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HGH Side Effects What Are They?

A lot of people are using HGH these days, and for a number of reasons: some people because of HGH’s promoted anti aging effects and others because they are athletes or weightlifters and hope to boost their performance with HGH. Before you decide to do the same, you should be aware of the side effects that overuse of HGH can cause within the human organism.


The Human growth hormone therapy that poses the most risks are human growth hormone injections.

If you are considering a course of injections, you should not be doing this without advice of a medical practitioner, because human growth hormone injections produce the highest level of side effects.

  • These side effects include Carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Other effects include an unnatural growing of the joints and even of the hands and feet that is called gigantism.
  • There is also considerable danger of damage to organs, as well as pain in the joints and serious psychological issues as well.
  • Worst of all, your body may stop producing human growth hormone of its own and you may become permanently dependent upon human growth hormone supplements.

Understand that there are certain medical issues which call for human growth hormone, and if you do not have any of them, then you should not be taking a course of injections without advice from a physician read more here!

Please note that many of the HGH releasers available on the market are far safer than this and actually boost the body’s own ability to create human growth hormone, and to take one of these to supplement one’s capabilities is perfectly safe.


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