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Study Confirms Smiling Can Make Your Medication Work Better

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Are you a glass half full or glass half empty person? Did you know being a glass half full person has been linked to living a longer, healthier, happier life. Well know Harvard Medical School research has shown that it can do one more thing – make your medication more effective.Smiling face

The study found 30 percent of the people reported more pain relief when they were given positive information about the migraine medication they were given compared to when they were told negative information. This applied even when it was a placebo they were given.

Ted Kaptchuk, M.D, the senior study author, says that the additional relief needs to be credited to ‘embodied cognition,’ which means your mental state can be influenced by the state of the body and body can be influenced by your mental state.

However, it’s too early to swap your medication for just a smile as those patients that received the medication vs. the placebo still experienced higher relief of their pain.

That said, what this study shows is that an adjustment in your attitude could help to keep your health on track. The University of Pittsburgh found that optimists, who see the good in situations were compared to pessimists, the latter was found to have higher blood pressure and a greater risk of heart disease and dying early. Another UK study reported optimistic athletes are less likely to become injured and when they are hurt they recover faster.

Here are some tricks to help you adjust your attitude regardless of the scenario.

  • Smile More Often – A University of Kansas study found that those participants who smiled no matter how they were feeling, had lower heart rates and less stress. It seems activating certain facial muscles tells the brain that you are happy.
  • Once a Day Write Down The Good That’s Happening in Your Day – A Southern Methodist University study found that there were better mood levels and additional health benefits. 3 months after, the participants had fewer illness symptoms and fewer visits to the doctor.
  • Focus on What You Are Thinking About – Our body follows where our mind goes – it has no choice. Our negative thoughts lead to our negative words and negative actions. Start to concentrate on what it is you are thinking. At first it will be harder because you’ll likely have more negative thoughts to clear out, but it will get easier and you will find yourself with a more positive attitude over time.
  • Don’t Let the Negativity of Others Influence You – Stop hanging around with negative people. You can’t do this when you are trying to be more positive. Birds of a feather flock together. Be more positive by hanging out with more positive people.

HGH Supplements and Your Attitude

Of course, we would love to tell you that if you have a positive attitude and you use an HGH supplement that you would enjoy better benefits, but we have no such research. However, based on the information above, it would be seem it certainly couldn’t hurt.

In fact, a positive attitude is always a good thing when you are trying to get into shape, eat healthier, become healthier. A good attitude can never hurt. Taking an HGH supplement can help you to reach your fitness and health goals. It will help your body to produce more HGH naturally, which has many benefits you can read about here, including slowing down the aging process.

Put On Your Smile

So put on your smile and enjoy life. When you feel negativity creeping in – stop and change your thought pattern. Before long you’ll be thinking positively all the time and enjoying all of the benefits.

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