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The Kettlebell Workout

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Is the High Intensity Kettlebell Workout for Your?

Are you hoping to get ripped fast? Are you wondering if the kettlebell workout is right for you and whether you’ll get the results, you want? If your goal is to maximize your calorie burn and minimize the time it takes to build strong muscles throughout your body, then you need the high intensity kettlebell workout.kettlebell exercises

In fact, the evidence is clear – kettlebell training is significantly more effective at improving the cardiovascular system and burning fat then standard weight training is.  The American Council on Exercise is the leading American fitness, said a study with the University of Wisconsin learned that the average person participating in the study burned approx. 20 calories a minute during a high intensity kettlebell workout. This is equal to an amazing 400 calories in just 20-minutes, which is also equivalent to running at 4-minute/km pace.

You can now get a complete body workout in minimal space and time and with little equipment.

Why Kettlebells are Better Than Free Weights

Participants in the study achieved heart rates that ranged from 86% to 99% of their maximum, with 67% to 91% of maximum oxygen uptake, which suggests that kettlebells offer a significantly higher intensity workout than what is achieved with a standard weight training and it does this is a remarkably short period of time.

Jamie Lloyd, who is an expert in kettlebells isn’t surprised. He says the data confirms what he and other kettlebell users have known for years. When you use kettlebells, you will learn how to work the entire body as one system, improving your stability, strength and cardio all that same time. You’ll strengthen both your major muscles and your smaller yet very important stabilizing muscles. Using kettlebells safely requires you to have a strong back, core and good coordination.

The Benefits of Kettlebell Endurance Training

  • The best way to burn fat.
  • It uses more muscles than sprinting does, which will increase the metabolic load on the body.
  • High intensity interval style training that has been proven to be very effective in fat loss.
  • The harder you push yourself then the more calories you will burn. Just 1 minute of kettlebell swings will actually burn 20 calories.  The longer you workout the more your metabolic rate will jump and the greater the calorie burn.
  • Excellent for strengthening the largest muscles groups – your back and butt (Lats & Glutes), shoulders and hip flexors.
  • This training is fun, super hard and edgy creating a real challenge. A cardio workout that really burns the calories.
  • Improves range of motion and joint mobility.
  • Increases strength.
  • Develops lean toned muscles without the huge bulk.
  • Anyone can take up using kettlebells.

If you want to see results, and you want your workout to be fun and engaging, then why not try kettlebells. If you want to maximize your benefits, take an HGH supplement like Sytropin, Genfx or Genf20 Plus and give your body a helping hand.

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