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Middle Age Men Turn to HGH to Keep Aging at Bay

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It seems middle aged men have found a new way to keep aging at bay. They are turning to HGH or human growth hormone, to smooth away the signs of aging and look and feel years younger.

While government guidelines say that HGH should only be prescribed to adults with severe HGH deficiencies and kids with growth disorders, that is simply not what’s happening with HGH. In fact, HGH and Botox have both become incredibly popular with middle age men who don’t want to show signs of aging.

In fact, a recent investigation revealed that a large number of Australian anti aging clinics are ignoring regulations and prescribing HGH to individuals who are as young as 35 that just want to look good, feel good, stay fit, and give their sex lives a boost.

Many men turn to the human growth hormone to increase their energy levels and improve their fitness, but some experts believe that there can be serious side effects from using HGH if you don’t know the source of it. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the black market for HGHG is booming with Australian Customs saying there has been a four-fold increase in seizures of the human growth hormone.

Six of the pharmaceutical companies that produce HGH are refusing to release sales numbers, a senior industry source says that in the past two years HGH sales have soared to record levels.

Ken ho, St Vincent Hospital Department of Endocrinology, said that misusing human growth hormone increases the risk of diabetes, cancer, elongation of the jaw, and an enlarged heart.

Ho said anti-aging clinics were “trying to sell an expectation that if you’re 55 and you no longer have the body of a 21-year-old then you can reclaim former glories by taking these drugs … but there is no hormone that can stop aging.”

But wait, it’s not all negative. There’s also research that had positive findings when it came to using HGH therapy. According to Dr. Anthony Karpos, MD, “We really have something here which may be able to reverse some of the problems associated with aging”.

In addition, Denmark researchers said, “Replacement therapy with Growth Hormone has shown a beneficial/normalizing effect on parameters such as cardiac and renal function, thyroid hormone metabolism, bone metabolism, sweat secretion, total and regional fuel metabolism and psychological well being”.

There is no actual evidence to suggest that HGH therapy causes any unfavorable long-term side effects. Research to support HGH therapy continues, but to date there has been no clear-cut conclusion that gives HGH the thumbs up as a safe and effective way to look and feel years younger.

Science really does not know the long-term effects of using HGH; however, the majority rule out cancer. In fact, some research has shown that there is actually a reduction in cancer risk. This really shouldn’t be too surprising since if you look at the younger population who naturally have the highest levels of HGH, also have the lowest risk of cancer.

The problem comes when HGH is overused and abused. We have occasionally seen it with athletes who have died as a result of complications with the heart valve, after abusing the human growth hormone.

Warning – Make Sure You Buy Quality HGH

The second problem is in buying fake HGH or inferior HGH. Amino acids ‘mock’ the human growth hormone to the liver, consistently providing a false elevation of the IGF-1 serum, which allows dishonest HGH suppliers to trick you, claiming they elevate your natural HGH levels but what they actually increase is your IGF levels.

The amino acid arginine can increase your HGH levels for about 5 weeks when 30 grams are taken daily. These are dangerously high levels for your kidneys and liver. Lower doses will not work. You need to read labels and make sure what you are buying is truly Human Growth Hormone.

There are tons of products that claim to increase your natural human growth hormone. Most are a combination of cow pituitary, arginine, and herbal supplements. They are often labeled stimulators, boosters, precursors, promoters, IGF-1, effervescent, maximizers, and the list goes on. Others are inferior HGH type products.

There’s also a great deal of false claims being made, and currently this is actually a loophole. It will remain a loophole until IGF testing is no longer the co-marker used for measuring HGH. If these changes were to occur, it would leave consumers with a limited number of ways, that actually worked, to raise the HGH levels in your bloodstream.

Middle age men that want to keep the aging clock at bay, or anyone else for that matter, should buy their HGH from a reputable company and make sure that they are purchasing true HGH. Then you will enjoy the benefits safely.

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  1. randy says:

    Women do everything in their power to reverse the signs of aging, so why not men. HGH works and that’s all there is to it, any man can benefit from ordering it and using it correctly.

  2. Jasmine Hewitt says:

    that’s awesome it works so well for men!

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