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The importance of HGH To Our Health

Now, considering that we live in a modern society, the chances are that you’ve come into contact with some mention of human growth hormone. Perhaps someone mentioned in the office he was using a human growth hormone supplement to enhance his vigor and his mental alertness.
The chances are, however, that you’ve come into contact with mention of human growth hormone as part of some sport scandal. There was a scandal in the year 2007 in baseball regarding the use of human growth hormone and other performance enhancing drugs and steroids. Of course, the lure of enhanced performance has always been a reason for carious athletes in different fields to take performance enhancing drugs. Notable among these are bodybuilders who use enhancement drugs all through the year and then cut off their dosage a little before their bodybuilding competition, so that it doesn’t show up on the drug test.
But bodybuilding has always been an exception to the strict drug use norms of other sports. The Mitchell Report that was published in 2007 named more than 81 players who were proven drug users.


But is human growth hormone really dangerous to use?

Well, that depends what use you are putting it to. A normal human being usually has an adequate level of human growth hormone. However, some people are actually deficient in this substance, which is actually produced by the body in a completely natural manner. Generally speaking, as one grows older, the production of human growth hormone inside the body tends to drop off a bit, and this leads to a lot of factors that are generally related to aging. The skin wrinkles and regenerates itself more slowly, so that it becomes coarse and stiff, the muscles tend to lose mass and the person himself or herself tends to find that his or her body slows down, that less energy is available and the body tires more easily. There may also be problems with insomnia, and perhaps even problems with depression.
Many of these factors are a result of a drop off in a production rates in human growth hormone. So where exactly is human growth hormone produced in the body? Well, it is the pituitary gland, which is positioned very near the brain that produces human growth hormone in the human body. Children who suffer from a deficiency of human growth hormone may actually find their growth retarded and their height stunted. In a case of genuine deficiency of human growth hormone the use of human growth hormone is not only frowned down upon, but actually encouraged by the medical community. For example,  when a child who is deficient in human growth hormone finds that his or her growth is retarded, then a doctor will gladly prescribe a dosage of human growth hormone so that the child’s growth may recommence and so that they may grow into a normal and healthy adult.

Children who are deficient in HGH:

When there is a deficiency of human growth hormone in children, the child is usually retarded in height and actually looks a great deal smaller or younger than the rest of his or her peers. They may also be more stout than their peers, and the development of teeth may be retarded. All in all, the entire growth process is retarded, including puberty. As I mentioned, this deficiency can easily be corrected by dosages of human growth hormone that will restore the normal growing process.

Adults who are deficient in HGH:

But can this deficiency for human growth hormone affect adults as well as children? Yes, sometimes it does, and more especially in adults who are getting on in years. People who are growing older and have a deficiency in human growth hormone may find that their bones actually become more brittle and prone to breaking. This is because it is human growth hormone that controls the density of calcium in the bones and indeed the density of the bones themselves, and a lack of a human growth hormone can lead to a loss in bone density that can cause a serious number of problems.

  • In women, it can lead directly to osteoporosis.  Osteoporosis is dangerous, because this is a condition that accelerates in seriousness as one grows older until ones bones are so brittle that one cannot even laugh or cough without the danger of breaking a rib, for example. in such cases, a dosage of human growth hormone is crucially important if this process is to be reversed.
  •  Then there are problems with obesity. Often enough a person who has a deficiency in human growth hormone tends to put on a lot of fat in all the unwanted places, such as the sides and the belly, and even the thighs. With this fat comes a lowering of the metabolism, which ensures that the person puts on even more weight, which can lead to runaway obesity, a very undesirable and indeed life threatening condition. It is easy enough to reverse this process with a dose of human growth hormone supplement or human growth hormone injections, which will limit the obesity and indeed even reverse it.
  •  Forms of diabetes are also caused by a deficiency of human growth hormone. Be careful though, because another form of diabetes can be caused by an excess of human growth hormone, so if you are suffering from a diabetic like conditions that are a result of a deficiency of human growth hormone, be sure that you take supplements for this under the supervision of a doctor.
  • Similarly, heart problems can be caused either by a deficiency or an excess of human growth hormone. If you are suffering from a deficiency of human growth hormone, which your doctor has diagnosed, and might be developing a heart condition because of this, then your doctor may prescribe injections of human growth hormone that can correct this problem and prevent the heart problems from even occurring. Be careful again, because an excess of human growth hormone can also cause a different type of heart condition.
  • Remember that the oral supplements are completely safe, but if you’re going in for HGH injections, it is well to do so under the supervision of a doctor.


