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Why Lionel Messi Is Predicted to be 2014 World Cup Top Goal Scorer

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Messi More Prepared Than Ever For The Brazil World Cup

There is a lot of buzz around Lionel Messi and what his role will be in the 2014 World Cup. Many are predicting Messi is going to be the top goal scorer and perhaps that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

At only 26 years of age, he has quite the reputation. Many are speculating this could be the Lionel Messi World Cup. Messi will turn 27 on June 24 and a look at his career to date shows that the Brazil World Cup tournament is the one he needs to take.

It was in 2006 that Messi made it to the football scene. At that time Jose Pekerman, the Argentina coach actually didn’t use Messi all that much. However, 4 years later, in 2010, Diego Maradona the then Argentina coach claimed Messi to be a legend to the game even if he wasn’t the best tactician. That’s quite the growth in just four years. It’s any ones guess where Messi will be in another few years. It’s all speculation about how he’ll be playing in four years for the Russia World Cup.

So why do so many think that Lionel Messi will do so great in the upcoming 2014 World Cup at the top goal scorer? Glad you asked.

Group F alone looks very winnable. Messi and his teammates shouldn’t have any issues pushing past Bosnia Herzegovina, Nigeria and Iran. The pressures going to be on Alejandro Sabella’s side. However, they will certainly have too much for 3 sides that just would ecstatic to progress from the group. With players like Sergui Aguero, Gonzalo Higuain, Evan Banga and Angel di Maria in support Argentina is surely going to run riot.

Messi was the winner of the Group F plays and he was also the runner up for Group E. Now we are presuming that Argentina is going to win the group, it would mean Lionel Messi and teammates will face either Ecuador or Switzerland. This is another match that’s very winnable and also a match where Messi should be able to be one of the top scorers. Sure, it might be a bit foolish to predict who Argentina’s going to be facing off against in the quarter final – after all, there are a lot of scenarios for outcomes, but the fact that the World Cup is in Brazil and there will be tons of support for Sabella’s side this is factored in.

Lionel Messi is often referred to as a serial goal scorer and rightly so. He’s done wonders for Argentina. There were a number of years where it was claimed that without a solid national team and without players like Andres Iniesta, Dani Alves or Xavi Messi was no good. However, in the past few years there certainly has been changes.

Messi’s amazing hat trick for Argentina when playing Brazil in June 2012 in New Jersey finally sent that myth scurrying. At last the myth was dispelled. The Barcelona forward has been hammering in goals ever since then! This pretty much sums it up – These last 5 goals in Lionel Messi’ scored in the last 3 matches for Argentina don’t really leave much room to say anything.

Messi seems to be in great shape – fit and ready for Brazil 2014 World Cup. Between November 10, 2013 and January 8, 2014 Messi hasn’t played any football for either country or club. While it wasn’t announced, a rest was agreed up to help Messi prepare for the end of the club season and of course the World Cup. The later is likely career defining. Breaks like this just aren’t heard about for this caliber of player.

Even Messi’s completely worst season is still awesome compared to the likes of others. With 41 goals in 44 appearances, that’s quite the track record to try to beat. His brilliant playing is almost dwarfed by earlier seasons where we saw the Barcelona attacker make even the impossible look like a ‘walk in the park.’ Easy!

Messi has no problem being the top La Liga goal scorer in the second half of that season – he’s quite comfortable in this skin. They aren’t raising the bar any higher, but our expectations certainly are! When you bring all of the above into play, you’ll be kicking yourself if you didn’t back Messi, especially when he starts to celebrate yet more goals at the 2014 World Cup.

Messi And HGH

Because Messi has been using HGH or human growth hormone all his life, to treat the condition known as idiopathic short stature, some might say he’s been at an advantage all of his career. The treatment was human growth hormone injections. For anyone suffering from GHD, these injections change their life in a very positive way, not only allowing them to gain height, but also treating a number of internal issues like poor vision, lower immunity, skin problems, teeth problems, pituitary function.

A therapeutic use exemption (TUE) is granted to a player who must use of a banned substance if it is medically necessary. Section 46 of FIFA’s anti-doping code includes provisions for TUEs. While Messi would technically have needed a waiver in order to have the medical treatments, it is unclear whether Messi actually had this. It wasn’t until 2004 that WADA started testing for HGH, though it was on the banned list much earlier than that.

Messi doesn’t use human growth hormone as a performance enhancer. Messi uses a prescribed treatment, that his physicians monitor, in order to treat/overcome his medical condition. The result is that today, 14 years after the treatments were made possible, Messi is a normal human at 5’ 7” the normal height for a male Argentinian. He was only 4’ 2” at the time of his diagnosis.

The use of HGH in sports is extremely controversial and while many would like to claim that he’s the great player he is because of HGH, it is more likely that he’s simply a great player! For more on the benefits of HGH go Here!

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