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Research Backs the Health Benefits of L-glycine

L-Glycine Benefits And Risks

Glycine is an amino acid that is part of protein synthesis. It works in conjunction with L-glutamine to increase your brain function. Glycine is one of the three amino acids (hydroxyproline, proline, and glycine) that make up collagen’s triple-helical structure. There is evidence that L-glycine stimulates the production of HGH and that it acts as a natural HGH releaser. Glycine is necessary so that your body can produce the many different acids it utilizes and to support the various essential processes that occur in your body.Glycine chemical formula

The Benefit of an L-Glycine Supplement

Glycine, also called L-glycine is the tiniest of the 20 amino acids that are found in the body. It is a conditionally essential amino acid, because the body usually produces enough of it. However, a dietary supplement can be beneficial in some cases, especially if you are under a great deal of stress or ill.

Therapeutic L-Glycine Uses and Benefits

  • Benefits athletic performance
  • Builds muscles
  • Improves wound healing
  • It is a natural HGH releaser
  • Protect the liver & kidneys from certain chemicals
  • Treats leg ulcers
  • Treats schizophrenia
  • Treats stroke

Sources of L-Glycine

Your body produces glycine using serine, which is another amino acid. L-glycine is found in protein foods like fish, meat, legumes and dairy. It can also be taken as a dietary supplement by itself or in combination with other ingredients, as is the case in an HGH releaser.

Research on L-Glycine

Research has clearly shown that glycine is beneficial in treating schizophrenia and strokes. Other research has clearly shown a link between L-glycine and the release of HGH. Acta Endocrinologica did a study that showed intravenous glycine resulted in the HGH levels of participants increasing significantly.

The Nutritional Neuroscience found when healthy middle age to elderly participants were given an oral –glycine, niacin and glutamine supplements there was a significant increase in HGH secretion.

Nutrients as Ergogenic Aids for Sports & Exercise research reviewed a number of studies and what they reported is that in all of these studies glycine appeared to play a key role in stimulating HGH release. In addition, it was apparent that it promoted creatine synthesis, which could be beneficial to athletes who participate in progressive weight training. There are numerous studies that examined taking an L-glycine supplementation and the effect it had on the performance and recovery of athletes.

The researchers at Medicine and Science in Sports & Exercise found when a combination supplement of glycine oral treatment and L-Arginine salt of alpha-ketoisocaproic acid calcium (GAKIC) was given, overall muscle performance was enhanced. This is because the supplement delays muscle fatigue during the start of anaerobic dynamic exercise.

Connective Tissue Research conducted a study that involved animals looking at the effect of green tea and glycine on tendinitis, which athletes get quite often. What they discovered is that glycine and green tea diet are beneficial to the tendon recovery in tendinitis.

How L-Glycine Works in Your Body

The digestive system and your central nervous system needs L-Glycine amino acid, which helps fat breakdown by regulating the concentration of bile acid. Glycine is required for heme biosynthesis, which is part of your hemoglobin and needed to maintain your red blood cells,

Glycine performs many different functions in the body. In fact, researchers are saying that L-glycine is an important in the treatment of a number of different medical conditions and to support the overall well being of a person.

Two studies http://care.diabetesjournals.org/content/34/1/162.full Glutathione Synthesis Is Diminished in Patients With Uncontrolled Diabetes and Restored by Dietary Supplementation With Cysteine and Glycine and http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2696340 The Role of Incretins in Glucose Homeostasis and Diabetes Treatment found that glycine helps to regulate blood sugars because it converts glucose into usable energy. The studies went on to prove in those with 2-diabetes glycine improves long-term blood sugar levels.

A number of studies have investigated the benefits glycine amino acid to treat disorders like epilepsy, schizophrenia, hyperactivity and bipolar.

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One study focused on schizophrenic patients and it discovered that those individuals who were resistant to treatment saw anti-psychotic medications work much better with high glycine doses, and there was a significant reduction in the negative symptoms linked with mental illness. Other studies had the same results and some of these studies also found that glycine reduces the occurrence of seizures.

In order for creatine biosynthesis to occur, your body needs adequate glycine, which is a direct source of energy for muscle tissue that causes your muscles to become bigger and stronger and they are able to perform better. This is why athletes use L-glycine. They can also benefit because it has been shown to speed up recovery of injuries and were mobility is affected it stops muscle atrophy.

Studies have shown that glycine slows the aging process. Here is one study https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT01870193. Glycine makes up 33% of collagen, which keeps your skin firm and flexible. If there is not enough glycine in your body to maintain the 33% damaged skin can’t be repaired and you begin to show the signs of aging faster and more prominently.

L-glycine plays an important role in keeping your body healthy, slowing the aging process, and keeping your muscles lean. It makes sense that it can be found in HGH releasers because it is also a natural HGH releaser.

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