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Are You Tired of the Flab Are You Ready for a Toned Mid Section?

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Are you are tired of being greeted with a flabby mid section? Worse – are you tired of reading all about amazing exercises – then you bust your butt and nothing happens? Are you tired of living on fruits and vegetables, and still being greeted every morning by a flabby mid section? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you’ll want to read on – finally, a little bit of truth about it all, and why your efforts are in vain.

Muscular CoupleFirst of all, we need to emphasize that eating healthy and exercising are an important part of the equation when it comes to losing weight, toning up, and losing belly fat. But the trouble is for many of us those two alone simply won’t do it. Why is that?

Well, the answer might surprise you. A great deal of your belly fat, or ‘flab’ as you like to call it, is the result of a hormone called HGH or human growth hormone. Actually, it’s the result of not having enough HGH in your body.

HGH is produced by your pituitary gland and it plays a key role in your growth when you are younger. Once you have stopped growing it plays an important role in your lean muscle mass, fat reduction, memory, mood, wrinkles, and it reduces many signs of aging. You can find the benefits here.

There isn’t a problem when our body is producing HGH, but the fact is, by the time we are middle age our body is producing only a fraction of the HGH it produced in our 20’s and the end result is we begin to age. Part of that aging is weight gain, and while we can work at keeping the pounds off, many of us still suffer with a flabby mid section even when the rest of us is toned nicely. Thankfully, an HGH supplement can help with that.

Why an HGH Supplement?

An HGH supplement is made up of a number of natural ingredients that help the body to increase production of HGH. Many feel the benefits right away, but the manufacturers do say that it could take up to six months to enjoy the full benefits and therefore you should take the HGH supplement for at least six months before making a decision about whether it’s helping you.

In the case of belly fat, you aren’t going to go to sleep and then wake up the next morning with the belly fat gone – Sorry folks – it’s great, but it’s no miracle. That said, it begins to work right away and even those who do not combine a good diet and exercise with their HGH supplement watch their belly fat melt away. Imagine how much quicker that will be if you eat well and exercise regularly too.

The Proof is in the Research

  • In every HGH study of HGH deficient adults, as well as aging “normal” people, HGH therapy reduced body fat and increased lean body mass. *Dr. Ronald M. Klatz’s book “10 Weeks to a Younger You” p.48
  • These results have been published in the New England Journal of Medicine.
  • Pot Belly – Floppy belly flattens an incredible 48%
  • Loose skin folds under skin – tighten 62%
  • Sagging body Silhouette- straightens up 62%
  • In two double blind, placebo controlled studies conducted at the University of North Carolina by David Clemmons M.D., found that HGH replacement therapy combined with dieting accelerated weight loss. In the studies, which were for either six or eleven weeks, HGH growth hormone therapy combined with diet caused a 25% acceleration in the rate of fat loss above and beyond the effects of diet alone. In the 11-week study, the HGH treated subjects lost 30 to 32 pounds, compared to 20 to 25 pounds in the controls. Moreover, while the controls lost muscle along with fat, the HGH treated group held on to their body tone.
  • “The message is clear, if you are overweight, there are now for the first time, proven methods for getting rid of the fat that poses such a danger to your health and life.”*Donald M. Klatz MD”Ten Weeks to a Younger You” p. 50

Make HGH Part of Your Plan

There you have it – you’ve got the how, the why, and the science – so why wait another day before turning to a reputable manufacturer for an HGH supplement. Finally, there’s a way to get rid of belly fat. To try an HGH product that comes with a guarantee or your money back click here!


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  1. mark says:

    I don’t understand how hgh can be so effective! It’s almost like it is giving your body a restart and turning back the clock a few years. Getting rid of my belly and tightening up my skin would be a dream come true.

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