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What Happens When Your Pituitary Gland Is Not Working

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The pituitary gland is extremely important to your body function. When your pituitary gland is not working properly, the HGH releasers can’t work for you because they are unable to make your pituitary gland produce more HGH. In these situations, HGH injections are the only thing that can help.

What is the pituitary gland?

brain diagramThe pituitary gland is small – about the size of a pea – it plays a major role in your body’s ability to regulate functions and your overall well-being. It is often referred to as the master gland of the body because it controls almost all of the activity of your hormone secreting glands.

Where is your pituitary gland?

Your pituitary gland is attached to the bottom of your hypothalamus responsible for controlling activity, which is at the base of your skull under your brain and behind your nose bridge. It looks like one gland but it does have two very distinct parts – the anterior pituitary gland and posterior pituitary gland.

The anterior part of your pituitary gland is made of gland cells that connect to the brain by way of short blood vessels. The posterior pituitary gland is part of your brain. It is responsible for secreting hormones directly into your bloodstream when the brain commands it to do so.

What Does Your Pituitary Gland Do?

Hypothalamus and Pituitary GlandThe pituitary gland earned the name ‘master gland’ because it controls so many of the body’s processes. The pituitary gland senses the needs of your body’s and sends out signals to the various glands and organs to regulate their function.

The pituitary gland secretes different hormones into your bloodstream. These are like little messengers that carry information from the pituitary to the cells activity it is regulating. For example, your pituitary produces HGH, which controls the growth of children. It also secretes hormones that act on your thyroid, adrenal glands, testes, and ovaries, which then produce other hormones. Metabolism sexual maturation, growth, blood pressure, reproduction, and a number of other key physical functions.

What hormones does my pituitary produce?

  • Human growth hormone (HGH) – regulates growth, metabolism and your body composition.
  • Adrenocorticotropic hormone – stimulates your adrenal glands to secrete steroid hormones such as cortisol.
  • Thyroid – stimulates the thyroid gland to secrete thyroid hormones.
  • Luteinising hormone – follicle stimulating hormone, which stimulates sex hormone production as well as sperm and egg maturity.
  • Anti-diuretic hormone – controls water balance and blood pressure.
  • Oxytocin – stimulates uterine contractions during labor and milk secretion when breastfeeding.
  • Prolactin – stimulates milk production.

What if Your Pituitary Gland Stops Working Properly ?

Because the pituitary gland is so important to your body, there are a number of conditions that can develop if your pituitary gland is not working correctly. Let’s have a look at three main categories.

  • Conditions where your pituitary gland does not produce enough of a hormone(s). For example, adult growth hormone deficiency, or diabetes.
  • Conditions where your pituitary gland produces too much of one or more hormone(s).  For example, Cushing’s disease, or prolactinoma.
  • Conditions where your pituitary gland size or shape is altered.  For example, empty sella syndrome.

Understanding HGH Releasers

Human growth hormone is a peptide hormone that has many qualities including regenerative properties. Your body produces natural HGH when your pituitary gland is working properly. HGH supplements seek to increase the production of human growth hormone in the body. When the pituitary gland is not working at all, often the only solution is HGH injections administered by a physician. For others with only a sluggish pituitary taking an HGH supplement like Genf20 Plus, HGF Max and Somatropinne may help your body produce more HGH to combat the signs of aging along with many other benefits.

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20 Responses to What Happens When Your Pituitary Gland Is Not Working

  1. Inge says:

    Hi there, i have just been told that my pituitory has not worked all my life and i feel really cheated….I have been 150klo’s all my life and in order to keep the weight of I need to be very strict with caleries i have lost 80 klo’s but its hard work. I asked my doctor why its not working and he said it can be due to head trauma…..I had a big log fall on my head when i was 5 years old is this true? then again around the age of 10…a very heavy pelmot box…..I have a very under active thyroid…..and this new doctor has discoverd so much about me its remarkable. he has me on HGH injections every night Monday to Friday……also on Hexaralin and AOD……will this fix my problem?

    • Marty Frazier says:

      I too was told my pituitary gland was not working, but I am taking 150mg Synthroid and now within 2 months I lost 20 lbs. Should I still be asking my doctor for HGH

    • Tracey Ortiz says:

      what type of doctor did you see? Is he/she an Endocrinologist?

  2. paul says:

    It’s crazy to think that something the size of a pea controls so much in your body! If it stops working it wreaks havoc on every aspect of your health and well being? Time to take more hgh and help the pituitary out!

