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8 Ways to Lose Weight Before the Holiday Season

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Tips For Weight Loss Before The Holidays

If you are focusing on the upcoming holiday season and indulgences that leads to, you might find yourself overwhelmed with guilt. You already feel like you need to lose some weight and the problem becomes compounded with all the calorie loving food that we eat throughout the holidays. Relax – making just a few lifestyle changes can help you already lose a few pounds prior to turkey day. From now until the holidays, follow these 8 ways to lose weight. You’ll be healthier and happier for your efforts as well as a few pounds lighter. Plus this strategy works all year round.woman-on-scale

#1 Increase the Amount of Water You Drink

Don’t confuse thirst and hunger. Did you know if you are even a little dehydrated you will actually crave food and so you are more likely to overeat. During the winter, it is even easier to become dehydrated and not even know it. Factors like wind, cold air and not drinking enough water can lead to dehydration. Drinking enough water is necessary for your overall health and for weight loss. So start to increase your water intake today.

#2 Pack Your Snack

If you pack a snack, you’ll be sure to have a healthy option when you get hungry. For many of us that late afternoon hunger pang hits and we head to the vending machine. The snack might satisfy your hunger but you’ll crash shortly after. Instead, pack some healthy options with you such as veggies, almonds, apple pieces with almond butter, fat free yogurt, hummus, etc.

#3 Everything in Moderation

It’s okay to indulge as long as you do so in moderation. Maybe your indulgence is ice cream or chocolate – the key is to not allow yourself more than one indulgence a week and to watch the portion size.

#4 Be Smart When Eating Out

Restaurant eating can really wreak havoc on your weight loss goals, but thankfully a little smart planning on your part and it doesn’t have to. Choose meals that are baked, grilled, steamed, or poached. Avoid foods that are smothered in grease or butter. Have your salad dressing on the side, skip eating the bread and don’t have an appetizer. Just a few changes to the way you order can make a big difference.

#5 Sleep More!

There have been a number of studies that have linked the lack of sleep to an increase in weight gain, so now is the time to hit the sack 30 minutes earlier than you normally do. You’ll also be surprised at how much better you feel and you can enjoy the added weight loss benefits.

#6 Exercise Early in the Day

The holidays are busy times and it’s easy to not manage to get your workout in even when you have the best intentions. The best time to exercise during the holiday season is first thing in the morning before your day becomes too chaotic. After the holidays, you might decide early morning workouts are the best.

#7 Reduce Your Calories!

You can make small changes to your daily calories without a lot of effort and this can help with weight loss. Even small changes like drinking skim milk rather than whole milk in your coffee can make a difference. Use smaller places and downsize your beverage glass, unless you are drinking water.

#8 Take an HGH Supplement

An HGH supplement can help you lose fat and gain muscle mass. Your body produces HGH in the pituitary gland; however, by the time you are 30 your body is already producing less HGH, which leads to that dreaded belly fat. By taking an HGH supplement, you can help your body to increase the production of HGH naturally and that can help with your weight loss before the holidays and after.

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