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Provacyl Review

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Provacyl is both a testosterone booster and an HGH releaser just for men.

Throughout much of history, the image of an older man has signified the gaining of wisdom and experience. However, many men who suffer from lowered testosterone and the problems of aging wish instead they could take advantage of their experience while keeping the same kind of health and energy as they had when they were younger. A product called Provacyl promises to help men by using natural ingredients to lessen the effects of aging and of andropause. In this article we will discuss the scientific and medical basis behind Provacyl, its benefits for real men, and whether it can live up to all its promises.

What Is Andropause?

The World Health Organization does not recognize andropause as a medical condition, for reasons including the fact that, unlike in female menopause, the shift in hormone levels that accompanies aging in men does not “shut off” the entire reproductive system. However, the manufacturers of Provacyl, in conjunction with several online reviews, argue that many men suffer from andropause in similar ways to a woman undergoing menopause.

As men grow older, their bodies produce less human growth hormone (HGH), dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and testosterone. The lowered levels of these hormones can cause various symptoms including hot flashes, sweating, fatigue, slowed mental function, anxiety, depression, and lessened potency and sexual impulse, according to many reviews. The manufacturer of Provacyl adds a few more symptoms to the list: specifically, weight gain, lowered strength, endurance and muscle mass, shrinking, joint pain, irritability, thinning hair, and less energy. HGH, which is produced by the pituitary gland in our brains, can drop by as much as ten percent of the amount produced for every decade that we live past the age of twenty. The manufacturer of Provacyl claims that by the age of 45, the average man is secreting under seventy-five percent of the amount of HGH and testosterone that his body generated when he was in his twenties – and the older we get, the lower that percentage becomes. As the level of hormones such as HGH and testosterone that our bodies produce drops, we experience more and more of these effects.

There is scientific evidence that the effects of andropause can be relieved by testosterone replacement therapy, as recommended by a doctor. This can take the form of anything from injections of the hormone, to an implant being inserted beneath the skin, to a “testosterone stick” that you can rub under your arms like deodorant, according to one medical website. However, this therapy does have disadvantages. Provacyl’s manufacturers claim that hormone replacement can have an average cost of US$7,200 a year or more, and is associated with several adverse side effects, including gynecomastia (the development of breasts on males), an enlarged prostate, and an increased risk of cancer.

Another common treatment, specifically for erectile dysfunction, are medications such as Viagra. However, testosterone replacement, Viagra pills require a doctor’s prescription and may cost as much as US$20 per pill, or more. They also do not raise the taker’s level of testosterone or HGH in any way, instead simply increasing the blood flow that travels to the penis.

What Is Provacyl?

Several different reviews claim that Provacyl is a safe and effective alternative to replacement therapy and Viagra. Provacyl is a hormone supplement made from natural ingredients, which is designed to stimulate the body to produce more HGH and testosterone without inserting it artificially from external sources. It is available in the form of pills that can be taken daily. According to one review, Provacyl will not make a man look like he is in his twenties in one day, help his penis grow twenty inches, or turn him into an Olympic athlete immediately. Yet it can work as an HGH releaser and a supplement to enhance sexual drive and performance, especially over the long term. Another review states that an individual should take Provacyl every day for at least three months and as long as six to see the full effect of the supplement on his health and body. Provacyl is especially effective when the supplement is combined with a healthy lifestyle, including good diet and regular exercise. To go to the official Provacyl webpage click here!

What Are the Ingredients in Provacyl?

Provacyl is manufactured from an all-natural mix of amino acids and plant products intended to stimulate increased levels of HGH and testosterone. According to the official website, the product’s manufacturer is cGMP certified, which means that Provacyl undergoes the same quality control tests that major pharmacies and retailers require for medical equipment and medications. The Certificate of Analysis is available upon request.

The formula for Provacyl includes the amino acids L-Arginine, L-Lysine, L-Glycine, and Gamma-Aminobutryic Acid (GABA), all of which stimulate the pituitary gland to produce more HGH and reverse many of the effects of aging. It also contains L-Tyrosine, which works with the thyroid gland to create thyroxine, a hormone that can lessen depression and fatigue and help boost your metabolism and growth.

Provacyl contains certain types of plant product as well. Muira Puama, a shrub from the Amazon, is used by many of the people of the region to increase sexual drive and relieve erectile dysfunction. Ginkgo Bilboa comes from Asia, and it is known to improve memory function, as well as increasing blood flow to the genitals to ease sexual difficulties. Chaste Berry can be found in the Mediterranean region and in Africa. It provides a boost to both the female and male reproductive systems, and may also help stimulate the body to produce more estrogen in women and testosterone in men. Acai fruit, also from the South American region, contains antioxidants in a higher concentration than in almost any other fruit, which gives it a huge edge in reducing the effects of aging and the risks of disease. Panax Ginseng comes from Eastern Asia, especially Manchuria, in China; its benefits include easing symptoms of stress, depression, insomnia, fatigue and hypertension and boosting immunity, endurance, mental function and libido. Swedish flower pollen provides minerals, amino acids, vitamins and enzymes to stimulate energy, keep the prostate functioning, and regulate the flow of urine. Long Jack is a tree found in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. It can increase libido and heighten testosterone, which can result in greater strength and muscle mass.

