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How To Raise HGH Levels With Exercise And Fasting

Our body’s are designed to be like well oiled machines – they are designed to be highly efficient, especially during times of stress and scarcity. Food scarcity was once a reality, and the body has certain pathways that are activated to make it very efficient during fasting times. In times of stress we are equipped for survival with the ‘fight or flight’ response that forces our bodies to operate at high intensity for short periods of time. As a result the combination of high intensity exercise with intermittent fasting promotes HGH production to improve metabolic processes and heal tissue.

bodybuilder showing musclesOur ancestors of long ago did not have the luxuries we have today when it comes to food. They would struggle each day for adequate food sources grazing on herbs, wild berries, raw nuts, and seeds that they foraged for daily. At night they relaxed by eating their latest kill, which was generally a high fat, high protein meal. Of course, this was all dependent on their hunting activities. Since hunting didn’t always go well, fasting was part of our ancestors’ lives. The body today still has the ability to adapt by going through changed during fasting periods.

Fasting lets your body go into a catabolic period without the promotion of inflammatory conditions. This allows your body’s resources to eliminate your older, damaged cells and replace them with stronger cells.

A Look at Our Ancestors

For our ancestors, high intensity exercise or movement was a fact of life as they chased down and killed animals that would become their next meal. In addition, there were many battles between tribes and various cultures. The fight or flight response was a part of life and was nearly always at 90% to 100% of maximum intensity. After all, anything less often lead to starvation or death.

This lead to incredibly strong and lean bodies. Men generally had less than 10% body fat, while women generally had body fat ranging between 10% and 20%. Their battle trained bodies were able to create an unbelievable muscular force that allowed them to overcome obstacles.

Fast forward to the 21st century. If we want to have a high-quality life in our modern world, we have to understand our bodies primitive past and then work in harmony with that. This includes high intensity, short duration exercise combined with intermittent fasting – these are genetic requirements our bodies need in order to thrive. They also help our bodies to adapt and evolve so that we have better survival characteristics such as an efficient digestive system, a strong muscular system, and an incredible immune system.

Boost HGH With Fitness and Fasting

Intermittent fasting for 12 to 24 hours combined with high intensity exercise has an incredibly positive effect on boosting your HGH production. HGH is a protein based hormone that your pituitary gland produces, and it is a very important hormone. HGH has many benefits, but one it is well known for is its ability to allow us to gracefully age. HGH builds muscle, regulates metabolism to burn fat, and reduces the negative effects of stress.

HGH Studies and Research

Researchers at the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute found that men who had fasted for 24 hours had a 2000% increase in circulating HGH while women had a 1300% increase in HGH.

A 2009 study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine showed that lactic acid accumulation helps to trigger HGH. Lactic acid is only produced in response to intense anaerobic training.

Aerobic training is not intense enough to result in the production of lactate that triggers HGH production. Long duration, low intensity aerobic training is considered catabolic, which means it produces tons of free radicals but it does not promote major amounts of repair enzymes, peptides, and hormones, so it actually wears down the body’s resources.

Compare that to high intensity training that produces free radicals but also triggers the production of large quantities of repair enzymes, peptides, and hormones. This healthy tissue repair has a favorable effect on your body’s resources and anti aging qualities.

Other Ways to Increase HGH Production

In addition to intense exercise and intermittent fasting, HGH production can be increased by taking an HGH supplement. The benefits of the supplement will be increased even more when combined with intense exercise and intermittent fasting, but there are also many benefits to be enjoyed when taken stand alone.

HGH is so important to our bodies and to staying more youthful. Take the time to really understand how it can benefit you. You’ll be glad you did. For a list of money back guaranteed HGH supplements click here!

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  1. dave says:

    please send info on how I can train my body to increace both hgh and testosterone without steroids. I have done research on htt traing and this form seems so workable. I want to get rid of belly fat, build muscle and become much more flexable. at 52 I want to get my mind and body where it can reach its greatest hight. I want to give bronc ridding and bull riding 1 more shot. and over come impotence and be the best 52 I can be. thank y’all in advance God bless dave from Tx

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