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Neurological Disorders Show Improvement With HGH

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Can HGH Treat Some Neurological disorders?

Underneath the brain is the pituitary gland, which releases HGH in pulses over the 24 hours in a day. HGH is important in development and in the body’s regeneration. It can also be taken by injection and synthesized through supplements. Patients have been given HGH to cure or treat a number of medical conditions and athletes have used HGH to speed up injury healing. There are many benefits. HGH has effectively treated a number of neurological disorders.

#1 HGH Improves a Person’s Performance

Hypothalamus and Pituitary GlandIn 2010, M. High and co-workers published in the “Journal of Neurotrauma a paper that described how head injuries typically cause cognitive impairments and reduce HGH levels. The High study tested this hypothesis in TBI patients with low HGH levels. Results showed that HGH improved intelligence, performance, and learning relative to placebo.

A similar report released by I. Kreitschmann-Andermahr and associates described in “Growth Hormone & IGF Research” showed that HGH improved quality of life in TBI patients. Both studies showed that HGH intake had no more adverse events than the placebo.

#2 HGH Triggers Growth

A 2010 study by M. Okonska and colleagues, which was presented in “Pediatric Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism” tested children with craniopharyngioma, which is a type of pituitary tumor that affects brain function and slows development. HGH intake increased height, decreased fat and lowered cholesterol. There were no side effects associated with HGH intake.

#3 HGH Reduces Pain

HGH contributes to the recovery of nerves and muscles. Fibromyalgia changes the neuromuscular system creating a syndrome with symptoms of fatigue and pain. In people with fibromyalgia, HGH may prove useful in improving quality of life.

A 2007 paper by G. Cuatrecasas and associates described in “BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders.” It looked at HGH intake in fibromyalgia patients that were found to have low growth hormone levels. The data showed that somatropin reduced the number of tender points in just a couple of months. HGH also improved measures of pain, fatigue, and mental health without having any negative reactions.

#4 HGH Enhances Memory

Alzheimer’s disease, which is a devastating form of dementia, affects millions around the world. It impairs both learning and memory and eventually leads to death.

M. Malek and co-workers had their paper appear in the 2009 “Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences.”Their study evaluated HGH as a potential treatment in an animal model of dementia. In male rats, neurotoxin injections produced an Alzheimer’s type dementia, and HGH intake reversed a great deal of the damage. Rats receiving HGH performed better in a water maze than those that received saline injections. These results indicated that HGH could play a role in memory systems as the maze required both memory and learning for it to be executed. To try an HGH supplement risk free click here!

2 Responses to Neurological Disorders Show Improvement With HGH

  1. shannon says:

    I was in a car accident and received a TBI. I am more excited than ever to try hgh now as I have learned that it can help rebuild the pathways in my brain that were destroyed in the accident.

  2. AJC Westwood says:

    I would be VERY cautious. There are medical studies that show HGH can cause more neurological problems, and in several cases, death. Check with a neurologist before taking any supplement. Other international studies showed no effect whatsoever on TBI. And, the hypothalamus is one of the most important organs in the body, and regulates many critical functions. TBI seems to have become a generalized term for any brain injury – yet every brain injury is unique, and impacts each individual differently. Has the product been approved by the FDA? Last I heard, this was only available by prescription.

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