Provacyl also contains soy phytosterol complex, which is a plant fat that reduces cholesterol in the bloodstream and during the digestive process. It can also increase the production of insulin by activating cells in the pancreas. Soy phosphate complex are other types of vegetable fats that lessen depression, boost memory and attention, and help maintain the function of the liver.

Finally, the pills provide supplements for the anterior pituitary gland, which stimulates it to further release HGH and lessen the effects of aging on the body. They also supplement DHEA, which is turned into the male sex hormone androgen and boosts immunity, energy level, and resistance to heart disease. Hypothalamus supplements support the limbic system, regulating the temperature and water retention of the body, as well as the secretion of thyroid hormones, sex hormones, and HGH.

What Are Other Benefits of Provacyl?

In many cases the ingredients in Provacyl can also provide helpful secondary benefits. These can include boosting immunity, reducing stress and the risk of diseases such as cancer, malaria, diabetes, improving fertility and sexual function, regulating the brain, the prostate, and the nervous system, lowering cholesterol and protecting the liver. The manufacturers of Provacyl claim that it also reduce weight gain, improve mental focus, lessen irritability and enhance the quality of sleep. One review says that it can stimulate the production of sperm. Because it contains only natural ingredients and is available in pill form, it is cheaper and less invasive than most hormone replacement therapy and does not cause adverse side effects.

How Can I Get Provacyl?

Provacyl is available without a prescription, but it can only be purchased online. The manufacturer recommends purchasing it from the official website. Each bottle of pills contains thirty days’ worth of the product. You can order over the Internet or over the phone, as well as by mail or fax. The manufacturer’s website promises that their customer service phone lines are staffed by real people, and to ship orders within forty-eight hours of receiving them.

One month’s supply of Provacyl costs US$59.95, while three months’ worth costs US$154.95. The manufacturer advertises that cost as US$52 per month. The prices go up to a years’ supply of Provacyl, at a cost of US$388.95, or US$33 per month. If you choose that package, you receive a gift of free shipping within the United States and one tube of ProSolution Gel. The manufacturer of Provacyl also offers a full money-back guarantee if you return the unused portion of your product within sixty-seven days of purchase.

What Do Real People Say About Provacyl?

There are a number of testimonials supporting Provacyl. John Ellis, at one review site, says, “My dad switched to Provacyl and it works as good as his Androgel did and it saves us a lot of money. Provacyl is an excellent natural treatment for andropause.” Bobby adds, “It really helped my father a lot. I know that much. Provacyl is the only thing that worked after trying several treatments.”

Another review cites a product test review conducted on men from forty to seventy years of age from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and even professions. The men took Provacyl two times a day for one month. The testers claim that after the first week, twenty percent of the test group reported an improvement on mental focus and stress level. After the second week, that number had increased to more than half of the men, who said they had more energy, increased libido and better focus. At the end of the test, all of the men answered “yes” when asked if they would continue using Provacyl after the test session. Although this was not a clinical study, it is a good anecdotal indication of the success that Provacyl has in reversing the effects of aging and andropause.

Given the benefits that Provacyl claims to provide, perhaps in the future the image of wisdom and experience will not be an older man with a long, white beard, but rather a younger man with increased HGH and testosterone levels. Consider trying it for yourself and seeing what it can do for you.

6 Responses to Provacyl Review

  1. neddy white says:

    So this is an hgh releaser, not just hgh? I think I would feel much safer trying something like this out before I jump into the hard stuff. I clicked the link and it took me directly to their home page which is very important to me. Thanks for the review.

  2. petr ornilov says:

    Provacyl sounds like a good place to start with hgh therapy. I have read a lot about hgh and it doesn’t sound like it has any bad points to it. Testimonials don’t lie, Provacyl is good stuff!

  3. luis lopez says:

    This is the one that I have used for the past year and it has made me feel incredible every single day of using it. If you ask me about it, I will sound like the best advertisement they could have ever gotten. It’s that good!

  4. Jack says:

    My years on Earth finally surpassed 60 and I have to agree, I wish the wisdom of my years was available to me with the health and vigor I had as a young man. No regrets, but it would have been nice to have been a teenager and know what I know now. I take vitamins and supplements, so I figure why not try Provacyl. Thanks for the insight!

  5. Chris M says:

    I asked my doctor about Provacyl because I am under treatment for high blood pressure and did not want a negative reaction with my meds. He had never heard of Provacyl but giving the man credit he researched it and had his assistant call me to say it would be OK,

  6. Henry Jones says:

    It makes sense the W.H.O. doesn’t recognize Andropause medical condition since it is a natural part of ageing but anyone would be hard pressed to convince someone having issues with Andropause that it’s not. Ironically the W.H.O. does recognize a host of menopausal conditions as medical conditions though. But then W.H.O. is a government agency that has had their decision making bought and paid for by giant pharmaceutical companies long ago so nothing is as it seems, or as it should be with that organization.

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