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The Treatment of Andropause With HGH – HGH Therapy for Men’s Health

The treatment of Andropause is one use of HGH. The use of HGH or Human Growth Hormone is growing in popularity among anti aging medical professionals or age management physicians, to aid their patients in enhancing their overall well-being and to help those who are suffering from a hormonal imbalance, or Andropause (the male menopause).

By combining nutrition, and exercise, with the balancing of hormones, adults suffering from an HGH deficiency can have their lost growth hormone levels restored to more youthful levels, which will aid in fighting the symptoms and health conditions associated with aging.

Natural HGH or Bio-Identical HGH vs. Synthetic HGH

Adult men begin to have problems in large because their hormone production has declined. HGH affects all of your body’s cells, which helps to regulate the secretion of your other hormone. By the time you are reaching your 30’s your pituitary gland is already on the decline and by the time you are 50 your body has lost production of HGH by 99%. Your energy decrease, your cholesterol becomes elevated, you lose muscle mass, osteoporosis sets in, memory problems arise, there is weight gain, and other age related problems occur.

Human Growth Hormone is a natural chemical produced by the pituitary gland. HGH makes us feel stronger, happier, and more energetic. It helps us to build muscle and lose weight, and we feel years younger – it is like the fountain of youth. The trouble is, as we already mentioned, that fountain of youth begins to diminish at a very young age, so then we start to gain weight, experience energy loss, and have a lower sex drive, poor sleep, irritability, and a decline in our ambition. This is referred to as Andropause and it is the male equivalent of menopause.

Andropause is noticeable in a number of conditions including Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and heart disease. There are two terms used to describe this condition – PADAM (partial androgen decrease of aging men) and ADAM (androgen decrease of aging men). Another condition that causes premature Andropause can occur in men who are exposed to estrogen, which is the female hormone.

Andropause can also affect the social, spiritual, psychological, and physical aspects of a man’s life. Hematological tests combined with physical test will be used to diagnose Andropause. It is how they will determine an estimate of testosterone and other hormonal levels.

Can HGH Therapy Help You?

Many Age Management Centers or HGH Hormone Therapy clinics have physicians who specialize in the administration of HGH injections. They will determine what the best treatment is for you. AGHD or Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency is experienced by the majority of men going through Andropause, and includes the symptoms we have already talked about. The great news is that it can be easily treated.

Doctor’s specializing in male hormone therapy will be ready to help. Human Growth Hormone Therapy involves comprehensive HGH treatments that include HGH injections combined with fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle changes. You will also enjoy the anti aging properties of less wrinkles, and more youthful skin. Combine that with your significantly improved endurance and a sex drive like you had years ago, and you will think you are years younger. Even better, that improved memory and concentration is something you will love having back.

Male Hormone Replacement Therapy has become the most important tool in combating hormone deficiencies in men. You should visit a Human Growth Hormone Clinic or Age Management Center soon so that a physician can begin to determine the best treatment course for you.

Male menopause may be foreign to you, but the fact is, just like women, men experience hormonal fluctuations. The main cause is a decrease in testosterone levels as your Leydic cells decrease in your body. Andropause is also called hypogonadism, because the hormone-producing areas of a man’s body begins to output less and less hormones.

Hormone replacement therapy has a lot to offer when administered by physicians who are properly trained. You do not have to suffer with Andropause any more than women have to suffer with menopause. See a trained physician today. You may also consider using a natural HGH and testosterone releaser like Provacyl as many men have found it to be  helpful in controling most of the symptoms of andropause.

7 Responses to The Treatment of Andropause With HGH – HGH Therapy for Men’s Health

  1. Oldfart says:

    I would not be surprised if using both HGH and testosterone is more synergetic than using either one alone. I am currently taking Norditropin but it would be interesting to see what adding testosterone would do the results.

    • Hulkster77 says:

      I am curious, how do you like the Norditropin? Has it worked very well for you and do you recommend that for someone in their 30’s?

  2. khalil tyl says:

    Andropause is mainly caused by a drop in testosterone levels which is caused by the testes not secreting enough of the hormone to keep the male sexual system running smoothly. In most cases just adding more testosterone to the blood stream is enough to improve sexual function in men. The problem with testosterone replacement therapy is that no one is really sure of the long term side effects.

    • miguel ramos says:

      I have heard that testosterone therapy is dangerous and that was from my doctor. I am going to stick with the hgh route as it has worked wonders for me.

  3. Will Price says:

    It makes sense that age management centers and HGH hormone therapy clinics have physicians who specialize in the administration of HGH injections. However, now that it is able to be synthesized shouldn’t it be possible to produce self administering methods of delivery.

  4. Terry G says:

    I remember when I first started to see articles about HGH it was in very short supply, and a little creepy to know it was a harvested from corpses. Now there is natural HGH, that coming from cadavers, Bio-Identical HGH which I do not really understand but that helps address the supply issue, and finally Synthetic HGH, which ends the supply issue. I assume the last two are courtesy of the pharmaceutical industry, but with HGH being an almost miracle treatment any supply source is welcome.

  5. Ronald Carroll says:

    Hi I live in Britain is there any clinic’s I can go to for hgh treatment

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