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What Scientists Say About Penis Size

A recent study was published in the BJU International journal that combined 20 studies on penis size that followed strict criteria. Their focus was to create a review of the average penis size including all ages and races. Here are the results of what they found.penis size curve

There are tons of penis size studies but this group of researchers only included those studies where a health care professional measured the penis size, because people tend to lie about these things. Only studies that had 50 participants or more were included and where participants were 17 years of age or older. To ensure consistency they looked at only those studies where the penis was measured from the root to the tip both when it was flaccid and erect; and where the girth was measured at the mid shaft or base. Studies that had participants with penis abnormalities or erectile dysfunction were not included.

What Researchers Found on Penis Length

  • The average penis when erect is 5.17” long
  • The average penis when flaccid is 3.61” long
  • The average flaccid penis when stretched is 5.21” long

What Researchers Found on Penis Girth (around)

  • The average girth of a penis when erect is 4.59”
  • The average girth of a penis when flaccid is 3.67”
  • What Researchers Found on Penis Length

Other Things Researchers Found About Penis Size

Your height could be related to your penis size.

The researchers looked at the factors that were the most consistent and what they discovered is that there was a strong link between a man’s height and the length of his erect, flaccid, and stretched penis length. Researchers identified that there may be an association between how tall you are and your penis size, but more research is needed.

Having Big Feet Does Not Mean You Will Have a Big Penis.

A number of studies looked foot size, BMI, testicle size, and index finger length characteristics and how they related to the length of a man’s penis length. They could not find any significant patterns to indicate that there was any relationship what so ever.

Measuring an Erect Penis Scientifically In a Lab

A disposable tape measure was used by researchers to record the penis length after those participating in the study either received a prostaglandin injection or participated in self-stimulation while watching porn.

Measuring a Flacid Penis Scientifically In a Lab

There are a number of acceptable methods to measure a flaccid penis. The most common is to extend a flaccid penis to its maximum length, which is determined when the participant begins to feel discomfort.

Stretched and Flaccid Penises Are The Same Size As Erect Penises.

This study found that a stretched penis was a good indicator of what the length of the erect penis would be. However, it is important to exert adequate pressure when stretching. Another study found that often urologists who take the measurement of a penis do not use adequate force, which probably makes the penis happy, but it doesn’t help with scientific reliability.

Race Is Not a Factor in Penis Size

Researchers were unable to find any evidence that there was a link between penis size and race. However, they did state that research in the future should include larger sample sizes, reliable measures, and reporting of race in order to ensure that this statement is right.

A Micro Penis

This particular research defines a micro penis as a penis that is smaller than 2.05” when it is flaccid and 3.35” when it is stretched.

Many Things Affect Penis Length

Researcher say that there limitations to their study because so many things can affect the penis length and this makes studying the penis difficult. Researchers looked only at studies that measure the penis the same way, which included things like recent ejaculation, temperature, and arousal.


This study isn’t the end of penis studies. These studies leave a lot of room for error. For example, participants who chose to be in the study may have already been confident their size was more than adequate, younger participants may not have reached their full potential, and there were not an equal number of participants from all ethnic backgrounds, which means there are many variables that were not addressed.

Bottom line – if you are unhappy with the size of your penis there are things you can do. There are many factors that affect your penis size including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and weight. Make sure none of these are a factor in your life. You can also take an HGH supplement, which has many benefits, among those are increased libido and erection help.

It’s important to remember that your penis size should not be the focus in your relationship. Sexual satisfaction with your partner isn’t about size, so don’t get too hung up on the size of your penis.

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