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Human Growth Hormone Therapy for Men

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It is fully understood that men are significantly affected by the aging process, which is why human growth hormone therapy for men is popular. As a man looking into the mirror, you might not like what is staring back at you.

Increased weight gain, specifically in the midsection. Those dreadful spare tire jokes really get the point across. The loss of muscle mass where it seems like your gravity is pulling everything in the downward motion. Thinner skin that is wrinkled. An increase in cholesterol and a decrease in heart function. Reduced bone density that can lead to osteoporosis. Lack of energy and a decrease in sex drive. A decrease in the immune system, which leaves you fighting a cold or flu. The list goes on.

It is no wonder that men begin to panic as middle age sets in. Men should realize that the cause of these aging signs and symptoms is directly related to low levels of human growth hormone. The only solution that can reverse these aging symptoms is to increase low human growth hormone levels.

HGH Therapy for men can reverse the signs of aging, because it restores the body’s natural levels of human growth hormones.

Is Human Growth Hormone Therapy Safe?

It comes up often – is human growth hormone therapy safe? The answer is yes. Research has confirmed that the side effects related to human growth hormone are minimal and are linked to overdoses of human growth hormone. When a man has a low human growth hormone level, increasing that level back to what is considered a normal healthy range will significantly reduce the symptoms of aging and in many cases completely eliminate them.

Human Growth Hormone Therapy for Men

The symptoms of aging caused by andropause starts around the age of 35 and are due to a hormonal imbalance of testosterone mostly and in some cases HGH . There are natural and synthetic means of hormone replacement available to men. The cost of human growth hormone therapy is within the reach of most males.

Human growth hormone is released mainly at the beginning of sleep, and it is released in pulses where it is converted in the liver to IGF1 also called somatomedin C.  There is clinical evidence that shows when men take human growth hormone supplements it dramatically reverses the signs of aging and their vitality begins to return. It is imperative to recognize that human growth hormone benefits do not just apply to men during middle age.

  • Within 6 months with no exercise there is a 15% increase in muscle mass
  • Within 6 months with no dieting there is a 15% decrease in fat
  • Cellulite decrease
  • Reduction or elimination of wrinkles
  • Elevation in mood
  • Improved sexual performance
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved vitality
  • Lower in blood pressure
  • Organs return to normal size
  • Strong bones
  • Improved immune system

Typically, a human growth hormone supplement will provide significant results, unless you have very low human growth hormone levels in which case you should see your doctor who can test your human growth hormone levels and monitor your progress. When choosing over the counter human growth hormone supplements it is important that you purchase recognized, well known brands from recognized suppliers. It is important to use common sense and be aware if what they are offering sounds too good to be true, it likely is.



2 Responses to Human Growth Hormone Therapy for Men

  1. RickT says:

    Great article but just wanted to point out that andropause in most cases is due to the decrease in the levels of testosterone but what is interesting is that taking testosterone to treat the symptoms of male menopause works much better when combined with HGH. So there must be some kind of synergy between human growth hormone and Testosterone. http://men.webmd.com/guide/male-menopause

  2. Neil says:

    Do you know if some of the supplements that claim to stimulate the testes into producing more testosterone are as good as prescription drugs like androgel and if so can anyone recommend a good brand.

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