  3. brittney L. turner says:

    i was born with my pituitary gland not working at all and my reproductive organs do not work at all either!

    • Claire says:

      My daughter was born in 2014 with her pituiraty gland not developed she is currently taking hydrocortisone 3 times a day, HGH 1 injection every night and thyroxine.

      • Carmen Guerro says:

        I am in the same situation as you its my daughter she is 8 months now she takes 3 medication,hydrocortisone 3 times a day once every morning levothyroxine and once every morning but its a shot 2 units of omintrayl. Just want to know hows your baby doing anything change. I have four kids and this is something new for me

  4. Allen Treadwell says:

    I can get a semi-erection, but there is no ejackulation. I took some medicine subscribed by a Dr. to to help close up a small wound. My libdo jumped up . The medicine was to grown some new tissue to close the wound, which it did. Now there is hardly any sexual arousal. Could this be because of a pituitary gland not functioning? I am 81 years old exercise 5 days a week. Thanks!

  5. Bharati says:

    I found out that if you do chakrasana it activates your pituitary gland. I have hypothyroid n trying to come out of it.
    I feel different n more in my personal power when I do chakrasana. You may have to reduce your weight to do so. But if you r going activate ur pituitary n thyroid glands by doing chakrasana… worth doing so.. for me. It works . So try n never give up hope on yourself for what allopathy knowledge says is limited. .. .keep trying till you find cure

  6. M says:

    What can 7-years old expect, when she just had brain surgery and was told that her Hypophyse is now not working at all any more? Anyone with similar experience please?

    • Gill says:

      She is looking at hormone replacement therapy for the rest of her life. It isn’t so bad though. Mostly pills a shot every couple of weeks. She will be able to live a very normal life.

  7. Julie Reid says:

    Hi – I had a tumour removed from my pituitary gland when I was 13 years old – the tumour destroyed the links between the gland and the brain. I am now 47 years old and received growth hormone injections and injections to make my body mature physically. I am a woman now but am on hydro cortisone tablets and thyroxine tablets. I am overweight but eat very little – about one meal a day but I am unable to lose weight – is there anything I can do to lose weight or is the loss of the pituitary gland stopping me losing weight?

    • Elyena Rollins says:

      I am the same. I eat once a day, and stay on a keto diet. I cannot lose weight. I had my entire pituitary gland, along with a golf ball size tumor and a cyst, removed at age 9. I also want to know what I can do to lose weight.

      • Sharon Loveless says:

        I wasn’t eating and was gaining weight until I learned that if I don’t eat enough, the body goes into staration mode and holds onto everything you eat in case there isn’t more food coming. You have to eat a minimum of 1000 calories if you’re a woman and a minimum of 1500 calories a day if you’re a man. Stress on watching your macros so you’re getting enough of the right kinds of food in the right balance. I’m doing well on a paleo diet

  8. A P S Yadav says:

    Hey there,
    I’m 18 year old and my current height is 156cm and I want to increase my height 1.5 to 2 inches more can you please help me?

  9. Pam Rosenkrantz says:

    I am worried about my 50 yr old daughter with underactive pituary gland and atkinson disese.
    Her skin turned brown with a yellowish tint , and around her eyes it is very black indeed. They say she will loose her muscels and become too week to go to work.\

    How long before she will stop working. She is the main breadwinner and need to prepare ahead.
    How long can it last. Is there a time limit to this sickness.

  10. Kapil says:

    My father is suffering from some sort of disease; for that a doctor said “There secretes a harmone in our head, it secretes abt only one gram in 20 yrs, and it stopped secreting. In your body. So only you are suferring”. Is there such any harmone?

  11. juju says:

    what does it mean when your pituitary glands are smaller than usual?

  12. sammiul says:

    im dead right now im a ghost but like i died because of this

  13. Shane sieders says:

    Can anyone help me. I have had throid cancer twice. Am taking thyroxine 800mg for the past 3years and my good throxine count is very low at all times and the bad throxine count is extremely high at all times. Does anyone know if the pituitary gland (anterior lobe) would be affecting this count. Doctors just say they don’t understand why this is happens and keep increasing medication. They say my cancer will return if this count stay the same.
    This I don’t want to happen. Have anyone else had this happen to them where medication does not change the throid count. I am desperate. Please someone get back to me. Shane

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