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Rejuvenate 2000 HGH Review

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Rejuvenate 2000 is one of many products that people can get on the market today for dealing with growth hormone and aging issues. Created by Dr. Safron, the HGH formula holds great promise for those looking to stop, slow or reverse the aging process. Rejuvenate 2000 HGH is considered one of the most revolutionary anti-aging products ever. But is this the ideal solution for you? The answer should be obvious after reading this piece.Rejuvenate 2000 men formula

What’s to Know about Human Growth Hormone (HGH)?

HGH is a hormone that is produced naturally in the body by the pituitary gland. It is a complex hormone comprised of 191 amino acids. As its name suggests, it is necessary for human growth as well as for tissue maintenance. The hormone promotes the production of cells which help tissues and organs to grow and get damage repaired. Together with other hormones and substances, it also enhances bone and muscle mass building while also promoting metabolism and regulating how the body makes use of energy.

HGH is produced and circulated in the blood right from birth and continues until an individual dies, so long the pituitary gland is in good state. The peak level of the hormone is reached during adolescence and from that point on starts to decline with every passing year. This drop in HGH levels has been linked with threatening health issues that are associated with the aging process. These complications include accumulation of fat in the body, muscle tone loss and reduction in bone strength.

Known HGH benefits also include the following:

* Energy boost
* Improved sleep
* Wrinkle reduction
* Hair and hair color restoration
* Vision improvement
* Greater muscle mass
* Restoration of liver, pancreas and heart to normal size
* Improved sexual performance
* Enhanced mental function
* Better stamina
* Immune system boost

How can Rejuvenate 2000 help?

Rejuvenate 2000 is not like most HGH products in that it is offered in liquid form. The homeopathic molecular technology breakthrough that led to this product was made by Dr. Safron in 1993, but it was not until 1998 before Rejuvenate 2000 was released to the public. Since then, several thousands of people (more than 25,000) have used the product. The company claims the original HGH formula developed by Dr. Safron is exclusively used only in the Rejuvenate 2000 product.Rejuvenate 2000 women formula

HGH has been researched for several decades by scientists and the regenerating benefits of the hormone on the human body have been well documented. Many athletes and top movie figures spend thousands of dollars each month on HGH injections to help them look young, fit and strong. You can enjoy all these benefits, including better health, by using Rejuvenate 2000 without having to break a bank to pay.

Aging has been shown in numerous studies to be associated with reduction in growth hormone. This means that finding a way to boost HGH levels may well help to stop or slow down a person’s aging clock. The Rejuvenate 2000 maker believes growth hormone may be closest you can get to the elusive Fountain of Youth that has been talked about for several hundred of years.

Try Rejuvenate 2000 Risk Free!

Here are some of what people who have used Rejuvenate 2000 HGH had to say:

“What a mood elevator! Since trying Rejuvenate 2000’s HGH formula, my attitude has been the same as when I was a young man and ready to take on the world. I highly recommend Rejuvenate 2000’s HGH formula for anyone who just wants to feel better.” Chris B. – CA.

“I have been taking Rejuvenate 2000’s HGH formula for about 6 weeks now and the changes that have taken place are truly hard to believe. I’ve been able, for the first time since I was about 22, to wake up extremely refreshed on 5-6 hours of sleep, instead of the minimum of 8-10 hours of sleep that I’ve needed for the past 10-11 years. I am definitely far more energetic than I’ve been for years and my mental clarity has increased to a point that I’m able to notice it. If I could just get myself away from this computer and to the gym, I would reach my ultimate goal.” E. Secher – NH.

“I’m weekend athlete and have increased my workout by 50% while enjoying a major increase in my desire to stay active. Rejuvenate 2000’s HGH formula has improved my oxygen intake substantially and made me feel more energetic and alive.” Susan R. – Seattle, WA.

“I have been using Rejuvenate 2000’s HGH for about 2 years. The positive benefits were apparent almost from day one. I recommend it to anyone looking to improve their sleep, mental and physical energy levels, and overall well being.” David Lanz, Grammy Nominated Musician.

What negative side effects are associated with Rejuvenate 2000?

Rejuvenate 2000 is a homeopathic HGH product and this type supposedly have no known side effects. But you may need to be on a smaller dose when taking insulin supplement. Dosage may also need to be reduced when on a hormonal replacement therapy. However, HGH use has been reported in certain cases as an alternative to these therapies. But whatever course of action you decide to follow, it is best to first consult with your doctor before embarking on such.

Does Rejuvenate 2000 come with a satisfaction guarantee?

Absolutely, yes! You can have your money back if you happen not to be satisfied with the level of results you get within 30 days. You only need to return the portion of the product that has not yet been used to get a refund.

About HGH supplements

One study that is quite popular and is often cited to support the importance of HGH in humans is that done by Dr. Rudman and published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1990. Two groups of men on similar diets and exercise routines were featured in the controlled double-blind study which lasted for six months, with participants in one of the groups also administered synthetic HGH injections. Dr. Rudman observed that those in the test group experienced slightly more than 14 percent reduction in body fat and almost nine percent growth in lean muscle mass over their counterparts in the second group. In addition, those placed on HGH injections also experienced improvement in skin and muscle tone, sleep quality and energy levels as well as lowered blood pressure, better mood, improved memory retention and stronger immune system.

