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Genfx: Does It Really Work?

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The key to eternal youth is something that people have sought for centuries. Nowadays, there are many products that promise their users the same levels of energy and health that they had when they were young, as well as protection against some of the worst problems of aging. It can be difficult for consumers to choose among the pills and sprays and creams and to judge which really offer health benefits and which are scams, taking a person’s money and never delivering results. One product which promises great benefits to users is GenfX. It claims to deliver all the advantages of increased human growth hormone levels without the downside of adverse side effects, painful injections, or expensive doctors’ prescriptions. In this article we will discuss whether GenFX lives up to those promises, and what exactly it can do for the consumer’s health and energy.

Why is Human Growth Hormone So Important?

Human growth hormone, or HGH, is generated in the pituitary gland, located at the base of the brain. Its main function is to help us grow, although it also aids in keeping our cells, tissues, organs and muscles strong and healthy. When we are young, we have a high HGH level; however, when we are in our twenties the level starts to drop. By the time we are in our sixties, the amount of HGH that our body produces has declined significantly – some experts claim that it is only fifteen percent of what it was originally. Scientists are beginning to understand that this drop in HGH is closely connected to the development of the worst problems that we tend to associate with aging. In other words, the lack of mental focus, the inability to sleep deeply, the drop in sexual drive and performance, the weight gain and increased cholesterol and blood pressure, the lessening of muscle mass, the greater vulnerability to disorders such as depression, heart disease, and diabetes, and even the graying, thinning hair and wrinkled, saggy skin are tied to the lack of HGH our bodies produce. Therefore, authorities say, the way to prevent these adverse effects is to raise our HGH levels once again.

How Can We Increase Our HGH Levels?

Scientists have been trying to artificially increase the amount of HGH in people who suffer from deficiency of the hormone for decades. Originally, they did this by extracting HGH from human cadavers and inserting it into living patients. However, by the 1980s it had become apparent that this practice was dangerous and vulnerable to contamination. For that reason, scientists developed a synthetic form of HGH that they claimed was safer and more effective. The only problem is that artificial HGH is still only available in the form of injections, which can be very expensive, and it is illegal to purchase them without a doctor’s prescription. Furthermore, they can be associated with potentially dangerous side effects. Now researchers are developing safer and more natural ways to increase the level of HGH in our bodies. GenFX is one of them. It is an HGH releaser, meaning that its all-natural ingredients are used to stimulate the pituitary gland to produce and secrete more HGH on its own, without relying on artificial sources of the hormone. Because it is natural, it also does not have any side effects, many experts claim. It is available in the form of pills, rather than injections, and may be purchased without a prescription.

What Are the Ingredients in Genfx?

The ingredients in GenFx include amino acids and anti-oxidants, as well as animal and botanic compounds, all of which are designed to produce various health benefits in addition to their anti-aging properties. Amino acids such as L-Ornithine, L-arginine, L-Glycine, GABA and L-lysine can triple the amount of HGH that the body produces. L-Glutamine, another amino acid, improves the rate of metabolism and mental focus, as well as increasing the growth of cells. L-Pyroglutamate helps neural cells in the brain survive and function, increasing mental focus and memory. This amino acid works with L-Tyrosine to improve neural activity. GenFX also contains plant compounds, including Panax ginseng powder, which likewise contributes to mental alertness, as well as boosting circulation throughout the body. Lecithin and other soy phosphatide complexes further improve memory and focus. Phosphatides and phytosterols both work to lessen the amount of cholesterol in our blood and restrict the amount of cholesterol uptake, which results in a reduced risk of atherosclerosis. The animal compounds in GenFX include extracts from the anterior pituitary glands of cows, specifically various types of hormones (including growth hormone and endorphins). There are also extracts from the hypothalamus. These hormones can be converted into amino acids themselves in our digestive systems, and if they are not absorbed, may even be used within our bodies to produce more pituitary and hypothalamic hormones, according to GenFX’s manufacturer. To try Genfx risk free click here!

What Are the Benefits of Genfx?

One review of GenFX lists its benefits as including a boosted immune system, better memory, stronger muscle tone, more sexual drive and stamina, deeper sleep, improved hearing and vision, denser bones (a protection against osteoporosis), healthier nails and hair, lower levels of cholesterol, fewer fat deposits, better moods in general, thicker, younger-looking skin without any age spots, and more energy overall.

Will We See Genfx Benefits Right Away?

Most people will need to take GenFX regularly for a month in order to see an improvement. In fact, one website recommends taking GenFX for at least three months in order to receive the full effect of the supplement. Furthermore, the manufacturer reminds customers that to see the best results from their product, users should pursue a healthy lifestyle with a good diet and a regular exercise routine.

Where Can You Buy Genfx?

The manufacturer recommends that customers purchase the product only from the official website. On the website, the cost for the product starts with one month’s supply, which is one box of pills, for $49.95, and goes all the way up to a one year supply, for $399.40, or $33.30 per month. The manufacturer offers a number of discounts and incentives depending on which package the customer selects; for example, if you order a five month supply or more, you will receive free express shipping (within the USA only), and a three month supply or above order comes with a free gift card. It is also possible to save up to $200, according to the manufacturer, if you order a twelve month supply package of GenfX, instead of ordering individually each month. Finally, the company offers a sixty-seven day money-back guarantee. If you do not like GenFX, you have the option to simply return the empty boxes and unused product for a full refund.

What Do Users Say about Genfx HGH?

The manufacturer claims that their product is doctor-endorsed, and on their website Dr. Alexis Vazquez certainly seems to approve: “As a doctor,” he says, “I would whole-heartedly recommend GenFX to anyone who wants to naturally increase their HGH levels and improve their overall health as they age.” According to a source outside the official website, there are mixed reviews of GenFX. Mary says, “I did not receive the amount I ordered. The company support line took care of this problem, but it took a while to get the customer service representative to understand what my problem was….The company corrected the error it made, so at least it understands basic customer service….I did not receive all of the benefits the product claimed, but I did not expect to. After using the product for a month I noticed a marked improvement in my energy levels, although the age spots on my skin did not disappear. I will continue using the product for the energy benefits alone.” Scott had a different goal in taking GenFX: “I have severe asthma. The medications I have to take cause a lot of side effects. A friend of mine suggested I use GenFX to control them. I…figured I’d give it a try. I did not regret it. Not only did I breathe more easily, I experienced much less itching. I always make sure I keep GenFX on hand now.” So is GenFX the key to eternal youth? Well, not really – but it certainly seems to be a great way to regain health and energy and feel better about ourselves as we face the process of growing older. Consider trying it for yourself and see the benefits that GenFX can bring to you.

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