Medical supervision for injections is important, because injections contain the purest extract of human growth hormone, and it is crucial that such powerful doses of HGH be only taken under a supervision of a doctor.
Often enough people approaching middle age find that they develop certain emotional issues, such as depression. These problems, if caused by a deficiency of human growth hormone, are actually caused by the lack of human growth hormone creating a deficiency in the chemical balance of the brain. This can be quite serious, though not life threatening condition, and it can lead to chronic depression, which is extremely undesirable and which in certain cases can indeed  be life threatening. Correcting this issue is very easy and can be done with either oral human growth hormone supplements or supplements in the form of injections. Generally it is found  that when human growth hormone levels are supplemented back to the normal levels in such cases, the depression tends to disappear as the brain regains its chemical balance.
Remember when you are approaching middle age and suddenly find yourself with a great deal less energy that you are used to, that it might be a result of a deficiency in human growth hormone. Remember that this is a condition that must be treated, because it can cause a serious difference in your quality of life as your muscle tone decreases and obesity increases,  and as you lose endurance and  vitality. Worst of all, deficiencies in human growth hormone can actually decrease one’s total life expectancy and reduce the number of years you have to look forward to. As such, you should consult your doctor quickly and ask him to her whether you have take a human hormone supplement.
What are the advantages that you can look forward to by taking human growth supplements if you are suffering from its deficiency?  Well, you may have noticed that your muscles are decreasing in size as you age. Taking human growth hormone supplements such as Somatropinne and restoring your human growth hormone levels to their normal range will ensure that your body adds a great deal of real muscle mass. Not only does muscle mass increase, but you’ll find that your skin rejuvenates faster and appears to be more supple and elastic as well.

You’ll also find that you have a vast amount of energy available to you as your body metabolizes much faster and converts it into energy better. Since both the processing of food and the repair of cells is enhanced with human growth hormone supplements, you’ll find that you get less tired at the end of the day and are able to bounce back much after an intense session working or exercising.
You’ll also find a considerable increase in your total endurance, allowing you to function longer and better. You can easily understand how this can change and in effect improve your quality of life. Better still, your life expectancy will be increased, because your heart will function better and you will be less likely to contract diabetes and your skeletal structure will also be improved as calcium concentrates in your bones.
You’ll also find that your immune response to various illnesses is greatly enhanced, preventing many illnesses like colds  or flues from even occurring, as well as reducing the time that you are ill when you do contract some illness.
So is the human growth hormone available in supplements created by some natural process or is it synthetic? Well, to answer that question you should first understand that human growth hormone produced in your body is produced naturally by  the pituitary gland. In the old days cadavers were harvested for supplies of human growth hormone, thus supplies of human growth hormones were available in very small quantities. But that is all in the past, because now human growth hormone has been synthesized in the laboratory.
There are two basic forms of supplementing your body with human growth hormone: you can either have your doctor prescribe and inject it for you, or you can have someone sell you an oral supplement over the internet. You can still buy human growth hormone harvested from cadavers,  but the synthetic form is considered to be more safe. Since it is difficult to get a prescription for human growth hormone in the United States unless  you genuinely have a deficiency, most people take their business to the internet and purchase human growth hormone online. This is especially true for bodybuilders interested in injecting human growth hormone despite not having a deficiency solely to improve performance and muscle growth.
I would suggest than an oral supplement is much safer than injections. Oral supplements can be used either for their anti- aging effect, or for muscle building enhancement. Remember not to overdo things, because they will have serious side effects.


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