On the back of the impressive results recorded in Dr. Rudman’s study, many companies attempted to replicate the results achieved through HGH injections by producing supplements that can be accessed without a doctor’s prescription. The results most HGH manufacturers report on HGH use are based on the original study conducted using synthetic hormone. The HGH supplements available on the market today are classified into two main categories, namely: homeopathic HGH and HGH releasers. These can be easily obtained by users because they do not contain prescription HGH.

As noted earlier, Rejuvenate 2000 is one of the homeopathic HGH offerings on the market. These supplements contain small quantities of synthetic HGH which assist in promoting the natural production of growth hormone in the body. Homeopathic HGH products offer probably the best desired effects among HGH offerings that can be accessed without a prescription. But they do not offer similar HGH levels as prescribed injections and they are closely monitored by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). A claim of any homeopathic supplement delivering comparable HGH levels as injections is either dubious or a violation of federal law.

Some Facts about HGH Use

* Good nutrition facilitates better results

Studies conducted by Dr. David Clemmons at the University of Carolina indicate HGH will deliver 25 percent faster rate of fat burning when you pay attention to the kind of food you eat than is possible when relying completely on diet.

* HGH can help eliminate your midsection fat

Many people will agree that it is a big task trying to lose belly fat as one gets older. The problem with having fat accumulate around your midsection is that it exposes you to frightening health risks such as heart attack and Type 2 Diabetes. HGH can help deal with problematic fat in this area, helping you look smarter and healthier as well as potentially prolonging your lifespan.

* You can roll back the clock with HGH

Many people undergo surgical procedures all in a bid to look younger. You may not really need to go under the knife to achieve this. The human body is typically made up of about 90% water at the initial stage of life before dropping to as low as 40% as we age, making the skin feel very thin with loss of firmness. HGH has been proven to be helpful in reversing signs of aging and, supposedly, could help you look up to 20 years younger. It builds muscle mass below wrinkles and enhance collagen synthesis, delivering results comparable to those of a chemical peel or face-lift.

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An impressive 7.1 percent improvement in skin thickness was observed in the New England Journal of Medicine study. In a six-month study conducted by Dr. Edmund Chein – in which more than 200 people took part – skin texture and elasticity improvement of 71% was observed, while 68 percent improvement in skin thickness was also recorded among other interesting findings. Also, the results from a study carried out by Thierry Hertoghe at the Academy of General Medicine of Belgium include 75.5% firmer cheeks, 71% wrinkle reduction, 62.5% firmer chin and 60.7% firmer triceps skin. These are certainly impressive outcomes.

* HGH promotes better sleep and boosts your energy levels for a more enjoyable life

Normally, you should feel rejuvenated and re-energized after a night of sleep. The fact, however, is that not everybody feels that way the day after. HGH has a role to play in maintenance of normal sleep patterns which explains why older people with declining growth hormone levels often have sleep-related issues. Rejuvenate 2000 helps you get great night rest for a higher energy level to carry you through the day after. You feel livelier, mentally sharper and more productive. An amazing 84 percent boost in energy levels was reported in the very popular Palm Springs Study. Researchers from London and Sweden have also proven how HGH can significantly assist in raising energy levels as well as facilitate better memory, mood and concentration.

The original HGH formulas used in Rejuvenate 2000 improves your stamina and strength. HGH, as shown in some studies, boosts strength and exercise performance by about 88 percent and 81 percent respectively. With the energy level in your body elevated, you will feel stronger and more encouraged to engage in some form of exercise, helping to build on your level of endurance and stamina.

* HGH may help boost your sexual performance

HGH may be useful in restoring sexual desire as well as in improving sexual performance and satisfaction. This might sound like an empty claim, but it has actually been proven in studies. Sexual desire and performance typically tails off as people grow older – no doubt influenced by drop in growth hormone levels. The levels peak during puberty and start to decline gradually from then on. From this perspective, it is easy to understand how Rejuvenate 2000 can help to improve your sexual life.

More than 75 percent of male participants in a clinical study with over 200 participants reported enhanced sexual prowess and frequency, while 62 percent of men also reported having longer-lasting erections. Rejuvenate 2000 HGH Complex is produced with a fine blend of superb ingredients that have been clinically-proven to be effective. It is a very safe homeopathic product which is produced based on centuries old medical science knowledge. Rejuvenate 2000 encourages the production of the right hormone balance that promotes youthful look. Its use could be likened to an instruction to your body to naturally produce HGH levels that can help arrest signs of aging.

