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8 Ways to Improve Your Brain Function

brain diagramDo you are looking to give your brain a little boost because you want to hold mental aging at bay, keep your intellect challenged, or maybe ensure that your mental state and physical state are compatible? Great news! With a little effort on your part you can do just that. Here are 8 ways to improve your brain function. Embrace them and make them part of your daily life.

#1 Exercise

We know how important exercise is to our physical well being. It’s just as important to our mental well being. When you exercise nerve cells are release neurotrophic proteins which trigger many different chemical reactions in your neural health, and cognitive function.

#2 Omega 3 Fats

DHA or docosahexaenoic is an omega 3 fat is important to your brain and retina function. In fact, around 60% of your brain is made up of fats and 25% of that is SHA, so you can see how Omega 3 fats are essential to your well being. DHA has been found in the brain’s neurons in high levels. When you have inadequate levels of Omega 3 the nerve cells become inflamed and rigid. Recent research has shown that Omega 3 may have the potential to reverse degenerative conditions.

#3 HGH

HGH or human growth hormone works at your cellular level, affecting brain tissue and providing benefits to the nerve tissue.

Malcom Cowley, an American poet, once said, “They tell you that you’ll lose your mind when you grow older. What they don’t tell you is that you won’t miss it very much.”

Cowley’s observation is directly seen in many patients with Alzheimer’s. None of us want to be that person, and yet the number of people developing Alzheimer’s continues to climb.

Our personalities, our thoughts, our minds, our identities, all come from the existence of our brain. If we lose a limb we adapt but our core being remains the same.  However,  if the brain is seriously injured, it is common for ones identity to become changed. As we age, we often see these changes too – thought processes tend to slow down , memories are affected becoming fuzzy, thoughts become more stagnant and less fluid.

HGH works at the cellular level promoting healing and regrowth of brain tissues. Raising HGH levels can improve brain function and begin to rebuild the brain cells and tissues. Brain cells that nourish the neurons, called glial cells, can be renewed, HGH could have a positive impact on that front. Mor research is needed.

A recent study conducted by Barbara Johnston, Peter Gluckman, and colleagues at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, demonstrated a striking result for IGF-I, the form in which HGH does its work. Injecting IGF-I into brain injured fetal lambs, they were able to save damaged neurons. As well, they were able to stave off apoptosis – the programmed death of cells – in these brain injured lambs.

One of Dr. Chein’ s own studies, discovered how hgh affects brain memory function. In that study, 62% of patients reported an improvement in memory.

To date, the results of how hgh affects brain structure and function have all been positive. Find out more about the benefits of HGH.

#4 Sleep

Sleep is necessary for your body to regenerate both physically and mentally. Sleep resets your brain and help you look at things with a new perspective. It is also necessary to creativity. Harvard research shows that people are 33% more likely to infer connection among ideas that are distantly related when they are asleep. Just one night of sleep that’s 4 to 6 hours can impact your ability to think clearly.

#5 Vitamin D

When Vitamin D receptors are activated in the brain they increase nerve growth.Research have shown the metabolic pathways for Vitamin D are found in the cerebellum and hippocampus of the brain, which are the areas involved in processing information, planning, and creating new memories.

Research has shown that in older adults low Vitamin D levels are linked to poorer brain function, and when Vitamin D levels are increased it aids older adults in staying mentally fit.

#6 Coconut Oil

Glucose is the main fuel for your brain, which is converted to energy. The brain is able to manufacturer its own insulin. If the brain does not get adequately fed the right foods so that it can take the glucose and convert it into insulin, brain function will falter. There will be memory problems, changes to personality, speech problems, etc. This is what yo use in an Alzheimer’s patient. Coconut oil can feed the brain and actually prevent brain atrophy.

#7 Vitamin B12

Lack of Vitamin B12 starves your brain. B12 is responsible for keeping your mind sharp as you get older. It affects the entire brain function including cognitive skills. A Finnish study showed that people who received adequate levels of Vitamin B12 were much more likely to not develop Alzheimer’s Disease.

#8 Listen to Music

Listening to music will boost your brain power. It’s often referred to as the “Mozart Effect,” which would indicate that listening to classical music is even more beneficial. Research has shown that when you listen to music you boost your brains cognitive levels and fluency skills.

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