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HGH Effects On Teenagers

How does human growth hormone affect the development of teenagers?

The teen years when a person is developing into an adult are perhaps the years in which human growth hormone is most important. A slight deficiency of human growth hormone at this time can have serious consequences as growth becomes stunted and a person’s apparent age seems to be much younger than what they really are.


Child HeightA child or a teen suffering from a human growth hormone deficiency might look thirteen or fourteen when they are actually eighteen years old. You can imagine the social consequences this has for the teen as they become distanced from their peers. Worse, human growth hormone also leads to mental imbalances and severe depressions, so that the teen besides being different from their peers, will also have  considerable psychological problems and have to combat depression as well.

In a worst case scenario, if a human growth hormone is not artificially boosted  in some way and continues to be deficient, it can lead to permanent stunting and dwarfism of the person. In other words, a person will simply will not grow to even a fraction of what their full height would otherwise have been if they remain deficient in human growth hormone.

As you can see, in the teen years human growth hormone can actually pose a massive danger to the health. Many serious factors can arise from a human growth hormone deficiency in one’s teens. One can become liable to heart disease. Studies have shown that there is an increased risk of serious diseases such as type 2 diabetes, and even of certain kinds of cancer.

There are a other effects that can also have a psychological impact. For example, large hands or feet can form on the body, though this is usually as a result of an increase of human growth hormone rather than a deficiency of it. As you can see, it cuts both ways.

A teen who is deficient in human growth hormone can suffer serious issues, but a teen who is overdosed in human growth hormone can also have serious issues.

Above all, a teen should avoid using human growth hormone as a way to excel in athletics. With many high school football and baseball teams putting intense pressure on students to excel at these sports, more and more teenagers turn to the use of human growth hormone and other performance boosting substances in order to stay at the top of the league. However, such overdosing can have long term repercussions for the health that can never be reversed.

It is not worth the loss of years of life to merely shine for a year or two in some sport in high school. It is not worth giving up a few decades of life to excel at kicking a ball around a field or at competitive football.

Overdosing on human growth hormone can also cause a vast increase in aggression and aggressive behavior.

Many issues are caused by overdosing on human growth hormone.

On the other hand, make no mistake, but when human growth hormone is properly used in the treatment of a deficiency, it can be the source of a great many benefits as well.