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Could Your Sex Positions be Putting You at Risk of a Sex Injury?

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Sex Positions that can cause Injury

Injuries during sex – you would think that when they do occur, it’s likely to be the result of where you are having sex more than how you having sex. For example, you might lose your footing or other support and that can cause you to injure yourself. However – wait, just a minute, because there are a few positions that can lead to injuries that can include anything from a back strain to a broken penis (yes you did read that right). Here are a few favorite sex positions where you can increase your likelihood of having an injury.sexpositionsgames

The Eager Chef

Position: Stand on your toes and have her sit on a counter in front of you. Spontaneous sex!

Why it is Risky: You can end up with a penile fracture as a result of very vigorous sex where you rupture the blood-filled tubes in your erection. If your partner sits on the countertop in your excitement and enthusiasm, you just might miss your target either high or low, and your penis has no place to go but into the counter or her pubic bone – That’s a very unlucky penis!

Tip Toe Position

Position: Any position where you stand on your tip toes.

Why it is Risky: Just a moment of your calf strength faltering could send your manhood crashing into an unforgiving barrier

Swiss Ball Blitz

Position: Use a stability ball to add some bounce your sex. Sit on the ball with your feet on the floor. Have her back up onto you and sit between your legs. Roll and bounce your way to an orgasm.

Why it’s Risky: It can add some bounce to your thrusts; however, the risk of a penis break increases with any sex position where the penis comes completely out of the vagina and then goes back in. The Swiss ball results in an unusual amount of up/down inertia and that can cause your penis to slip out of her vagina before momentum brings her weight crashing back down on you.

Stairway to Heaven

Position: Sit on one of the stairs on a staircase and then have her sit on top of you. This sex can be vigorous.

Why it’s Risky: When she is on top, you don’t have as much control over the in/out motion; therefore, you are more likely to slip out of her and break your penis.

The Cowgirl + Lean Back

Position: You are on your back, and she is sitting on top of you. She is leaning way way back.

Why it’s Risky: Many men don’t realize that just like a knee can be hyperextended so can your erect penis if you put too much downward pressure on the shaft. Over time, the hyperextension of the penis can lead to Peyronie’s disease, which is a buildup of plaques that cause your penis to bend while erect making sex impossible. If you feel tugging near the base of your penis, it means the angle of your intercourse is too extreme. Have her lean forward a bit.

The Pogo Stick

Position: This is rather like the standing missionary. You are holding up all of her weight, and bending backward. To make possible the in-and-out—you flex your knees and bouncing her up and down on your penis.

Why it’s Risky: Anything acrobatic is likely to result in back strains or pain. Worse, you could fall over if you have unsure footing or you could drop the woman.

Wheelbarrow, Standing

Position: She is on all fours resting her forearms on pillow. You kneel behind her to enter her with one knee bent up with your foot flat in front of you so you can stand easily. Once you entered her, you reaches down to hold her feet and slowly lifts her as you stand up, keeping your knees bent. Think of those summer camp wheelbarrow races – there were never fun like this!

Why it’s Risky: You can slip and that can lead to back strain or pain. It could also lead to a bruised penis if your aim is off. You need to make sure you are well balanced and then go for it!

Bottom Line

Another problem that often arises, as we get older is we simply don’t have the libido or stamina we did when we were younger and that can make us more likely to injure ourselves. Taking an HGH supplement is a great way to get some of that stamina back and enjoy a lot of other benefits. It’s certainly something worth considering!

Sex should be fun and you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment, but you don’t want to get hurt either and you definitely don’t want to hurt your penis! So play safe!


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