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Using HGH as a bodybuilding supplement

A great many athletes and bodybuilders these days are using HGH to boost their performance, and you may wonder why this is so. After all, with the amount of anabolic steroids that are around if a bodybuilder wished to boost his performance illegally, wouldn’t he go in for one of these anabolic steroids instead. Why would he choose human growth hormone instead of an anabolic steroid?


The reasons strength trainers are using HGH over other supplements:

There are some very good reasons for this. The simple fact is that a great many bodybuilders actually prefer to use human growth hormone rather than anabolic steroids, because they feel that human growth hormone creates more natural looking muscles and has a more natural effect upon the body. It has a great many benefits without a great many side effects that anabolic steroids pose to the human body.

Now, when is human growth hormone at its maximum in the natural course of things? In the natural order of things human growth hormone peaks at around the time of puberty. After that you are only likely to see a decline in the levels of human growth hormone in your body, and this decline merely decreases as you grow older.

But does this cause any problems? The answer, unfortunately, is yes. A shortage of human growth hormone in the body can cause many serious issues. For one thing, muscle mass tends to build less quickly and fat tends to collect more easily. This leads to a general slowing down of the entire metabolism.

But we were talking about professional athletes and bodybuilders. Now, the use of human growth hormone in athletics or bodybuilding is illegal in many countries, but the simple fact is that many athletes and  especially bodybuilders do use it, because it has such an effect in boosting performance and capability.  Now, we’ll go to this matter in a little more detail and discuss why exactly professional bodybuilders around the world, who are breaking competition standards, are using human growth hormone instead of anabolic steroids. Aren’t anabolic steroids much better than human growth hormone? The answer is not at all so.

Why HGH is better:

Now this is why human growth hormone is better than anabolic steroids.

  • When your body is first developing in your late teens and early twenties, you develop new muscle cells. In other words, during this decade and a half or so your body  is actually growing new muscle cells. After this period in your life is over, your body seizes to grow new muscle cells. That is to say, you are stuck with the same number of muscle cells that you have developed in this period for the rest of your life.
  • Now, what anabolic steroids do is they help your muscle cells to increase in size and girth and to become stronger. This leads to an increase both in strength and in visible muscle mass, but it does not lead to an increase in the number of cells. So you see that while anabolic steroids can help you towards your bodybuilding goals, they are not a complete answer to the problem.
  • However, human growth hormone is. How many muscle cells you develop in your formative years is generally depended upon your genes. Your genes give you the capability to build a certain amount of muscle, and that’s the muscle you stuck with for the rest of your life. Yes, you can change the strength and size of each muscle cell with hard training or with steroids, but basically you cannot increase the number of cells that your genetics had given you.
  • In other words,  using human growth hormone actually allows you to build new muscle cells within your body. You can understand just why athletes and bodybuilders are interested in this revolutionary technique. With the ability to build new muscle cells within their bodies their performance, and strength, and capabilities can reach new peaks that their genetics did not allow for. In other words, you can defeat the limitations placed upon you by your genes by using human growth hormone, and this makes human growth hormone far superior to using anabolic steroids to boost performance.

Even more reasons for the dedicated body-builder to use HGH:

Now, remember that this, while it may be the greatest effect of human growth hormone, is not the only one. Besides increasing the muscle cells within the body, human growth hormone has a host of other benefits that are well known. It increases cell regeneration, allowing cells to replace themselves faster, and this, in effect, allows you to heal better after the training session. Whereas your body may be sore for two days after your training session, if you take human growth hormone, you will find that the resting period that you require is reduced to one day. Yes, you can see a reduction in the time your body remains stressed after a training session of up to fifty percent.

But that’s not all. Besides enabling you to bounce back faster, human growth hormone also gives you an increased energy and endurance to allow you to train harder. Combine this extra endurance with the extra strength that you get from the addition of new muscle cells, and you are looking at the core reasons why profession athletes and bodybuilders around the world are choosing human growth hormone over any other form of anabolic supplement.

There are a host of other benefits, including an enhanced metabolism that converts calories into fuel rather than into fat. This means that if you take human growth hormone, you have a lean body that has virtually no fat in it.

However understand that you have to train your body in a particular way to truly to truly reap the benefits of using human growth hormone. That is to say, without an action plan you will not be able to fully benefit from a human growth hormone supplement. Indeed, if you do not train correctly, taking a human growth hormone supplement can even be completely useless.

So just what steps are necessary to truly benefit from human growth hormone and how would you manage to benefit from these steps?

