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The Latest Fitness Gadgets That Are Way More Than Activity Trackers

The tools we have available to help use with our fitness regime have changed a great deal in the past few years. Today’s fitness gadgets are way more than just activity trackers. The Consumer Electronics Show that was recently held in Las Vegas had some great products to show off and among those were the latest fitness gadgets. Let’s have a look at some of these.

The Skulpt Aim Will Launch This Year for $199

fitness gadgetsIf you think you already know how strong you are, you might want to think about that again. This gadget doesn’t measure your strength the old-fashioned method, by having you lift heavy things. Now you can zap your muscles with an electric current to learn what your muscle quality is or MQ and your percentage of body fat.

The Skulpt Aim uses electrical impedance myography to determine how healthy and strong your muscles are. This is the same technology patients with neuromuscular problems are studied with. Just take the Aim and put it against your moist skin and in seconds it will read your body fat percentage and your MQ. Average is 100, higher is better. It connects to your smartphone app so that you can get a full snapshot of your body and your improvements over time. It will also make recommendations as to what exercises would help you with your weaknesses.

Mio Link will cost just $99

In the past the continuous monitoring of the heart rate required the user to wear a chest strap. Liz Dickinson, Mio’s founder and CEO recognized that men didn’t like to wear the chest strap and so she created the Mio Alpha, which is a continuous heart rate monitor that is wrist based with a digital readout. The device doesn’t have a digital face, but rather the digital readout is sent to your Smartphone via Bluetooth. It is also ANT+enabled. This means it can take your heart rate readings and feed them into other ANT+devices.

Jaybird Reign Will Sell for $199

Most of us know Jaybird for their sports wireless headphones, but this year Jaybird id releasing an activity tracker of their own – then again, what company isn’t. The Jaybird Reign is different because it has the metal sliver sensor on the front where you place your finger for just 2 minutes and it will measure your heart rate variability and then give you your ‘go-score,’ which tells you if you are too fatigued to do a hard workout.

The Spree Sweatband Fitness Monitor Sells for $299

Why wear a wrist activity tracker when it’s as easy as slapping something onto your forehead. The new Spree Sweatband Fitness Monitor measures your calories burned, body temperature and steps, which is actually more accurate when obtained from your forehead than your wrist.

Spree can also warn you if you are dehydrated or overheating, especially helpful with outside workouts. If you are worried about funny looking tan lines, you can always purchase the Spree Fitness Monitor wrist version.

BodyMedia Metria Patches Will Cost Less Than$30

Activity monitors can be tons of fun when you first get them but before long they are in a drawer collecting dust. At $100 or more, that’s a real waste of money. But BodyMedia and Avery Dennison have created the disposable adhesive Metria patch that will track your heart rate, activity and sleep for a full 7 days, providing you with a snapshot of your health.

BodyMedia says it’s more accurate than activity trackers because you wear it 24/7. However, many don’t like that the patch on the arm is large and medical looking. Currently this product is only available to businesses such as gyms or those that offer diet program, but the company plans to make it available to the general public in the near future.

Tao WellShell Will Cost Under $300

This device can’t be worn but it is unique in that so far it is the only fitness gadget that you can workout with. You open up a companion app on a Smartphone or table and then squeeze the device on either side with your palms, while you follow the directions on the screen. It might not be ready to replace your time at the gym, but the WellShell isometric exercises are fun and challenging and perfect to make up a small workout.

The WellShell monitors and tracks your activity, heart rate and sleep. The app can also keep track of and nutritional information. It’s still in prototype mode, but they hope to have it on the market soon.

Atlas Fitness Tracker will cost $225

It’s great to see a fitness gadget designed for lifters rather than Cardio. The Atlas fitness tracker is a wristband that will identify weight-room exercises and then log them. The tracker is said to be so precise that it can actually tell the difference between a regular or a diamond pushup, because of the collection of inertial sensors along with the advanced algorithm. The Atlas connects to a Smartphone app so you can track all of your workouts and over time identify patterns.

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