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Why You Shouldn’t Make These New Year’s Resolutions

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New Years comes and with that comes all kinds of New Year’s Resolutions. However, some of those resolutions are better than others. You really need to make sure that you are setting resolutions that actually work.

women showing celluliteA whopping 30 percent of all New Year’s Resolutions are broken by the end of January. The weight loss wagon is one of the first to lose a wheel and go sideways. The trouble is the minute a person feels they have failed; they often give up on their resolution and go back to the way things were before they made their resolution. Let’s look at some of the worst New Year’s resolutions you can make and why you shouldn’t make them.

#1 “I Want to Lose __ Pounds”

If the amount of weight you want to lose is anything over 5 pounds these are excellent long-term goals but dieters often fail when they set their reaches too high.

A better way to do this is make it more realistic, focus on losing one pound a week by changing your diet a little, and adding a little more exercise.

#2 I Want to Try the __ Diet”

Fill in whatever the latest fad diet is and you are setting yourself up for failure. Typically, these diets require you to cut major food groups such as meats, fruits and grains. These diets are almost always unhealthy and can often be overwhelming to follow.

A better way is to create a well balanced diet that has proper proportions and maybe even a sweet treat every now and then. This is the long-term way to weight gain. You might also consider adding a quality HGH supplement to your diet to help you burn fat and develop lean muscle mass. You’ll get far more benefit than a fad diet would provide.

#3 “I am Going to Stop Eating Out”

If you eat out all the time, this might be a reasonable goal, but if you go out with friends every now and then cutting out some fun in your life for the sake of your diet is just going to make you frustrated.

A better option is to eat out smart. If you are going to be dining out, have an apple, a banana or a handful of almonds before you go. This will help to quench your appetite and you’ll eat up to 12 percent fewer calories.

#4 “I am Only Going to Eat 1000 Calories Per Day Until the Weight is Gone”

Restricting your calorie intake might give you a quick start on your weight loss but you will gain it back quickly as soon as you start eating your normal calorie amounts and often you put it on faster and with extra pounds. That’s because when you restrict your calorie intake, your body thinks it’s starving and so now it starts to hang on to fat.

A better way is to reduce your calorie intake by no more than 500 calories and increase your activity to burn more calories. If you aren’t sure how to do this, make an appointment with a local dietitian.

#5 “I am Going to do a Juice Cleanse”

After the holidays where we have eaten too much food and goodies, a detox may seem like a smart thing to do but this approach to weight loss almost always fails.

A better way is to jump start the weight loss plan with a 1 to 3 day juice cleanse for breakfast and lunch and then eat dinner. No more than 1200 calories total for the day.

#6 “I am Going to Become a Vegetarian”

Losing weight means you need to burn calories and many make the mistake of thinking that cutting meat out of the diet will do just that. In actuality, new vegetarians tend to gain weight because they don’t realize where the hidden calories like cheese live.

A better idea is to choose lean meats, and make sure it doesn’t add up to more than 25 percent of your plate. If you really want to be a vegetarian, that’s fine but take some time to understand how to eat a balanced diet and got at it slow.

#7 “I Want to Weigh Myself Each Morning”

Weighing yourself every day is actually not a good gauge of your progress. Water retention, hormones, and a number of other things can help your scale to fluctuate 2 to 3 pounds. You might even see the scale go up because muscles weigh more than fat.

A better idea is to weigh yourself when you notice that your pants are getting looser. Then you’ll know for sure that you are losing weight.

There you have it – seven New Year’s Resolutions for you to avoid or take them on using the suggested methods to increase the likelihood you will be successful.

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