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Treating Depression with HGH

Depression involves your mental and emotional well-being, and it can also affect you physically. Many people suffer from depression and the most commonly used treatment is anti-depressant medication. However, if depression results from a hormonal deficiency that is the result of aging, treating depression with HGH might be a far better solution.

Treating depression with HGH

Before opting to take antidepressants, or when antidepressants are ineffective, ask your doctor to run tests for low testosterone levels and low HGH levels. With mild depression that may not require antidepressants, you could consider taking a human growth hormone supplement.

Restoring human growth hormone levels can help really benefit depression, along with many other benefits such as improving energy levels, improving lean muscle mass, reducing fat stores, improving mental sharpness, raising self esteem, and providing an overall feeling of happiness.

Depressed Man

Link Between Decreased HGH and Depression

  • Replacement of HGH in adults has maintained its effects on quality of life including depression, when administered over a 9-year period (Gilchrist, Murray, & Shalet, 2002).
  • Effects of HGH on quality of life tend to diminish within six months of discontinuation (Stouthart et al, 2003), but begin again on restarting HGH therapy.
  • Evidence that HGH is responsible for these effects was seen in the study by McMillan et al (2003)  where psychological benefits disappeared on discontinuation.
  • Atypical depression has been described in adult onset growth hormone deficiency by Mahajan et al (2004). After two months of HGH therapy, there was an effect on depression with significant improvements found on depression rating scale scores after 2 months of HGH therapy, with significant improvement in depression.

Dosage for Human Growth Hormone

The use of HGH in the treatment of depression is relatively new, so there is no dosing history available. The human growth hormone dosage for treating depression will need to be on an individual basis and should always start with the lowest dose possible. Research indicates that women will require higher doses of human growth hormone than men do.

Can Manufacturers Meet GH Demands

Manufacturers of synthetic HGH are not currently not willing to expand their HGH injection production, until such time that the necessary research is available, and the demand grows in accordance. However, there are several excellent HGH supplements available that can help improve your depression.

Depression Symptoms

Depression symptoms that are related to low human growth hormone levels include:

  • Low energy
  • Low sex drive
  • Stored fat around the abdomen
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Lack of focus
  • Memory loss
  • Tired
  • Decrease in the ability to exercise
  • Social interaction decreases
  • Feeling isolated
  • Reduced interests
  • Unhappy with the way they look

HGH Physiology

HGH is the main hormone that governs the activity of the other hormones in the body, as well as your metabolism. HGH is produced by the pituitary gland, and as we age the production decreases. In fact, by the time we reach our 40’s our body is producing only a fraction of what it produced in our 20’s.

When children are HGH deficient, they develop dwarfism. When adults are human growth hormone deficient, the signs are more difficult to recognize. One of those signs can be depression. Your HGH secretion peak in the early morning just before we awaken, and as we age, that production diminishes.

Interestingly depression begins to become more common in adults during middle age, and this is also, when the decline in HGH production is most drastic and the fastest.

What HGH Does for Us

HGH’s major function in the body is to stimulate growth when we are children right up until we reach adulthood. It does not directly affect our muscles. Rather, instead, when certain cell receptors are activated, the hormone causes the chondrocyte cells of our cartilage to divide and multiply.

As well as promoting growth, HGH boosts the immune system, helps us to retain more calcium, which leads to the development of stronger and healthier bones, increases lean muscle mass while decreasing fat, improves our metabolism, helping our pancreatic islets, and the list goes on.

The benefits of HGH on the human body are numerous, but it can be a complicated process to keep the production and release of HGH at a healthy level. The human growth hormone supplements work great for most people and may be able to help with your depression. If your levels of human growth hormone are extremely low, you should see your doctor.

Depression is serious. You should always talk to your doctor about treatment options.

4 Responses to Treating Depression with HGH

  1. Sue says:

    HGH is making me hyper

    • Joseph Lee says:

      Sue, what kind of Provider prescribes you with the meds? I have been dealing with depression for over 15 years and I’m on the wrong side of a losing battle. I’m looking to try something else.

    • Mark Winchester Sr says:

      Are you still using HGH?

  2. d says:

    I have had depression since childhood from sever abuse age 3 to 15.. Tried 15 different prescribed medications which did more harm than good. I tried HGH for 6 months, purchased from a bodybuilder . After about 2 months i noticed a severe change in well being. Waking up from sleep feeling totally refreshed, which I have never had before. I was more social as Ive always been quiet and withdrawn, More confident, Finally had a positive outlook on life, felt great for the first time in my life ( at age 50) , I ran out of money for HGH as I was injecting every day and after a few months of stopping HGH I was back to my old self. If I won the lottery my first purchase would be HGH, it had such a life changing effect on me, 1st time i knew what normal felt like.

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