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HGH Night Spray Does it Work?

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Recently there has been a great deal of promotion over HGH night spray, which is designed to help you sleep better. These products are being promoted as offering a good night’s sleep and with adequate rest comes the ability to burn fat and develop lean muscle mass. So does HGH night spray work? Is it a sleep aid? Does it encourage a deep, restful sleep? Let’s look at little further.

sexy womanlifting weightThe HGH night spray that’s getting the most attention is manufactured by Mancore™ so since their ingredients are readily available we thought this would be a good product to look at. A couple of things we noted on their promotion is that they claim that the HGH Night Spray can increase your HGH levels by 157%. In this product, we would have to question these numbers without any science to back them off. 157% increase in HGH production seems to be somewhat of an exaggeration. In order to accept these numbers we would need to see the science to back these numbers. We were unable to find that science on their website. Of course, that doesn’t mean they don’t have it – if you want to try this product we encourage you to ask the manufacturer to present that information to you.

When we explored further the ingredients of HGH spray, the first thing we notice is that melatonin is the main ingredient. There is no question that melatonin is known as a very good sleep aid. However, it can be purchased stand alone for pennies per dose and so we question the economic viability of combining it with an HGH supplement.

The manufacturer of night spray incorporated a variety of dietary ingredients that are designed to promote HGH production in the body. The one thing we noted is that there would be group of ingredients given a single name with a single quantity listed. The problem with this is that you have no way of knowing how much of each of these active ingredients is in the mix.

For example, the ingredient combination would be listed as Blend 1 and then the units such as 31,000 ng. It would then list underneath what that blend is made of such as Velvet Bean Extract, GABA, Long Jack Root Extract, and so forth. The problem is that you do not know how much GABA or how much Long Jack Root Extract, etc. make up that blend, and so it is difficult to know whether the most important ingredients are maximized or whether they are minimized in the HGH spray. This is of great concern because you don’t have all the facts both related to effectiveness and related to comparison of products.


As we already mentioned, melatonin is an excellent sleep aid however, purchasing it in an HGH product isn’t likely the most cost effective way to get the benefits of melatonin. In addition, we have concerns about the way the list of ingredients is presented on most of these products, and then the claims that are made about the benefits of such products. It would be a better choice to invest in a high quality HGH supplement such as Somatropinne, Genfx. HGH Spray 30000 and HGF Max where the ingredients are clearly laid out and you know exactly the quantities of each active ingredient are in the supplement. In this way, you can enjoy all the benefits of taking an HGH supplement and you can also enjoy the benefits of melatonin.

The other concern we see in taking a combined product is that even if the HGH dietary blend is of a decent quality in all likelihood you are paying a great deal for the convenience of a manufacturer combining the melatonin and HGH dietary blend. Imagine the high quality HGH supplement that could be purchased for that same money.

HGH has become a buzzword and many marketers are promoting HGH in less than honorable ways. Low quantities of active dietary ingredients or inferior quality ingredients are becoming very common place. Creative blends are being created in an effort to entice consumers to purchase yet another form of the same product. It is our recommendation that you stick with HGH supplements that are offered by reputable manufacturers who are not over exaggerating what their product can do for you. There are a number of excellent choices on the market.

Stick to these products and you will enjoy the benefits that an HGH supplement can offer. Avoid products that are making promises that sound too good to be true, because they likely are and that should be your first clue of a company that’s perhaps less than upfront with consumers.

HGH supplements have many benefits to offer. Don’t be afraid to find out for yourself just what they can do to improve quality of life and slow the aging process. Buy quality HGH supplements and you will enjoy quality results.

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2 Responses to HGH Night Spray Does it Work?

  1. janice says:

    Does hgh work better t night when we are sleeping or when we are awake and active during the day? I have always wondered about this and after reading your post, I think it must work better at night when the body is resting and recovering from the busy day.

  2. Karen says:

    Seems to work very well! My husband is sleeping much, much better. Off lunesta and other addictive sleep aides that didn’t help at all!!!

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