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Can Human Growth Hormone Reduce Wrinkles?

Have you wrinkles you would like to get away from. Did you know that you can use human growth hormone to reduce wrinkles?

Two essential components of your skin are collagen and elastin, which are responsible for the visual appearance of the skin. They are involved in the skin’s elasticity and texture. As we age, and our human growth hormone (HGH) production decreases, our skin becomes thinner. It is this thinner skin that after a period of time, causes wrinkles to appear.

There are many factors that play a role in your skin’s appearance too, which means some people will find themselves dealing with wrinkles at a much earlier age than others. Exposure to the sun and smoking are the main causes of developing wrinkles at a much younger age.

Wrinkles and HGH Research

Taking care of your skin by using moisturizers and other cosmetic products might work to soften and hydrate the outer layer of the skin, but a new study released by the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine found that creams and moisturizers with Vitamin C, E, and A, retinoic acid, and other antioxidants, does not stop the skin from sagging.

  • During this time, a clinical research study by Daniel Rudman increased human growth hormone levels in senior males, and it also showed 9% of the men experienced an improvement in their skin’s sickness. Dr. Daniel Rudman of the Medical College of Wisconsin gave a normal dose to elderly males 3 times a week for 6 months and returned muscle mass 10%, skin thickness increased 9%, body fat lowered 14%, and weight was added to the liver and spleen.
    Source: VesPro Enterprises’Pro-HGH with anterior Pituitary peptides,glycoamino complex Aminotrope, mono-poly-and -oligo-saccharidePolyose Complex, L-Glutamine, Arginine, Pyroglutamate, GAB A, Glycine, Lysine, Tyrosine, and Lacunabean (Vicia fabamajor) for L-Dopa. Homeopathic GH Hormonegentic. Take Indium.
    Anti-Aging Manual by Joseph B Marion, page 10
  • In another article that appeared in the 1990 New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. Daniel Rudman and his colleagues at The University of Wisconsin released the results of their treatment of 12 men aged 61 to 80 with intramuscular growth hormone. After 6 months, these 12 men had lost 14% of their body fat and gained an average of 8.8% muscle mass. Their bone density increased and their skin became thicker and firmer. Wrinkles disappeared and sexual performance was improved in several. Dr. Rudman concluded that, “The overall deterioration of the body that comes with growing old is not inevitable. These injections appear able to reverse 10 years of aging with one year of treatment.”
    A Physicians Guide To Natural Health Products That Work By James Howenstine MD, page 233

  • HGH research and clinically proven anti-aging oral growth hormone products including Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy GH1, have shown aging is an option, not an inevitable fact of life. In 1991, Dr. Lawrence, PhD. Biomedical Engineering, PhD. Nuclear Physics, MS Microbiology, MS Computer Science and world-renowned Polymer Physicist, developed an oral delivery system for Growth Hormone (GH). Later, Dr. Lawrence, was named Chief Science Officer of the $2.8 million dollars Bushard Pharmaceuticals project. He developed a unique vegetable-based enzyme polymer, which allowed a large molecule such as HGH to be absorbed via the oral mucosa. Between 1991 and 1997, thousands of scientific studies were conducted in major cities in the US, by Bushard’s medical team under the supervision of Dr. Lawrence. These studies verified the validity of HGH in the elimination of wrinkles.

Using Human Growth Hormone to Eliminate Wrinkles

Within a short period of time HGH will start to go to work reducing fine lines and deep wrinkles. There is a decrease in facial fat, and even the fat deposits under the eyes begin to disappear. The facial muscles that lift and hold your skin in the appropriate place, become toned and do a much more effective job of keeping the skin in the right place. Human growth hormone also leads to the creation of new proteins that are located under your skin. HGH reduces wrinkles.

Human growth hormone supplements will speed up your skin’s collagen synthesis, and result in your skin’s elasticity improving. The wrinkles reduce and then disappear, and the skin has a younger, revitalized look. The sagging skin disappears and the firmness of your skin is restored, as is the elasticity and flexibility that your skin once had.

Over the years, the FDA has approved numerous treatments for wrinkles. Some have worked okay; still others haven’t worked at all. And while the FDA has approved HGH injections for a few conditions in adults, including adult growth hormone deficiency. However, the HGH injections are not approved for distribution for anti age treatments. That’s okay, because HGH supplements (these are not the injections) that are available without a prescription have shown impressive results when it comes to healthier, younger looking skin.

There are many human growth hormones supplements to choose from, and for most people that’s all that’s needed to begin to enjoy the benefits and enjoy wrinkle free skin. If you have a serious HGH depletion, you should see your doctor.

HGH is a natural occurring hormone in the body produced by the pituitary gland. As we age the production of the human growth hormone diminishes and our bodies experience many signs of aging including wrinkles. An HGH supplements restore the body to a younger state, so it should be no surprise that the use of HGH supplements leads to the elimination of wrinkles. For more on how to restore Youthful skin using HGH supplements click here!

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  1. Linda says:

    HGH can help slow down the appearance of wrinkles but it is still very important to eat healthy exercise and most importantly use sun block to protect the skin against skin damage.

  2. Peggy says:

    I have loss fat cells in my forearms and occasionally get little spots where capilaries have broken.
    Can HGH help? My levels are almost nil according to my blood tests.

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