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HGH Benefits What Are They?

There are undoubted benefits to the use of human growth hormone or somatropin as it’s also called, and these have been proved time and again by various studies conducted over the last five decades. However, it’s only in the last two decades that human growth hormone began to appear in a form that could be used easily and relatively cheaply by everyone. Today athletes as well as bodybuilders use human growth hormone to boost their performance and to enhance their training. As far as the effectiveness of using human growth hormone is concerned, everyone from athletes to lay people to scientists agree that human growth hormone is effective not only in enhancing performance, but also in retarding the effects of aging.

While we have conducted considerable research upon human growth hormone and its effects upon the human body, we will be discussing here not only the results of our research, but also how human growth hormone can be made to work for you.


The benefits of an HGH supplement in combating aging…

As a person grows older, a great many effects are experienced, most of which are completely natural, but most of which are also preventable using human growth hormone. Now, different people have different expectations when they start taking HGH, and keeping your expectations realistic is important. What we are trying to describe here are the actual effects of HGH, so you’ll know what kind of results you can achieve by taking human growth hormone.

Let’s begin by focusing upon most of the proven benefits of HGH and review them. While the human body uses many subtle substances to function properly, HGH is perhaps one of the most useful of any substances produced by the body. HGH might well be called the elixir of youth in that it seems to be directly related to the aging process, in the sense that the less HGH you have in your body, or the less HGH your body produces, the more rapidly you age. Obviously then, everyone has a vested interest in keeping HGH levels high within their bodies, because if you allow HGH levels to drop, you will find that your body ages rapidly. In other words, HGH is essential to slowing down the aging process.

To be honest, not only does a low level of HGH within the body increase the speed with which one ages, but it also actually impairs the proper functioning of the body. In other words, if you don’t have enough HGH within your body, you’ll find that you are unable to work to your normal levels, that your mind is less alert and that your body has less both of strength as well as of endurance. Any doctor will immediately acknowledge that HGH is beneficial to the body, and as a matter of fact, HGH therapy is used in the treatment of a considerable number of medical issues.

Here are some details of how HGH Benefits and acts on the human body…

  • An enhanced metabolism: But medical issues aren’t the only area where HGH therapy can benefit human beings.  HGH is crucial to balancing the metabolism and to speeding it up. As you grow older, your metabolism slows down, and as your metabolism becomes slower, muscle tone decreases and excess weight sees a definite increase.  By using HGH, you speed up your metabolism and ensure not only that your muscles are more toned, but also that your body easily burns off excess fat. Remember that metabolism is clearly linked to how fast your body burns calories. If you have a slower metabolism, you will see that your body is much less capable of burning off excess calories and under these conditions keeping your weight in check can be difficult.
  • Better mental processes: Similarly, HGH enhances the correct functioning of the brain, and not only allows for better clarity of thought, but also prevents issues like depression. Remember that depression has it’s source in a chemical imbalance of the brain and allowing low levels of HGH within your body actually contributes to chemical imbalances of the brain, thus directly causing depression and a host of other mental issues. So, taking HGH actually directly supplements your mental health.


Better still, human growth hormone is known to improve and enhance the chemical balance of the brain, ensuring that the mind tends to get depressed less easily. Endorphins are produced, ensuring that your mood tends to be more or less stable and less prone to depression. As a matter of fact, certain studies have shown that taking human growth hormone is equivalent to taking antidepressants and a good deal healthier as well. Our studies have found that efficiency skyrockets, because HGH directly improves the mind’s ability to concentrate upon a certain task and finish it as rapidly as possible.

  • Better Cell regeneration: Cell regeneration also is enhanced by an HGH supplement, in that as your body cells die, they are more easily replaced if HGH levels in your body are high. Cell regeneration levels that are normal within the body also ensure that areas of the body are more youthful, like the skin, for example. As skin cells die, they are replaced by equal numbers if HGH levels within the body are normal, giving your skin a soft appearance and feel.
  • A more powerful Immune system: You’ll find that adequate levels of HGH within the body lead to a more enhanced immune system. Your body will be able to fight of sickness and disease much easier if HGH levels are high. It has been seen that high levels of HGH boost the production of  t-cells, or white blood t-cells or white corpuscles within the body, thus boosting the immune system’s response to attacks from harmful microorganisms. I mentioned that human growth hormone can greatly boost the immune system. So how exactly does this work? You have a right to know. After all, if I just say that human growth hormone boosts the immune system, that doesn’t sound very believable, but if I explain exactly how it’s done, then it can make more sense.




Now, one of the direct results of taking in more human growth hormone is that it boosts the regeneration of cells.  This means that bodily cells are replaced more rapidly when they die or are destroyed. Now, you know that the body’s immune response is based upon white blood cells. When these cells are destroyed, for example, in fighting a certain disease,  your body will regenerate them faster, thus allowing your body to fight the disease more effectively. As a matter of fact, this ability to regenerate cells also explains to some extent why you feel less tired when you’re taking human growth hormone. Human growth hormone increases the number of red blood cells in your blood stream.

Because it increases the number of red blood cells, it enhances the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood, which means that oxygen reaches the cells of your body faster after being absorbed in your lungs. Thus, the cells of your body always have a surplus of oxygen with which to produce energy, and so the functioning of your entire body is enhanced and becomes more efficient, and you very rarely feel tired. Where the immune response is concerned, taking human growth hormone supplements actually boosts the production of antibodies, as well as that of t-cells.