  • If you are worried that these steps might be difficult to do, there is no need for concern. Most of these steps should come naturally to the bodybuilder or athlete. Let’s say you are taking a human growth hormone supplement or releaser. Simultaneously, while taking the supplement, you must also take active steps towards burning fat. You’ll see that taking growth hormone will increase your metabolism and also give you more energy. This gives you the opportunity to burn more fat. But in order to actually burn the fat you will have to engage in some mix of cardio vascular and aerobic exercise.
  • The second step that you need to take is to actually control your diet. There is no point in taking human growth hormone if you have a basically unhealthy diet that goes against everything you’ve been taught in the course of your athletic or bodybuilding career. You need to have a balanced diet that gives your body everything it needs to build muscle efficiently. Remember that when you take human growth hormone, you will be building new muscle cells. These muscle cells require certain nutritional building blocks in order to build properly. If you don’t take in all the nutrition that your body needs to build new cells, then you will simply not build new cells despite taking human growth hormone. So, human growth hormone goes hand in hand with a healthy diet.
  • Now, the level of training that you do also affects the results that you get form human growth hormone.   After all, if you don’t train correctly, you are going to have problems building muscle. Generally speaking, hard and intense exercise is what spurts muscle growth and intense building, and you need to put in that intense exercise if you are to see muscle growth. If you simply take human growth hormone without any intense training, you won’t see any muscle growth despite taking the supplements. so what you need to do is to train hard, as well as take the human growth hormone supplements.

In fact, I would say that while taking human growth hormone supplements, you should train harder than you ever have before. This  have an added advantage in that not only will you increase your muscle mass, but you will also burn an excess fat, which in any case tends to burn off better when you take human growth hormone.

Understand that lifting heavy weights is key to increasing your muscle mass. When you take human growth hormone, you will have increased strength, endurance and muscle regeneration, so you must take advantage of these factors to increase the weight that you lift if you are a bodybuilder. Try to up the weight that you life and to consistently increase the amount that you lift for the entire period that you’re taking human growth hormone supplements. I think that you will be able to increase at least a kilogram of muscle mass every fortnight or so.

Build muscle that lasts!

Now, here is a very important point that many people don’t know and which underlines the integral difference between human growth hormone and anabolic steroids. When you use anabolic steroids, a great deal of water builds up in the muscles, and this can make muscles look more bulky. But this effect remains only so long as you continue to use the steroids. When you stop using the steroids, the effect of the steroids disappears and your muscle return to their normal size.

On the other hand, when you use human growth hormone, you actually build real muscle, including, as I said before, some new muscle cells. This is a far more effective method of building muscle, and best of all, this muscle will not reduce in size once you stop using the human growth hormone. Of course, it goes without saying that even after you stop a course of human growth hormone, you will still have to continue your training and maintain it at the same level as you had when you were taking the human growth hormone supplement to keep the muscle mass that you built up then.

Just how detectable is human growth hormone in competitions? Well, it is important that you discontinue the use of human growth hormone well before the competition, and if you do so, it is virtually undetectable. This is because it is a natural substance, and so can be considerably harder to detect than steroids, for example, which can be detected by the simplest of tests. Of course, these days there are tests that can differentiate between the natural and artificial human growth hormone, and for this very reason you should not take human growth hormone very soon before a competition.

And it’s safe…

Remember that human growth hormone has far less side effects than anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids can actually cause toxicity within the blood, and this is most unhealthy. Human growth hormone, on the other hand, is far safer, and this is another reason why more and more professional athletes and bodybuilders are turning to human growth hormone to enhance their performance.

Let’s take a good look at why a professional bodybuilder would choose human growth hormone over steroids. Consider the controversy that surrounds steroids and which does not surround human growth hormone. Then consider the fact that there are organic human growth hormone supplements available on the market for those who do not wish to use synthetic ones. Thirdly, it was scientifically proven in a laboratory that human growth hormone burns a great deal more fat than anabolic steroids have to do. Best of all, there are lots of methods via which you can take human growth hormone, which perhaps are not available when you use anabolic steroids. For example, while injecting human growth hormone might be the best method of delivery, the simple fact is that you can take it in the form of pills or even in the form of an oral spray.

Most bodybuilders have a massive diet to maximize muscle growth. However, this massive diet can have serious consequences in cardio-vascular problems and in tendency to put on extra weight. When you take human growth hormone, these risks are limited, because human growth hormone actually boost the body’s ability to burn off excess weight.

Better still, human growth hormone also maximizes the body’s ability to absorb protein from your diet. The usual amount of protein that the body can absorb per meal is about forty grams, but when you take human growth hormone, this can sometimes be almost doubled.

Did you know that in certain cases using human growth hormone can actually make anabolic steroids more effective?

This is perfectly true, and you should ask an expert about this. If you’re a professional athlete or bodybuilder, you’ll be interested to know that human growth hormone also strengthen the joints, giving greater resiliency in sports. If you’re injured in the course of your training, you will recover faster, allowing a much smaller break in your training than an injury would normally cause. Yes, human growth hormone is an excellent thing to use if you are injured and want to bounce back into your training routine. Because of the cell regeneration functions boosted by human growth hormone, injures heal sometimes twice as rapidly as they would heal if treated in the normal manner.

Please be careful when using human growth hormone and be careful not to overdose. Recommended dosages can be found at leading sites on the net or even at the sites of manufacturers of human growth hormone, so make sure you do a little research and learn how to use human growth hormone safely. Many athletes and bodybuilders inject human growth hormone in the locker room, and if this is what you are going to do, make sure you know exactly what you are doing before you do it. Remember that you merely want to boost your body’s performance.


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