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HGH Therapy

A glimpse into the Heart of HGH therapy

Of course everyone is talking about growth hormone therapy because of amazing effects it has on limiting the aging process.  Also, the fact that it’s legal for bodybuilders and athletes to use it even in competition makes HGH a very attractive option for athletes and performers wanting to prove their capabilities. While human growth hormone has been around for at least five decades, it was only in the 1990s that we really began to see a vast increase in its synthetic production. And of course with it becoming more easily and regularly available, more people began to use it, and today it is easily sourced from the internet or from a prescription from your local doctor. But to be honest, there are many HGH therapies that can be used over the counter even without a prescription, and these can come in the form of oral sprays or even pills.


The medical origin:

Muscular CoupleThe original use of human growth hormone was to treat defects in the pituitary gland. When the pituitary gland is not functional, or is not able to provide the usual levels of human growth hormone, then a patient may be prescribed human growth hormone.

Generally speaking, human growth hormone is used medically to treat conditions where the pituitary gland is not providing enough human growth hormone.  This can be quite a serious condition, especially in children. When children suffer from a deficiency of human growth hormone, what we see is lack of height and insufficient growth of the body.

HGH for good health!

Human growth hormone has many beneficial effects upon the human body. Calcium is retained better, and more mineralized in the bone, leading to stronger bones. There is also a significant increase in muscle mass, sometimes up to eight percent of an increase of the original muscle mass. But not only that, but human growth hormone is seen to enhance the growth of virtually every organ in the body, and this includes the brain. The metabolizing of glucose within the liver is also enhanced. The immune system is stimulated, and the pancreas functions better. So, as you can see, human growth hormone stimulates virtually every function of the body.

Beware of overdosing:

However, while human growth hormone is generally beneficial, you must be careful not to overdose on it, because this can lead to certain abnormalities.  You are going to have an abnormal tinkling of the jaw, for example, leading to a lantern like jaw and to fingers and toes that are noticeably thickened.

An excess of human growth hormone also leads to an excess of sweating, as well as to a narrowing of the vision due to problems with the nerves. However, these adverse effects only occur when one takes human growth hormone in vastly increased quantities that are too much for the body to handle. Human growth hormone in reasonable doses is always safe.

The many benefits of HGH supplementation: Turn off aging!

On the other hand, if you have lower human growth hormone levels than normal as a result of the normal aging process, you can become obese and be unable to burn off that excess fat and restore your muscle tone. In such a case, if you take a human growth hormone supplement, you can find that your metabolism is enhanced and that you burn off the excess fat and regain your muscle tone.

Also, since a normal level of human growth hormone in the blood stream increases the body’s vitality and ability to put out energy, you’ll find that you have a natural inclination to do more exercise.

Various studies have been conducted into the effects of human growth hormone as an active anti-aging agent.  Fr example, one study done over a ten year period in the 1990s showed that men who took human growth hormone showed increased muscle mass as compared with men who did not take human growth hormone. The same men who were part of the study also showed stronger bones and increased densities of calcium in the bones.

The age of HGH therapy!

Decades ago the only sources of human growth hormone were cadavers, and it could be risky to take human growth hormone from cadavers as various diseases were sometimes transferred along with the human growth hormone. But these days, with human growth hormone being synthesized, these risks have disappeared. No longer do we take human growth hormone from the cadavers, but instead synthesize it in the laboratory, so it’s perfectly safe to use.

Most of the supplements like Genf20 Plus, GHR1000 and Sytropin do not actually contain human growth hormone, but instead stimulate the production of human growth hormone, so that human growth hormone is naturally produced by the body itself, leading to a host of beneficial effects achieved in a very natural manner. Best of all, since these substances stimulate the production of human growth hormone, they are perfectly legal to use and can be used by anyone from athlete to a businessman wanting that little edge of alertness in the conference hall.

Most of our studies are showing that human growth hormone supplements do actually boost the body’s activity and mental alertness.

So ultimately, what is the entire range of documented benefits of using human growth hormone? Well, as I’ve already mentioned, you gain muscle as well as lose excess weight. But a less documented effect is that you are able to sleep better and will rarely, if ever, suffer from insomnia. Since human growth hormone also effects the functioning of the mind, you’ll find that your mood is significantly improved. Hair also grows better, and is of better color. Also, your memory will function better. Just about every system of the body is improved. What more do you need to know? To try an HGH supplement risk free click here!