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Training Camp Players Have Blood Drawn for Current HGH Study

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Latest HGH Testing Study

It seems this years training camp players will be part of an HGH study, whether they want to or not.

There’s been a great deal of talk in recent years about including HGH or human growth hormone testing in the ‘drug testing’ protocol of professional athletes. In fact, the NFL along with NFLPA are attempting to create a baseline for accepted HGH levels for football players in the NFL and this is going to involve an HGH study.

Blood Sample Collecting

Man Being Tested For HGHUSA Today reports that the players’ association has sent NFL players details on the blood sample collecting that will occur during training camps this year. Why is this occurring? According to Tom Peisero these samples will be used for an HGH study to figure out what ‘normal HGH levels’ look like and eventually it will be used in the NFL negotiations to determine what are acceptable levels of HGH for players.

Disciplinary actions will still need to be ironed out to decide what will happen to a player that has increased human growth hormone levels above what is determined as normal. All involved in creating the guidelines for future use agree that the players have to have a higher natural HGH level than what would be found in the general population. It is hope the HGH study can help sort all of this out to create a system that’s fair.

Union Voices Opinion

“The blood sample from each player will immediately be sent to the laboratory for analysis only for the purpose of the HGH population study; no other use will be made of any blood sample,” the union said in an email to players dated July 12.

“After the laboratory has processed all player blood samples, the scientists will perform the calculations and analysis necessary to determine the proper decision limit for NFL players.”

There is some confusion over measurable HGH levels and what will be accepted as normal. It begins by understanding the difference between taking a synthetic HGH injection and taking an HGH releaser. The results in the body are completely different.

Understanding HGH

That’s because HGH injections, which are often used by athletes, artificially inject a synthetic HGH into the body, this will escalate HGH levels in the body above normal levels and users will instantly begin to enjoy the benefits. Synthetic HGH injections require a doctors prescription, but there are team doctors that are willing to prescribe HGH injections. This is especially true where the focus is and that’s in recovery from injury. That’s where previous studies have seen significant improvements related to injury recovery, rather than in performance enhancements.

On the other hand, an HGH releaser does not provide any synthetic HGH hormones. Instead it provides the body with excellent nutrients and amino acids that help boost the bodies own production of HGH naturally. This means there is no spike in HGH, it is completely safe, does not require you to receive an injection, and there’s no need for a doctor’s prescription.

If you are an athlete using an HGH releaser like GenFX you never have to worry about failing an HGH test because you are NOT taking any HGH. Read about the HGH benefits we can all enjoy.

2 Responses to Training Camp Players Have Blood Drawn for Current HGH Study

  1. samuel says:

    So does this say that it will be allowable for NFL players to use HGH? I don’t understand why they deem it necessary to have that unfair advantage.

  2. Pam Simpson says:

    This post was both interesting and helpful. I have been trying to figure out how, if HGH is a natural occuring hormone it can be deemed not kosher by athletic organizations. And also how can abuse of a natural occuring hormone be tested for. Of course there needs to be a base line set that represents normal, then look for above normal levels.

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