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Strategies To Keep Your Heart Healthy

Have You Implemented Any Heart Health Strategies?

Without a healthy heart your life is going to look much different. If you are lucky enough to survive a heart attack and not die, you’ll find your life doesn’t resemble anything from before your event. It makes much more sense to implement heart health strategies now that will keep your heart healthy and reduce your risk of developing heart disease or having a heart attack.heart health

Make Healthy Living Your Lifestyle Choice

Here’s some good reasons to decide to live a healthy lifestyle. A recent study out of Sweden found that incorporating the five factors into your daily routine can significantly reduce your risk of having a heart attack.

In the study, it discovered that the men who met all five of the low-risk lifestyle choices reduced their risk of having a heart attack by a whopping 86 percent lower over an 11 year period, compared to those those who did nothing. The 5 lifestyle habits that will protect your heart include:

  • Staying Away From alcohol
  • Eating a diet that is high in vegetables, fruits, legumes, fish and whole grains
  • Not smoking
  • Keeping your waist circumference under 37”
  • Walking a minimum of 40 minutes a day & vigorously exercising at least an hour a week

The study found that these five factors are key to preventing heart attacks. In fact, so important are they that researchers believe that 4 out of 5 heart attacks could be avoided if these 5 lifestyle choices were made. However, sadly, only 1% of men in the study actually met the goal.

Low Risk Factors

It’s really so simple. These 5 low risk factors protect your heart and improve heart health because they have a positive effect on lowering your cholesterol, your blood pressure, and inflammatory response and at the same time they improve blood vessel function.

“Each of these factors are important separately, and when they are combined, they can explain a large part of the heart attacks,” says study author Agneta Åkesson, Ph.D.

It is important to mention that this was not a cause and effect study. These are simply behaviors that have been associated with reducing heart disease risks. According to Akesson, one should focus on incorporating all five of these factors into daily life. It’s never too late to begin making healthy lifestyle changes. After all, little steps are better than no steps at all.

What’s Next? HGH Supplements

There’s one other thing that you can do to help prevent heart disease and keep yourself healthy as you age. Taking an HGH supplement helps you lose weight faster, increases your metabolism and slowing of the aging process, and so much more. Taking an HGH supplement like Genf20 Plus or Sytropin can help you do a better job of making the 5 lifestyle changes that are designed to keep your heart healthy.

To get the HGH benefits needed to keep your heart in top shape choosing an HGH supplement that has science behind it is very important, since all of these supplements are not created equal. Make sure you are choosing a quality product.

Signs of Heart Disease

The most common symptom that occurs with coronary artery disease is chest pain or angina. Angina is described as a having a heaviness, discomfort, heaviness, squeezing, burning, pressure, fullness, aching, or painful feeling in your chest. Sometimes it is mistaken for heartburn or indigestion. Angina is sometimes felt in the arms, shoulders, neck, jaw, back or throat.

Other symptoms include:

  • A faster heartbeat.
  • Palpitations – flip flop feeling in the chest, irregular heart beat
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Sweating
  • Weakness or dizziness

If you have any of these symptoms see your doctor!

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