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Dr. Oz Weighs in on Human Growth Hormone

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The HGH Controversy Is Alive And Well!

Human growth hormone, or HGH – there has been a great deal of discussion around HGH, and whether it’s good for us or bad for us. Most of us are already aware that the research definitely supports many benefits from using HGH. But there is also research that supports that the use of HGH injections needs to be approached with caution. The effects on longevity have not yet been studied. There is a paradox where both an excess of HGH and deficiency of HGH can cause acromegaly, which is associated with a shorter life span.

A number of different celebrities have been weighing in on HGH, and one of those that has had a fair bit to say about HGH is Dr. Oz. Recently ABC’s Dr. Oz took on the issue of HGH therapy and the safety of it.  Dr. Oz did take a strong stand against HGH  therapy.

However, sadly, his criticizing of the safety of HGH could not be scientifically backed up and much of his information was outdated.  The strongest idea thT D. Oz cited on the human growth hormone debate was that it promotes telomere damage and that it will cause you to age quicker if you take HGH injections. But, is this really true and what evidence is out there to back up what Oz is saying?

If you really want to understand the basis of the debate you need to understand what a telomere is and its role in the destruction of cells that leads to cell death. You will find a telomere cap on the end of every strand of DNA. It keeps the DNA strand from unraveling.  If the cap becomes damaged the DNA frays and the key information stored within can’t be used to make the protein messengers that keep cells alive. based on the lack of our body to repair itself.

Dr. Oz on his show entitled “The Controversial Shot” claimed that HGH harms the telomeres and that HGH will actually damage your telomeres.  Dr. Oz is basing his decision on a very old theory that was held by some researchers during the first years HGH research was conducted. However, the 21st century data reveals something completely different. In fact, it seems the opposite is occurring. Still for a list of documented possible HGH side effects due to abuse click here!

Studies that Contradict What Dr. Oz Says

There are a number of completed studies that already confirm this to be inaccurate. There are also on going studies that are also indicating that this is a completely wrong theory. What they are showing is that HGH corrects any damage that has been done to telomeres.

A study by Dr. Gomez Garcia and colleagues at the University Hospital La Paz has research that’s beginning to unmask the truth about HGH benefits when it comes to telomere repair. In the La Paz study and in several other supporting papers, HGH was actually shown to “up-regulate and to promote” a key enzyme called telomerase that intervenes and helps to repair damaged tissue.

To sum it up. HGH research has shown that HGH has many benefits to fight the signs of aging. It also shows that we should not follow the word of anyone, just because they are famous, because they might not always have the right answers either.

When a doctor, such as Dr. OZ says, “But we just don’t know enough about it,” what it really means is that he doesn’t know enough about it. You should be telling that person, then go look it up because the information is readily available.

Just think about what it would be like if an oncologist never changed their chemotherapy treatments or a surgeon never changed his/her surgery technique. We would have remained in the dark ages. With the studies available to us today regarding HGH, there should no longer be any issue over whether it is safe and efficient but rather the debate should focus on whether the way to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle is through using HGH. For a list of safe natural HGH releasers read more!


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  1. Daverin says:

    The telomere relation to aging is one of the best theories out there to explain why our bodies degenerate every time our chromosomes are duplicated. A Harvard study has been able to restore lost cognitive and breeding function in mice although partially this does show that there is some correlation between telomeres and aging. This is great news but lets not celebrate yet because it would be years before we could even see a single therapy for the restoration of telomeres.

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