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Do HGH Skin Creams Work Get the Facts

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There’s been a lot of buzz recently over HGH skin creams, and there’s also been a lot of confusion.  It’s time to get the facts.

woman laying downHGH skin creams claim are being advertised as anti wrinkle creams that beat the signs of aging through their application. They claim to reduce and/or eliminate sagging skin, find lines and wrinkles, and dark circles. In addition manufactures’ are claiming that those who use the skin cream can also enjoy all the other health benefits associated with the use of HGH injections or HGH supplement. These manufacturers claim that benefits such as increased energy and vitality, increased libido, and all the other benefits. For more on the benefits of HGH go here!

One Florida company is claiming to have a “growth hormone potentiator and releasing hormone,”available in a skin cream. The company claims that they have multiple studies showing 100% percent effectiveness. They are also claiming that the benefits are enjoyed within 48.  and that “within the first 36 hours of beginning the program, trained and conditioned athletes reported an average increase of greater than 25% percent in their muscular strength, endurance and recovery time.”

So should everyone rush out and by HGH skin cream? Absolutely not! The truth is that there is no proof that HGH skin cream does anything. In fact, there is a general consensus among experts is that HGH is only effective in injection or supplement forms. The marketing material of this company and the studies they claim to have are inadequate and not based in science.

But why would doctors prescribe this HGH skin cream if it didn’t work? Legitimate doctors aren’t prescribing it. Those less than ethical doctors that are prescribing it are doing so likely because of the six figure salary they can earn annually without any overhead. The doctors were able to double their money.

Doctors could sell this to patients easier because it was less expensive than injectable HGH. However, there is no evidence that the HGH skin care is safe or effective. Anyone thinking of using the skin cream should avoid it, as at $250 a bottle you are wasting a lot of money, and you could use that money to buy HGH supplements that work. Doctors and pharmacists are urged to avoid this marketing scheme.

HGH injectables are only available with a prescription from a doctor; however, unless your HGH reserves are completely depleted you don’t need injections. An HGH supplement like Genf20 Plus will be adequate and do an excellent job of helping your body to improve HGH production. HGH supplements are a dietary aide and requires no prescription and there is a great deal of proof that these HGH supplements are very effective.


HGH skin cream is the equivalent of using any skin cream. It will soften and moisten and may even reduce the signs of wrinkles just because it is a skin cream and has the effects of skin cream, not because of the HGH.

We would recommend that you avoid spending your money on a product that has no science behind it and it is extremely costly. To date there is no studies or research that show that an HGH skin cream has any benefits. If you would like to enjoy the benefits of HGH it would be much wiser for you to invest in taking an HGH supplement that has been proven to work. More info on HGH supplements can be found here!

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  1. janice says:

    I didn’t know it was available as a skin cream! That’s exciting to me because I have always felt that if I could get hgh to the spots that I need it and not the ones I don’t, it will be much more effective.

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