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Privacy Policy

Protection and proper management of our customers’ data is one of the cornerstones of HGH10 Trust.  To us, it is very important that you feel secure in trusting us with your data, and that we live up to your confidence in us.  The succeeding paragraphs detail how we look We believe in empowering the customer, so the reasons for our gathering and usage of your data will be given to you before or during the collection of said information.  These will be the only reasons for which your data will be gathered.  The only exceptions are if you yourself give us permission to gather the data for other reasons, or if we are ordered by law to get your data.  We will only hold onto your data for as long as it takes to carry out our stated purposes.

Your data will only be collected using legitimate means that are sanctioned by law.  We follow principles of fairness in gathering your data.  In addition, your information will also be placed under safeguards to protect it from being stolen, changed by others, or lost.  If you would like to know more about our privacy policy, you may always ask our staff for more information.

For your part, we ask that the information you give us is true, sufficiently inclusive, and current. Once again, the security of your data and your privacy are both very important to us, and we will work hard with you to safeguard them.