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L-lysine – the benefits and possible side effects

A friend of mine has recently recommended that I take an HGH releaser like  Genf20 Plus, and Somatropinne to enhance my physical capabilities. My friend is getting on in years, and has recently started taking the Genf20 Plus supplement, and he tells me that he has seen some amazing results. He is able to work better and has a lot more energy and experiences a lot less fatigue.

He says that his exercise programs work better and that he has gained a considerable amount of muscle mass and lost quite a few pounds of excess weight. He said that he was sleeping better, was able to focus better and had less issues with stress and anxiety. All this was all very well, and of course I was interested, but I was also a little concerned as to whether there would be a price to pay for all these benefits.

I was especially concerned as to whether there would be any complications, associated with using Genf20 Plus. After all, what would be the use of an extended youth if one were to pay a price for it in terms of serious health ailments or a shortened lifespan?

My research into L-lysine

I did what any sensible person would do these days. I used the internet to do some very careful research into what exactly went into Genf20 Plus, and whether any of these ingredients could actually pose a long term hazard to my health. I’m glad to say that I actually found that Genf20 Plus has been formulated to extremely high safety standards and there is little or no risk involved.

Nevertheless, I thought that there might be other people like me out there on the internet, who were also interested in Genf20 Plus, and in the safety and benefits of the ingredients that went into it. So, I’ve written a series of articles discussing these ingredients, and in this article we’re going to discuss l-lysine. We’re going to go in careful detail into the health benefits associated with l-lysine, as well as into the specific ways l-lysine retards the aging process.

Besides this, we will discuss whether l-lysine has any side effects and whether it has any negative interactions when used with other drugs.

Let’s start talking about the benefits of l-lysine.

Its greatest possible benefit is perhaps in the prevention of osteoporosis. As a person grows older, one finds that calcium tends to be leached from their bodies, and especially from their bones.  Now, calcium is what gives bones their strength, and as calcium in the bones is reduced, one finds that the bones grow progressively weaker as one ages. This leads to the condition known as osteoporosis, in which the bones are so fragile that they can be fractured very easily.

Which brings us to the aging process.

Osteoporosis has for many years been considered an inevitable portion of the process of aging. It was thought that nothing could prevent the ultimate onset of serious calcium deficiency in the bones and in many women who had not supplemented with calcium during pregnancy.  It was thought that osteoporosis was unavoidable. However, now that we have l-lysine supplementation, it is possible to prevent this aging of the bones, so that a person can lead an active life well into old age, without any fear of a dangerous and hard to heal fracture. But l-lysine has more roles to play in the prevention of the process of aging, than solely in the prevention of osteoporosis.

L-lysine and it’s benefits with training and controlling stress and blood sugar.

It has been clearly demonstrated that l-lysine is instrumental in lowering levels of glucose within the blood, and also in enhancing body musculature. Of course, a healthy level of exercise is nevertheless necessary, but it has been noted that high levels of l-lysine within the body ensure that exercise is more effective both in building up the muscular tissue, as well as in the reduction of excess bodily fat. Besides this, l-lysine seems to be beneficial in the reduction of levels of stress and in alleviating anxiety. It has also been noted to relieve pain in a number of painful conditions, but most of all perhaps in relieving the pain from a migraine headache.

The side effects of L-lysine.

I did a lot of careful research as to the possible side effects of l-lysine. Most case reports have demonstrated that l-lysine is completely safe in normal dosages, but can prove dangerous if dosages go too high. I’m speaking not merely of a high dose, but what would be called an overdose, that is to say completely unreasonable dosages of l-lysine.

Under such circumstances, and if these dosages are continued for a long period of time, l-lysine can cause concentrations of calcium to form gallstones. Under such unreasonable dosing, dysfunction of the renal tract can also occur. Fanconi’s syndrome has been observed in people who have consistently taken high doses of l-lysine for long periods of time. As a general rule of thumb, if you have any disease associated with the liver or of the kidney, then you should only take l-lysine under medical supervision.

It goes without saying that the woman who is pregnant, should also be extremely cautious in taking l-lysine, and should under no conditions do so without the adequate supervision of a doctor. However, the only risks associated with l-lysine supplementation are associated with strong doses. So long as the doses are kept within reasonable parameters, no safety issues have been noted in the use of l-lysine as a supplement.

This is especially true when the dosage has been carefully formulated, as has been done in the case of a formula like that of Genf20 Plus. Under such circumstances when both the formulation and the manufacture of the supplement has been done to stringent international standards, there are no safety or health issues involved with supplementing on l-lysine.

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