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The Benefit of Human Growth Hormone for Athletes

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Today’s competitive sports world is more than just competitive, it’s extremely competitive. It’s also why human growth hormone for athletes is becoming common practice. Some athletes are looking for different ways that they can become the best of the best. After all, there are multi-million dollar contracts at stake, every direction you turn.

Even sports at the high school and elementary level has become very competitive. There are millions of children trying to be that next “named” sports star. This can occasionally lead an athlete to make a poor choice about what’s right for their career. That pressure to become the best will sometimes have athletes making huge sacrifices.

HGH began as a treatment for those who were dealing with a natural human hormone deficiency. HGH regulates the body’s growth. It is produced naturally by the pituitary gland. Patients who receive this treatment usually benefit and begin to grow properly so that they are able to lead normal lives.

In the last couple of decades, especially in the last five years or so, HGH has become increasingly popular with athletes for many reasons. To begin with, the human growth hormone helps to break down the body’s fat and that gets replaced with lean muscle mass, which is exactly what every athlete wants.

The big question that is always up for debate is whether those athletes that choose to use HGH have an advantage over athletes that do not use it. There are many different HGH supplements on the market all claiming to have successfully helped many athletes lose their fat fast, and become leaner as well as more muscular. It’s not too far out there to think that they might have an advantage.  Of couse, this debate has gained a lot of national attention in the past couple of years and today it is still a hotly debated topic.

Another really important benefit for athletes that use HGH, it that it will help their injuries heal much faster. Because HGH is a growth hormone it stimulate the production of new tissue to repair damaged tissue. Many athletes use it because injuries heal in about half the time. The Olympic world is also paying a great deal of attention to HGH.

It is just recently that HGH has come to the forefront. Initially it wasn’t detectable using the available drug tests athletes underwent for steroid testing, and other illegal drugs. Then it was omitted from the batch tests, because technically HGH is not illegal. However, in the past few years the sports world has been really cracking down on all athletes who use HGH.

In recent years HGH has also come to the forefront because doctor’s giving HGH injections are only allowed to do so for medical patients, not for the personal gain of an individual or athlete. But many regulators claim this is what’s happening. Athletes are being given HGH for performance not for injury. They say there is a new HGH test and that all athletes will now be tested. Those who fail the HGH drug test will be in violation and face strict consequences.

If medical HGH is not used properly it can be very dangerous. It can also be very expensive, which is why so many turn to the illegal market, and this can be life threatening. There are all kinds of HGH supplements that are illegal products that claim to be the real deal but they cost pennies – that should be your first clue to run in the opposite direction. Instead look for legal products. There are many on the market that are safe and effective to use with minimal side effects. Of course, almost all of these supplements are illegal in the sports.

There are a number of benefits of human growth hormone for athletes, but they also face regulations so they may not be able to enjoy the full benefits. However, individuals that want to enjoy leaner muscles, more energy, reduction of fat, and all the many benefits that HGH has to offer should look for a legitimate provider. The side effects of HGH are minimal when used correctly but you should always talk to your doctor before taking any new supplements. With your doctors ok, you can start to enjoy the benefits.

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6 Responses to The Benefit of Human Growth Hormone for Athletes

  1. Lenroids says:

    Using HGH in sports is illegal and will get you banned. Now there are blood tests that can actually catch anyone cheating. The sad thing is that those athletes that have been using HGH were never caught in a test except for very few cases and are still having an advantage over those who are not.

    • Librasu says:

      You don’t think that hgh will make game play any better? I think it could really help the NBA and professional soccer as well.

  2. miguel ramos says:

    It’s common sense that hgh will help athletes no matter what sport they play. Is it something that should be allowed? I think that hgh can intensify how the game is played and the fans will really get their money’s worth every time they watch a game in person or on tv.

  3. Al Rogers says:

    Considering all of the benefits that HGH offer of course taking them will benefit athletes. However, the question as to whether athletes should be permitted to take them is a tough question. Unlike steroids, HGH are naturally occurring hormones. Some people have more HGH than the next person, so in actuality the playing field is not level. Maybe HGH levels could be regulated by sporting authorities. Any more that the acceptable level and you are banned. Any less an and athlete can give his or herself a boost.

  4. Dora Morgan says:

    I remember back in the 90s, I think it way, that HGH was a controversial treatment for natural human hormone deficiency. Now it is a mainstream treatment for a great many conditions, not to mention a health supplement. Back then it came from cadavers, now it is synthesized. Now if only stem cell research were to make the same strides, we’d be able to make the lame walk and the blind see.

  5. Roger J says:

    With millions of dollars in endorsements out there for athletes that achieve recognition for their triumphs, they are going to do whatever it takes to win, and are doing so now and have been for decades. Today it is HGH, tomorrow it will be something else that gives an edge but is difficult to test for.

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