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13 Ways to Keep Your Brain Young

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None of us escape it – your brain changes with age, and along with that is a change in mental function. As much as we hate to think about it mental decline is very common, and it’s something most of us fear. Great news – impaired cognitive ability doesn’t have to happen. In fact, here are 12 ways to keep your brain young even as you age.

#1 Let’s Get Physical

brainResearch shows that when you use your muscles it also exercises your mind. Animals who regularly exercise have an increase in their tiny blood vessels that bring oxygen rich blood to the brain area responsible for thinking. Exercise also encourages development of new nerve cells and it increases the synapses between brain cells. This makes your brain more adaptive and efficient, which means better performance with aging.

#2 Increase Mental Stimulation

Research with both humans and mice have shown that brain activities will stimulate the development of new connections between nerve cells and even lead to the brain developing neurological plasticity. Any mentally stimulating activity such as math problems or word puzzles can help with your mental dexterity.

#3 Eat a Better Diet

Good nutrition is very important to your mental health. Make sure you watch your calories, eat the right food and get your B vitamins, to improve your mental clarity and thinking.

#4 Watch Your Blood Sugar

Diabetes is linked to dementia but you can fight diabetes by staying lean, exercising regularly, and improving your blood sugar.

#5 Improve Your Cholesterol

High LDL, which is the bad cholesterol, increases your risk of developing dementia. On the flip, HDL, which is good cholesterol helps improve your mental acuity. So make sure that you work hard at improving your cholesterol to keep your mind healthy and young.

#6 Improve Your Blood Pleasure

High blood pressure during your midlife significantly increases your risk of cognitive decline. Modify your lifestyle to decrease your blood pressure and enjoy a younger brain.

#7 Take a Low Dose Aspirin

There have been a number of studies that show that the long term use of aspirin or NSAIDS can reduce your risk of dementia by as much as 55 percent. That’s a significant number and while more research needs to be conducted it would be a good idea to take a low does aspirin to keep your brain healthy.

#8 Don’t Smoke

You should avoid tobacco in all its forms.

#9 Care for Your Emotions

Sometimes we don’t think about our emotional health. People who are sleep deprived, depressed, anxious, or exhausted do not do well on cognitive function tests. While poor scores may not predict an decline in cognitive behavior in old age, good mental health and proper sleep are important to your overall brain health.

#10 Take Care of Your Noggin

It is important to protect your head. Every year moderate to severe head injuries result in cognitive impairment . A concussion increases your risk 10 times.

#11 Build Strong Social Networks

Strong social connections are linked to longer life expectancies and younger brain activity.

#12 Do Not Abuse Alcohol

Excessive drinking increases your risk of dementia. You should limit your drinks to 2 or less a day. There are many studies that link alcohol use with a higher risk of dementia.

#13 Take HGH Supplements

Taking an HGH booster has many advantages and one of those important benefits is that it keeps you brain fresh and alive. Take advantage of these supplements to maximize your brain health.


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  1. Nora says:

    That is such a long list of tips for us. Thank you for this post as I was just researching this last week when I heard of an elderly family member developing alzheimers.

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