mexico virtually annually to ensure that they can get their human growth hormone injections. But there are oral sprays available on the internet  fairly cheaply and easily that you can use to supplement your human growth hormone levels.

On the other hand, there are new supplements such as Hypergh 14x on the market which do not themselves contain human growth hormone, but which stimulates the production of human growth hormone within the body, and it is always legal to use these supplements in most cases. These supplements are called human growth hormone releasers, and they are available not only in your local drug store, but also all over the internet.  Make sure you do some research on the site you are buying your human growth hormone releasers from before you purchase them to avoid scams.

Are there any side effects to taking human growth hormone?

Well, if you are taking direct injection human growth hormone supplements, you may indeed suffer some side effects. However, releasers have little or no side effects, because they stimulate the production of natural human growth hormone within the body itself, and this is perfectly safe.


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