* Homeopathic HGH is virtually 100% safe

Homeopathy offers arguably the safest means of tapping into the amazing benefits of HGH. It is a type of alternative medicine involving the use of small doses of a substance to stimulate natural production of same within the body. Rejuvenate 2000 HGH is a great natural solution and has no side effects or toxicity linked to it. Since 1938, homeopathics have been considered safe, going by an FDA ruling in that year. Formulas developed under this form of medicine are not known to interfere with other drugs or supplements. Wild swings in energy levels, which are commonly the case with some HGH products on the market, are virtually non-existent when using Rejuvenate 2000 HGH.

* Insanely cheap HGH products could constitute health hazards

Different factors come into play in determining the effectiveness of an HGH supplement. These include quality of ingredients used, compliance with established standards and the quality of the manufacturing process. Most low-priced HGH products are less safe and may even constitute a threat to your health since they are produced using inferior quality ingredients or in a substandard facility. Rejuvenate 2000 HGH is made using pharmaceutical-grade active ingredients in line with strict manufacturing standards, which includes ingredient and water purity testing.

Human Growth Hormone in Women

Women are expected to experience menopause at some point in their lives. It could set in as early as age 30 in some or as late as above age 60 in others. Menopause is occasioned by gradual decline in normal ovarian function and decline in female hormone production to the lowest level. These physical changes commonly occur between the ages 46 and 56, while the average age for occurrence of menopause is put at 51.

Changes that will be observed in a woman as her hormone level starts to decline include irregular menstrual cycle and lesser volume of blood. Occurrence of menopause is usually confirmed when female menstruation does not occur in an entire year. Dr. Safron, the brain behind the Rejuvenate 2000 formulas, has been able to record amazing results in the use of homeopathic HGH for addressing hormonal imbalance in his female patients.

The various symptoms that may be experienced during menopause have been categorized under two main stages, which are:

1. Initial Stage

This is characterized by hot flashes, night sweat, insomnia and emotional issues such as anxiety, irritation and depression. As a woman, you may feel your heart beat faster while sweating profusely, particular during bedtime. Emotional loneliness and fear over sexual life could be experienced as well.

2. Later or Final Stage

Appearance of wrinkles on the face and inelastic skin texture are two of the symptoms that may be noticed during this second and final stage. These occur as a result of drop in female hormone level. Inflammation of the vagina and urethra may also occur due to the thinning and atrophy of the epidermis tissues around those parts. Intimacy becomes painful because of vagina dryness that may be caused by low hormone levels.


With the drop in human growth hormone, you may find that your bones become more brittle with the passing of the years. Strenuous activities which you used to take part in as a young person could now easily get your bone broken. That is the effect of osteoporosis. Rejuvenate 2000 HGH can be useful in preventing this from happening.

Cardiovascular Conditions

The likelihood of suffering a cardiovascular issue appears to be higher after menopause, going by statistics. One reason for this being so is that “good cholesterol” (high density lipoprotein) tends to drop while “bad cholesterol” (low density lipoprotein) surges. The use of Rejuvenate 2000 HGH can help to reverse the direction of these two types of cholesterol. It can also help to significantly reduce the probably of suffering from Alzheimer disease by keeping your nerve systems in an excellent state.

Human Growth Hormone and Men

Among the signs of hormonal changes in the body that middle-aged men often experience is irritability and falling asleep during TV watching time. Many of such do not think along this line and even those who happen to be aware are too reluctant to admit it. Hormonal changes are for real – your doctor will confirm that much to you. Moodiness, depression and loss of interest in sexual affairs are also some of the other symptoms of decline in male hormone levels.

Some middle-aged males fall asleep while watching TV due to lack of energy and feeling of tiredness. Most of these men do not often realize the seriousness of the situation until their spouses calls attention to it. Hormonal changes are not as easily detectable in males as they are in females. In addition to serious physical fatigue, decline in growth hormone levels also comes with symptoms such as joint pain, sexual dysfunction, sore muscles, fragile bones and cardiac issues. It occurs gradually over several years and men as young as 35 years of age can be affected.

HGH for Bodybuilding

The use of HGH supplements is known to offer impressive benefits to bodybuilders and is often recommended by experts, specifically to people older than 30 years of age. They are not ideal for healthy individuals under the age of 20. Growth hormone supplements were initially made available in form of injections, which can only be accessed with a prescription. But today, there are different forms of supplementation to choose from, including oral homeopathic HGH.

You may be wondering how likely it is for HGH supplements to help with bodybuilding. HGH is vital for the regulation of insulin and amino acid transportation across cell membranes. It is useful for protein synthesis and fat metabolism as well. Expert bodybuilders will confirm that all these are important processes for building muscle mass. In addition, growth hormone helps to ensure better sleep, faster regeneration of damaged muscles, shorter recovery time, stronger immune system and lower blood pressure, among other benefits. Anyone conversant with the bodybuilding process will agree that HGH is highly helpful in building lean muscle mass.

Human growth hormone is considered the master hormone which in one way or the other helps to ensure an optimal balance of all vital hormones in the body. By using Rejuvenate 2000 HGH, you will be doing your body a whole lot of good.

Try Rejuvenate 2000 Risk Free!

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