So how exactly will you experience this benefit to your immune system? well, you will be less susceptible to getting a cold or a flu. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you won’t get sick at all, but even if you do fall ill, you will experience greatly reduced recovery time. You will recover so quickly that you will be quite surprised. It’s  very strange that people take human growth hormone to boost their strength or endurance, or to reduce aging, but very few people realize that it also boosts the immune system, and that you cannot train or function effectively when you’re sick. I would say that taking human growth hormone to boost the immune system is one of the finest ways to improve your quality of life, quite simply because you will just not be sick as often as you used to be.

HGH benefits for athletes and body builders!

If you are an athlete or bodybuilder, you’ll find that taking HGH reduces the amount of time required to recover from intense exercise sessions, allowing you to exercise more and thus boosts your body’s level of physical fitness. At the same time, HGH also boosts your endurance, ensuring that not only can you exercise more frequently during the week, but also that each exercise session can be longer, and that you can put out more effort, because there is also a definite strength increase which comes with every HGH supplementation.

Often enough an athlete or bodybuilder who trains intensely will find that energy levels remain very low after their sessions, because so much of the body’s resources have been used in training. If you take an HGH supplement like Genf20 Plus, Genfx or Somatropinne, you will find that you recover faster from your exercise session, and also that you do not feel so tired after the session is done. This can greatly boost your quality of life, as your entire focus is no longer merely upon the training. If you don’t feel so tired after your training, you can focus on other interests besides your training.

But let’s move on to another area of human growth hormone benefits – the increase in strength. If you are an athlete or a bodybuilder, this is undoubtedly an area that you’re interested in. you want to know how human growth hormone can help you to boost your strength. Human growth hormone can actually help you to increase weight, but this weight will not be fat. In other words, human growth hormone can help you to put on a large amount of muscle while actually reducing the level of fat within the body.

Here is how it works. Our research studies showed that people who took human growth hormone saw an increase in the protein production within the cells of your body.  This actually stimulated the muscles to grow, and that of course led to an increase in strength. This increase in strength allowed athletes and bodybuilders to grow harder, actually expanding the size of the muscles.

So just how much of an increase are we talking about here? Well, if you use HGH regularly for a period longer than three months or so,  you should see an increase in muscle mass that is equal to about eight percent of your total muscle mass. That is an extremely significant increase, and one well worth shooting for. Also of interest to bodybuilders and athletes is that human growth hormone boosts the metabolism, ensuring that calories are burnt much faster. When calories are burnt faster, you are less likely to put on fat in all the wrong places. You won’t find fat collecting on your sides, or on your belly, for example, but instead will find that that excess fat is burnt to provide more energy for a much faster, leaner human being. For people who are getting on in years the anti-aging effect of HGH is certainly worth exploring, as it retards the degradation of muscle tissue and enhances the body’s ability to burn off excess fat.

Another HGH Benefit Is Stress reduction…

But best of all, taking HGH can actually contribute to lower levels of stress. Ah, that’s the first time you’ve heard that, isn’t it? So just how could HGH contribute to lower levels of stress? Here’s how it works. HGH actually enhances the functioning of the brain, so that you move mentally in a far more efficient fashion. This mental efficiency actually contributes to better efficiency at work, allowing you to get jobs done easier and quicker than you were previously capable of. Being more efficient at work and getting work done faster automatically reduces levels of stress as you are able to handle both your normal work load, as well as making crises much easier.

Besides these large scale effects upon your body, you’ll find that HGH also has various cosmetic effects, for example making the skin look younger and feel softer. Now, wrinkles and the coarsening the skin are caused by the inevitable effects of aging. As you age, your body’s ability to replace skin cells is reduced, and this causes texture of the skin to become rougher. The amount of liquid retained by the skin also reduces due to the same cause, which is namely inadequate replacement of dying skin cells. HGH corrects this condition by boosting the replacement of skin cells, leading to younger and softer skin.

As a matter of fact, HGH has also been seen to improve certain medical conditions.  For example, patients suffering from burns heal faster when given HGH, and people with ulcers in the skin also experience more rapid healing.

Explore the cosmetic Benefits of HGH:

Where cosmetic conditions are concerned, fine lines in the skin are seen to disappear, and wrinkles tend to fade out when a person takes HGH supplements. but the skin isn’t the only thing affected by the regeneration functions boosted by HGH. You’ll find if you take HGH that nails of your fingers and toes are more healthy and that they look younger as well. You’ll find that the beds of the nails become healthy pink in color and that the cuticles of the nails tend to become much stronger.

The same cell regeneration apply to the hair as well as the hair tends to become healthier and more lustrous.  In one of the studies conducted on human growth hormone it has been found that hair growth can be boosted up to forty percent by taking human growth hormone. Not only is the growth of the hair boosted, but the production of coloring in the roots of the hair is also boosted, giving the hair much richer and more natural color.

Retain the sharpness of your mind well into old age:

Lastly, taking human growth hormone can prevent damage to the brain as an inevitable result of aging. You may have noticed that very old people have problems thinking coherently, and taking human growth hormone can prevent this natural debilitation of the human mind. The key, as always, is cell regeneration and cell health. The new ones in the brain are protected from the aging process by human growth hormone, and this automatically enhances your ability to learn new skills, as well as your ability to retain what you already know.  In other words, human growth hormone enhances both the thinking process as well as the memory. Best of all, your brain will have much lower tendency to become stressed.

Ultimately, what we are talking about here is an actual increase of an intellectual function, which of course is the opposite of a decrease of intellectual function. In other words, instead of your mental power reducing as you grow older, taking human growth hormone will actually allow to increase as you grow older.

If you have an interest in human growth hormone, stay tuned to this site, because we continuously update our articles about human growth hormone, and we’re continuously  doing research and adding more information for readers like yourself. This site is dedicated to people like you who have a genuine interest in maintaining their mental and physical health and in optimizing functions of their bodies. Stay with us as we help you towards this goal.

Article Revised: 09/03/2018