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How To Increase Vitality?

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5 Quick Ways to Boost Your Energy

If you find your energy isn’t what you want when you get up in the morning, here are 5 quick ways you can boost your energy and make the most out of your workout.  There are benefits to morning workouts. If you wait until after work you’ll find the gym is busy because that’s peak time. It’s much better to take care of it before you ever head off to work. Now stop complaining and get moving.exercise

#1 Make Sure You Are Getting a Deep Sleep

Just because you are sleeping doesn’t mean you are drifting into a deep sleep, which important for your health and to revitalize your body. Getting a good night’s sleep can be especially difficult if you aren’t sleeping in your own bed. Make sure you bring things that will help you sleep like your pillow or your favorite relaxation music.

Always make sure your room is cool and dark – that means no cellular lights, no TV lights and no other gadgets. If your alarm is lit then either turn the light down, face it away from you, or put something over it so you can hear it but not see it.

#2 Avoid Hitting the Snooze Button

Every time you hit the snooze button you lose 10 to 15 minutes out of your day and that sleep is poor quality anyway. Just about the time you are falling back to sleep, the alarm goes off again. Instead, create yourself a routine. The alarm goes off you get up, clean up and start taking care of your workout business. You will feel better and you will be using what would otherwise be wasted time.

#3 Take a Shower Alternating Hot and Cold

When it comes time to hop in the morning shower, you need to alternate between hot and cold. You’ll spend 30-40 seconds in hot water and 15-20 seconds under ice cold. Do this until you feel wide awake. You will feel energized! If you’ve eaten breakfast before your shower you’ll want to wait at least 30 minutes before your workout and start with a full glass of water.

#4 Implement a Dynamic Workout Warm Up

Rather then heading for a slow steady pace on the treadmill as your warm up you want something that works your major muscles and awakens your nervous system. Burpees are a great example of the type of exercise that can do that. Get yourself into a standing position, now squat and place your hands on the floor. Push your legs out behind you so you are in a pushup position. Then you simply reverse the steps. Do this for 15 seconds, take a 30 second rest and repeat 5-10 times.

#5 Replace Caffeine With Taurine

It used to be that the pre-workout drink or supplement was caffeinated coffee or tea. But now many trainers are recommending the amino acid Taurine for more energy and alertness. So instead of your coffee or tea, consider an energy shot that has both caffeine and taurine in it, along with the B vitamins.

Combine these tips with healthy eating, exercise, an HGH supplement and a healthy lifestyle and you can really maximize your benefits. Find out more about HGH benefits here.

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